Editor’s Picks: Top 5 BP Viral Videos

BP has permanently plugged the Gulf gusher just five months after the oil rig explosion. Huzzah, the Oil Well of Doom” is no more! To celebrate, we have compiled our top five viral videos on the BP oil spill. Watch and then vote for your favorite video!

BP Oil Spill Re-Enacted by Cats in 1-Minute

(Credit: youtube.com/tremendousnews)

Tags: corporate greed, arrogance, fat cats, marmalade, clever branding


BP’s Crazy Oil Spill Commercial

(Credit: barelypolitical.com)

Tags: Tony Hayward, clueless, indifference, apathy, giant hole in the sea floor


BP Spills Coffee

(Credit: UCBComedy.com)

Tags: gross incompetence, Kevin Costner, golf balls, you guys are f*cked, halliburton


BP ‘Airplanes’ Parody

(Credit: youtube.com/supermariologan)

Tags: insensitivity, self-absorbed CEO, I’d like my life back, music video


David Letterman’s Top Ten BP Excuses

(Credit: cbs.com)

Tags: lame excuses, recklessness, Dave’s top ten, blame FEMA



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