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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Florida! To make your stay in the Sunshine State as pleasant as possible, we strongly advise you to adhere to the following proposed immigration verification rules during your visit:

Rule #1: If you are a Mexican, please refrain from setting foot in the state. You are not welcomed in Florida. Even if you are here legally, you can expect to be harassed. You can do us all – and yourselves – a favor by not coming here at all.

Rule #2: If you are non-White, you are required to carry your valid identifications and travel documents with you at all times. Florida will only exempt White visitors and immigrants from any of the 36 (primarily European) countries participating in the State Department’s Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

Rule #3: Since it is difficult for local law enforcement to distinguish one Asian from another, we respectfully ask our visitors from the four Asian countries listed qualified for VWP (Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Brunei) to err on the side of caution and carry valid IDs with them at all times. We are committed to enforcing legalized racial profiling in the fairest manner so we are obligated to discriminate against all non-White visitors and immigrants.

Florida applauds Arizona’s efforts to combat illegal immigration. We have tried to address the concerns of Caucasian immigrants from Europe and Canada by by including Sections 3(2)d and e on page 3 of the proposed legislation. It is our intention to specifically target the less desirable immigrant populations (i.e. Mexicans).


William D. Snyder

Florida State Representative, District 82

Sponsor of Proposed Florida Immigration Bill

Capitol Office: 850-488-8832

District Office: 772-221-4904


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