GOP freshmen threw a Grand Old Party to start the year right

Watch out, America. The freshman Republicans and Tea Partiers have gone all “Washington,” and it’s only their first week in DC!

PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr (Yodel Anecdotal). ABOVE: LeAnn Rimes, country singer and tabloid fodder for her extramarital affair, was the celebrity musical guest at last night's America's New Majority GOP fundraiser.

Last night, Republican freshman lawmakers – including many who ran on the Tea Party platform of anti-Washington, fiscal conservatism, and family values – reportedly partied in style at a swanky fundraiser held at the posh W Hotel in DC. According to conservative columnist Matt Lewis, lobbyists, wealthy donors and political action committees were invited to shell out $2,500 apiece (or $50,000 for a VIP suite as a Platinum Sponsor) to welcome the freshman GOP class of 2011 and enjoy the musical performances of country singer LeAnn Rimes. The fundraiser was organized by America’s New Majority, a political action committee founded by newly-elected Rep. Jeff Denham (CA-19).

Doesn’t it seem wrong/hypocritical/phony/two-faced for the GOP to set an agenda of fiscal “austerity” and a return to “family values” then turn around and hold a pricey fundraiser with lobbyists with the musical performance headlined by a woman who cheated on her husband and broke up the marriage of her lover?

It didn’t take long for the freshman Republicans to practice what they had campaigned against just a few months ago.

Here’s a list (obtained from the Sunlight Foundation) of the Republicans who sponsored last night’s fundraiser:


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