Republican state lawmaker credits Hooters for her success in business and politics

Tennessee Republican state Rep. Julia Hurley credits her prior experience working at Hooters for her success in politics and business.

Latest cover of Hooters Magazine. IMAGE SOURCE:

“I have taken quite a bit of flack from the public at large during my run for State House in Tennessee for being a Hooters Girl,” Hurley wrote in the latest issue of Hooters Magazine. “But I know that without that time in my life I would not be as strong-willed and eager to become successful…Hooters gave me the opportunity to belong to a group of women who had also struggled, or were struggling, and I was lucky to have managers that saw each girl’s potential and coached us, protected us, and helped shape who we are today.”

How does serving beer and chicken wings in skimpy outfits prepare someone for balancing the state budget or drafting legislations on education, health care, transportation, public safety and other issues?

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