Why are Republicans trying to sneak in legal loopholes that help rapists?

First, Congressional Republicans tried to redefine rape by inserting language in a bill that would exclude statutory rape, rape of women who have been drugged, and rape of women who are mentally disabled from federal funding that cover abortions in cases of rape and incest. GOP lawmakers – led by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) – were forced to remove the “forcible rape” language after public outcries by women’s groups. (Psssst, Republicans! Remember that women make up the majority of the voters in the United States.)

Now, several news outlets have reported this week that a Republican state representative in Georgia has drafted a bill that would label rape victims as “accusers.” If Georgia House Bill 14 sponsored by State Rep. Bobby Franklin is passed, a woman in Georgia can be referred to as a burglary victim, a carjacking victim, or an assault victim but she cannot be a rape victim; instead, she’ll be branded as a rape “accuser.”

These recent developments makes us wonder why Republican lawmakers are trying to sneak in legal loopholes that benefit rapists? Is there a pro-rape lobby that we don’t know about? Are certain forms of rape considered acceptable based on the conservative’s “values”? Or are the Republican’s recent attempts to redefine rape a reflection of the party’s increasingly misogynistic attitude towards women?

Maybe it’s time to remind Republican good old boys on the etiquettes of sex and why any form of rape is unacceptable:

1. Don’t have sex with someone who has told you no. Non-consensual sex is rape. No means no; it does not mean “okay” or “maybe.”

2. Don’t have sex with someone underaged. Pick someone your own age. Statutory rape is a no-no.

3. Don’t have sex with someone who has been drugged or appeared to be extremely intoxicated because that person is not capable of consenting to have sex. Don’t project or assume that your wants equal what he/she wants or that lack of resistance equals consent. (He/she may be too incapacitated to physically resist.)

4. Don’t have sex with someone who is mentally incapable of giving consent due to their mental disabilities.

5. If there’s ever any doubt, don’t whip it out! Just don’t do it.


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