Walmart fired employees for disarming gunman in Utah store

The brave actions of four Walmart employees who disarmed and detained a gunman may have prevented a dangerous situation in which a convicted felon with a loaded gun could jeopardize the safety of shoppers in a crowded store. So how did Walmart reward their heroic deeds? By firing the four longtime employees at Layton, Utah store, because according to Walmart disarming a gunman actually violates company policy (“AP09”). Walmart’s actions and inflexible adherence to a company policy that allows an armed gunman to roam around in a crowded store clearly demonstrate a blatant disregard for the safety of its customers. After all, shouldn’t store security guards provide, well, security in the stores? Shouldn’t Walmart prioritize the safety of its customers and employees ahead of corporate policies designed to protect Walmart from liabilities? You would hope so, right? Oh wait, we’re talking about Walmart here… Nevermind!


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