WTF?! Weekly Roundup

  • Really? Government officials in Norwalk, Conn. couldn’t think of a better way to spend their money than to hire a private investigator and pressing criminal charges against a homeless woman who’s trying to give her son a decent education? Here’s an idea: how about redirecting those resources to improving public school education or reducing family homelessness instead of kicking people while they’re down?
  • Yet another example of the Republican party’s racial insensitivity. Marilyn Davenport, a Central Committee member of the Orange County GOP, recently sent an email depicting President Barack Obama as a chimpanzee with the caption “Now you know why no birth certificate.” The county GOP Chairman Scott Baugh had publicly called for Davenport’s resignation, which she refused to do. (Davenport did apologize.) A few days later, Baugh told the OC Register the Obama chimp email sent by Davenport did not violate the Orange County GOP’s ethics rules. That says a lot about the GOP’s “values,” right?

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