California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed state budget

California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the state budget passed by Democrats on Wednesday without a single Republican vote.

The Democrat-backed budget contained more than $12.5 billion cuts to state services, increased car registration fees, and accounting maneuvers such as payment delays to close part of the state’s $24.5 billion deficit.

However, Brown and the Democrats fell short of the four Republican votes – two in the Assembly and two in the Senate – needed to place Brown’s proposed temporary tax extensions on the ballot in the fall. Brown’s budget proposal relied on the temporary tax extensions to bring the necessary tax revenues to address the state’s budget shortfall.

“California is facing a fiscal crisis, and very strong medicine must be taken. So I am vetoing it today because I don’t want to see more billions in borrowing, legal maneuvers that are questionable, and a budget that will not stand the test of time,” said Brown. “For a decade, the can has been kicked down the road and debt has piled up. In January, I presented a balanced budget solution of deep spending cuts and a proposal to let the people of California vote on whether to extend some taxes on a temporary basis. Unfortunately, the Republicans said no. They didn’t want the people of California to have that right to vote.”

State Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) expressed his “dismay” over the governor’s veto. Steinberg said Wednesday’s budget was the “next best alternative” to the governor’s budget proposal. “His decision is apparently part of some elaborate strategy to force a confrontation,” said Steinberg.

Well, yes. Isn’t it time for lawmakers to confront balancing the state budget without resorting to gratuitous cuts and accounting gimmicks?


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