Phoenix ATF Special Agent Peter Forcelli’s Congressional Testimony on Operation Fast & Furious

ATF Special Agent Peter Forcelli’s testified at the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform on how Phoenix Group 7′s policy had allowed gun trafficking to thrive near the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Phoenix ATF Special Agent Peter Forcelli testifying at the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform. PHOTO SOURCE:

TRANSCRIPT (6/15/11):

“Good morning, Chairman Issa, Ranking Member Cummings and members of the committee. I thank you for the opportunity to appear before the committee today.

“I’m here to provide testimony I hope will assist with your inquiry into the ATF investigation that has come to be known as “Operation Fast and Furious.” I believe that your inquiry is essential. There have been grave mistakes made in this case. The committee, the American People, and the family of slain U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry deserve answers.

“Please allow me to give you a little background information about myself. In 1987, I began my career with the New York City Police Department. I worked in Bronx County, often referred to as “The Bronx” as a uniformed police officer, and then ultimately as a detective in the Bronx Homicide Task Force. In my career, I estimate that I have responded to approximately 600 homicide scenes. The vast majority were drug related, committed by armed criminals, and these violent criminals were armed with illegal firearms, and they had little regard for human life.

“I retired early from the NYPD in June of 2001 to take a position with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), as it was then known. I did this because I had the honor of working with ATF agents who were working and making great cases, working hand in hand with incredible prosecutors from the Southern District (SDNY) and Eastern District of New York (EDNY). In working with these offices, one thing was very clear. Dedicated prosecutors worked hand in hand with dedicated ATF agents to make great cases that truly impacted the safety of the public. There was an absolute sense of teamwork and respect. Again, I emphasize the words teamwork and respect.

“Together with the prosecutors from the United States Attorney’s Office with whom I had worked, we had used, confidential informants, proffers, cooperation agreements, “Waivers of Speedy Presentment”, investigative grand juries, grand jury subpoenas and an abundance of other investigative tools to make successful cases as a part of a team.

“I left the New York Field Division in March of 2007, to begin working in my current post of duty as a Supervisor of the Phoenix I Field Office. Within weeks, I was surprised at what I had observed. In my opinion, my professional opinion, dozens of firearms traffickers were given a pass by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona. Despite the existence of “probable cause” in many cases, there were no indictments, no prosecutions, and criminals were allowed to walk free. In short, their office policies, in my opinion, helped pave a dangerous path.

“Fortunately, the same could not be said of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office – state prosecutors – to which we agents were forced to turn for prosecution of firearm cases. Victor Varela and his associates, who trafficked .50 caliber rifles directly to Mexican Drug Cartels, one of which was used to kill a Mexican military commander were successfully prosecuted by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. This was after the case had been declined for federal prosecution by Assistant U.S. Attorney Emory Hurley due to what he referred to as “corpus delecti” issues.

“Mr. Varela, sadly, was released from prison last July, because of lesser sentencing guidelines that applied in state court, but the alternative- no prosecution- in my eyes was unacceptable.

“Another case, which involved a corrupt federal firearms licensee, who was supplying guns to several firearms trafficking organizations, was declined by Mr. Hurley. This particular dealer, in his post- arrest statement, admitted that “approximately 1000 of his firearms” were trafficked to Mexico. Over one half -dozen of that dealer’s firearms were located around the body of Arturo Beltran-Leyva, the head of Beltran-Leyva Cartel, after he was killed in a fierce gun battle with the Mexican Naval Infantry in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

“Due the recalcitrance of the United States Attorney’s Office, cases such as these were presented for prosecution to the Arizona Attorney General’s office, where state law carries lesser penalties than they did under the federal statute. I believe that this situation, wherein the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona in Phoenix particularly, declined most of our firearm cases, was at lest one factor which led to the debacle that is now known as “Operation Fast and Furious.”

“I’ll fast forward to “Operation Fast and Furious” itself. ATF agents assigned to the Phoenix Field Division, with the concurrence of their local chain of command, “walked” guns. ATF agents allowed weapons to be provided to individuals whom they knew would traffic them to members of Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs). They did so by failing to lawfully interdict the weapons, and they did so by encouraging federal firearms licensees to continue selling weapons in instances where they knew no interdiction efforts would be planned.

“When I voiced surprise and concern with this tactic to SAC William Newell and ASAC George Gillett, my concerns were dismissed. SAC Newell referred to the case as “groundbreaking” and bragged that “we’re the only people in the country doing this.” My other ASAC, Jim Needles, merely said “Pete, You know that if you or I were running the case, it wouldn’t be run this way.”

“This operation, which in my opinion endangered the American public, was orchestrated in conjunction with Assistant U.S. Attorney Emory Hurley – the same Assistant U.S. Attorney who prevented us from using some of the common and accepted law enforcement techniques utilized elsewhere in the United States. I have read documents that indicate that his boss, U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, also agreed with the direction of this case.

“Allowing firearms to be trafficked to criminals is a dangerous and deadly strategy. The thought that the techniques used in the “Fast and Furious” investigation would result in “taking down a cartel” given the toothless nature of the “straw purchasing law” and the lack of a strong “firearms trafficking statute” is, in my opinion, delusional.

“Based upon my conversations with agents who assisted in this case, surveillance was often terminated on individuals far from the border, which means that the case agents believed the weapons were destined for Mexico, the possibility exists that they were trafficked with cartel drugs to other points within the United States of America.

“As a career law enforcement officer, who has had to investigate the deaths of police officers, children and others at the hands of armed criminals, I was and continue to be horrified. Truly horrified. I believe that these firearms will continue to turn up at crime scenes, on both sides of the border, for years to come.

“In closing, I want the members of the committee and all Americans to know that this is not how ATF agents conduct business. I’m very proud of some of the incredible work done by ATF agents around the country every day. ATF agents have given their lives in the performance of their duties. On my last trip back to New York, sir, I had the duty to be present for a homicide trial. In that same courthouse in the Southern District of New York, there were three other separate homicide trials going on all from three separate ATF-initiated investigations. That’s the type of work ATF agents do everyday, and that’s what I’d like the committee to keep in mind as well.

“I thank you for your time. Again, my condolences to the Terry family.”



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35 Comments on “Phoenix ATF Special Agent Peter Forcelli’s Congressional Testimony on Operation Fast & Furious

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  2. Read this to how wrong your x-new york cop was wrong and now they (ATFE) are after his behind. It is sad that from congress and down none of them know what has happend in the Wide Receiver erra nor do they know what went on in Fast and Furious. The questions being asked always left a door open for any DOJ or ATF agent to scape and get no where which keeps the investigation on going. ( job security ) and more political games to play with. I have watched this for quite some time and all of them lie under oath and have a way of getting away with it.

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  4. Iunderstand to where you are coming from in your views,but that is redicules to see that they go and get another job and move on with their lives. I would like to rob a bank and if i get caught let go of and try something else. It seems that they are not held accountable for their actions and protected by government. As a lawyer would you see that as being fair.

  5. Thank you for the advise i do appreciate you view, I have had my life turned upside down for three an half years, I understand that is not an excuse for my behavior.

  6. Mr. Iknadosian,

    You seem like someone who needs to find some justice. You shouldn’t threaten people and use such profanity when stating your point, it makes you seem unbalanced. I hope you get the help you need, and if you were wronged, maybe you’ll get justice. Your postings on the internet will not look good for you in civil court, where your postings could be read into the record, and can make you look like a bad person. I have stood up for the First Amendment in court hearings in harassment or disorderly conduct trials, and your speech (or in this case writing) can come back to bite you if it is viewed as threatening a law enforcement officer. Just a friendly caution.

    Frankly, as an attorney who often has an occasion to confront police officers on the witness stand, and who frequently sees the mistakes they make, I find it disturbing how little respect you show for the law enforcement officers who have posted an opinion that is different from yours. We are all entitled to our opinions.

    Maybe Mr. Forcelli was wrong, maybe not. That will be for a civil jury to decide now. If you keep going down this road, and his actions were correct, you may have another problem. A lawsuit for libel or slander against you. As it stands, you seem like a man who needs some sort of counseling, perhaps anger management? None the less, you need to move forward, and not stare in the rear view mirror. I think ATF has bigger problems than you or your civil suit right now. They’ll probably all be working for the FBI or ICE when this pans out.

    Best of luck in your endeavors.

  7. Yo Pedro ( THAT’S PETER IN ENGLISH ) You and Forcelli are the biggest ones. Do you see Peter Forcelli in the picture, he was a supervisor in the X-CALIBER case and made some statments that does not sound the same at his goressional hearing statments. He was with ATF at the time of the raid and said ……. It looks like my guns did not show up at the cime scenes like they claimed but theirs did under their watchful eyes and killed two border agents. If you think just because you have a border patrol bumper sticker on your car makes you an American you are highly mistaken.A true American does not have to advertise his or her membership to any agency or have a U.S. flag in front of his house. His and ATF’s statements got all cleared up at trial to how they were lies not facts, why i was cleared of all the charges not a technical issue as the media claims.

  8. Read what he said then not now AND YOUR COMMENT ABOUT HE WAS NOT INVOLVED IN MY CASE IS WRONG. To what group he was with then and now. Your CREDIBILITY went down the toilet. You might think about the BATFE career because what you say and what you do does not match.

  9. It does not matter to what you saw, it is clear that he was at my store. There is a video where he is talking to the news about what ATF was doing. Does it matter to what division he was with? He was an Arizona ATFE agent and supervisor at the time and was going wiyh the plan…. You claim he was for the gun shop’s side, his playing a different game now because of the backfire of ATFE Arizona. I would try that if i was in his shoes too. I think it’s a matter of time that you will get to know when other ATF agent speak out and tell their side of Peter Forcelli. If you look at the picture he was not the first agent to blow the whistel just a fallow up of the real agents that came through. I am not talking out of my @ss like you where i have hard facts about the testimonies of all the agents on court doc’s and audio you don’t . Someday it will come out on TV to what really happened. Terry Goddard said i was direct pipeline to the mexican DTO’s i guess you are buying that story too. All you get to know is what you have read which is what they publicized to the world and the nation. I don,t know to when the president of the united states lies on national TV and people like you buy that when Obama and Eric Holder said they had no knowledge of the ATF’s project Gunrunner, Either they are lying or playing it down. It’s a big issue now it will come out sooner ar later. Why did the ATF not go after the current dealers at play because the gun shops heard about my case and recorded their conversations with ATF. In my trial they had no recording of any conversation when i spoke to them in the store or on the phone because it would have cleared me of wrong doing. The recording that you are lissening to has parts of the whole recording which sounds like i was doing something wrong. The ATFE agency gives every ATF agent a recorder to use but there was none in mine at all. Think if you can with your head not your ###

  10. George,

    I just watched the whole hearing again on YouTube. I actually thought maybe I was wrong about some of what I posted. I actually have some integrity, and try not to talk out of my @$$ like you. Seems like he was in Phoenix ONE not Phoenix SEVEN clown. Also, the Ranking Member Cummings called his testimony BRILLIANT, so I guess Congress isn’t out to get him as you assert. Both congressmen from Massachussetts were the ones that mentioned YOU not Forcelli. Don’t believe me? YouTube it. You have no credibility.

    As a member of the U.S. Border Patrol, I thank all of the whistleblowers who have stepped forward, since one of our brother was killed in this fiasco, and we and Brian’s family deserve answers.

  11. As to the Front Line story, It makes me look like a farmer selling guns on the side. I was and am a gun dealer and my job is to sell guns not ask to what everyone was buying the gun for. The federal agents including you favorite Peter Forcelli asked me to play their dirty unlawful game, I did not go with their plan so the ATF agents drummed up a different way to accuse me of wrong doing by lying to TWO judges under oath (which is perjury ) if you don’t know and has a prison sentence behind it. Nice agents and cops that lie their way through just to get what they wanted which was my store inventory. Don’t sugar coat it as to Forcelli did not go with that plan when he was talking about the case before the trial. The state of Arizona got stuck holding the bag because of the crooked ATF agents. Now the facts are out and congress and the public got wind it and will not let go. William Newell is going to testify tomorrow 1:30 Arizona time and you need to watch it yourself. Another sack of #### who lies like no tomorrow. The people that are antigun i would understand, but someone like you saying things like i sold to criminals without papers or doing things that are not proper is an asinine comment to be made by you. What part of the story did you read that said i committed a crime of some sort. It was one of the best gun shops in Arizona that had a full inventory that was paid for is why they wanted it badly,it did not work. I feel sorry to some of the gun dealers both gun show or retail store front that have fallen pray to the ATFE within the last three to four years, some have made mistakes, some did not cross the T’s or dot the I’s . If you claim that you are pro gun like you stated , you would not be a fan of the ATF yourself. I think you are in some form of law enforcement trying to help the cover up! it is not going to work this time. I am sure you believed channel 3’s Patty Kirkpatrick that thirteen hundered guns were taken off the street today as she stated, No you #### for brains they were in a store that was selling guns in a legal procedure not a produce stand in a corner of a intersection.

  12. ps. Pedro you sound like one of those fat ladies that were making comments on TV about the Casey Anthony case, grow a mustache like Forcelli you will fit in with the gay people in New York. Only in kkkalifornia or New Jerk.

  13. By reading only one side of the story which the front line was able to write about is not the real story. I never was interviewed by them and don’t need to correct the view of the world or the media. If you read or listen to the news media as a looser that you are, you will think that they are telling you the correct version of any story. The fed’s did not want to touch me because i had done nothing wrong, just like all the other dealers. But Forcelli had gone twice to the fed’s tring to get them to persecute me one in Arizona and the other in New York and both time it was rejected. That is why the fed’s did not go after me. If you ever come across the aricle that the Arizona ATF was so frustrated with the outcome of my case is why the came out with the plan Fast and Furious. It is real childish the way they think if you can’t fix it breaking it is better. As to what you are saying about Forcelli to be considered as a whistelblower he is not, he is only NOW agreeing with the whistelblowers to save his ass. It’s people like you and him that the government has hired is why all this b.s. is happening. If you google X-Caliber Guns you will see your numb nut in front of my store talking like a big shot when he was the supervisor of agent Hope MacCallister which will sell him down the river so fast, that’s when his ass will get exposed. The fed’s are known to eat their young and he will be tomorrows lunch. You are the onlyone that still think i did something wrong and got away with it.It was sold to the stats of Arisona that i had commited fraud charges not gun violations of any kind. I would not have taken a risk like that to ruin everything i had worked so hard for thirty years to throw it all away. But now they are going to pay for it with your tax $$$$$$$$.$$ which is not correct either but that’s how the system works.If they win whether you are guilty or not the get your stuff,when they loose the public pays for it. Remember you are like a grand jury, you only hear their side of the story which is under oath to what they said and indict someone. It only got resolved with the facts in criminal court. If you were not there during the trial i don’t have to tell the world about it so people like you understand it. When i am in the bahamas drinking a beer while you keep working hard to fill the tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.$$ bucket to keep covering the mistakes of these idiots. looks like you don’t know #### about the case either you moron.

  14. The law doesn’t apply to cops? As a member of the U.S. Border Patrol, I can tell you that we are held to a higher standard than members of the public. It’s snakes like you, who arm the people I deal with every day, that are the lawless ones.

  15. What an angry little man you are Mr. Iknadosian.

    I read the Frontline article on your shop. Looks like you are guilty as hell, only lucky enough to have had a trial in front of a weak judge. The thought that the Phoenix Police Department, the Arizona Attorney General and the ATF all conspired to frame you is laughable. They are a city agency, a state agency and a federal agency. Not likely.

    And if you were watching the hearing, you would have heard that Forcelli and the other agents ARE whistleblowers, and weren’t hostile witnesses in the congressional hearing. His testimony was very positive in respect to licensed gun dealers, yet he has a problem with you? If you had half a brain, you would have heard that he was critical of his agencies actions, but defended licensed gun dealers and legitimate gun owners (one of which I am).

    Go crawl back into your little lonely bottle of gin. You are an angry little man. I guess even if the judge found you not guilty, you still lost. Bye bye loser. Maybe you, Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson can take a cruise to an island somewhere so you can all convince yourselves about what wonderful people you are. In the mean time, since you got your license back (or at least claim to), I guess you’ll keep the criminal underworld well armed for personal profit.


  16. I did not sell to criminal you idiot, that is why i am still licensed FFL gun dealer and can buy and sell guns. I got all my guns, merchandise and real property back. This country is full of people like you that can’t make it in life and think if someone is successful must be guilty of some wrong doing.If you think that i had sold guns to criminals and i would have gotten off the criminal charges you are highly mistaken.The judge threw out the case and not even let it go to the jury because i had done everything correctly etc. regulatory,all papers in order with no mistakes.Your buddy steped in #### with all of the Arizona ATFE agents and can’t figure out how their going to get out of it without going to jail. He had to have the knowledge that i had done nothing wrong and was OK with their plan at the time for him to go on national TV and say the things he said like Terry ( #### for brains ) Goddard. Where he now got with the wrongdoing of his own and shifting gears to the other side to save his ###. Apparently you are an ### like Andre Barry that did not do their homework about the case and as gullible as the rest of the idiots to only listen to what the AG’s office and the whole Arizona ATF had said. That’s why i took it to court and was facing two hundred thirty three years for something you and the rest of your type believed that i had done. I was not afraid the whole time during the trial even with all the negative media attention which almost caused a mistrial because of the propaganda Terry Goddard and the ATF agents were doing on world wide TV. ps. if he was not with group VII he would have not been in front of my store on national TV. you MORON !!!!

  17. Continued to Pedro’s reply : Sorry i bumped the submit with my elbow . He was with and for ATF’S decision at the time.If you look at the picture he is not one of the whistelblowers. He jumped ship to the other side because the whole clan of the Arizona divison group ONE through WHATEVER has their ### in the sling.If you cant make it at the FBI level you become an ATF agent. As ATF agents they police what they don’t know about the law which is why they couldn’t make it as FBI , or exercise what they remember in a four week course. They are not liked at all in the gun industry,now i see why. I had a lot of respect for them in the past and thought the were OK but recently other ATF agent are ashamed of the agencies policies to what they try to pull off with power of abuse.They are thugs after all what an agent told me in person. Peter Forcelli could not go up the ladder when he was a NYPD so he became an ATF agent what’s next GUNRUNER. Hey it’s a paycheck after all $$$$$$$$$$

  18. Pedro I have a audio recording of special agent Hope MacCallister in a interview with my attorney and the states prosecutor. She is very clear that at the time of my case back in may of 2008. Peter Forcelli was her supervisor. I had a regulatory agent that was a plumber four months befor, he was testifying in my case to how a fed form should be filled out at trial to a person that has filled out 4473’s for twenty five years.When questioned about federal gun laws none of the agents had a great knowledge of the laws themselves and passed it on to a supervisors name that could answer that questions . It is clear that it does not take a lot to be a ATF agent and tell other people like your type that swallow everything that a moron with a badge says.They think they know the law by taking a four to six weeks course. Yet if you check out his interview or statments that he has had with the media, he was with and for ATF’S

  19. George Iknadosian:

    Just because a judge dismissed your case doesn’t mean you are innocent. Maybe you’re the Casey Anthony of gun dealers?
    If you watched Forcelli’s testimony, he is the supervisor of Phoenix Unit I, not Phoenix 7 and he wasn’t involved in the case. He also said that he protested this case to his bosses, and from what I saw, Congress didn’t seem to be climbing up his ass. They seemed to like him. Looks like you just have sour grapes. If the guy was a homicide detective in New York, he’ll eat you lawyer alive in court, not vice versa. Maybe you shouldn’t have sold guns to criminals and you and him wouldn’t have crossed paths.

  20. Hey Andy B. no comments ???? I guess you had enough? I don’t take criticism when I have done nothing wrong. I did ask ATF when they practicly lived in my store five days a week for six months or so, ” which by law they are not allowed to do more than twice a year.” If there was anything i should do, their answer was NO YOU ARE DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT !!! And all along they were casing the store for what it was worth in $$$$$$$.$$ in inventory, that i bustted my behind for thirty years to acquire . They tried to take it away and leave me high and dry with the help of Phoenix P.D. They are going to pay for it with the tax dollars of the people of Arizona which is not correct . If they had won by lying their way threw the Grand Jury and some worthless judge which thinks like you that the law enforcment is always TRUE BLUE.(which i know of two judges in maricopa county .) The cops and ATF agents including your Peter Forcelli get a share of the pie. So as I look at the picture now they are not interested in enforcing the law for the publics safety as the public is always told, but how they can better their lifes by stealing other people hard work. I have had lot of law enforcement as customers and close friends in my forty years or so, which were going to testify in my court case that did not last long enough for any of my witnesses to take the stand on my behalf. The cases were dismissed WITH PREJUDICE by the courts ( I wonder why ) in fact the Honr. Judge Robert L. Gottsfield said that the State was so wrong in what they had attempt of doing. I feel sorry for this country that I used to love, that it has gone politically motivated and money hungry corrupt policies WHICH BROCK OBAMA is part of, We will go down in history as the biggest #### ## of all times.What a shame….

  21. If you read more carfully i already used his face to polish my shoes with and handed ATF arizona their ### . If you were so intelligant you would have checked the case and found out about it. The ATF and the state of Arizona lost because they were wrong like you. You think like a cop who thinks he is above the law. If you read the latest L.A Times you might get educated to what is going on, but wait you are a X COP that could not do any better in life, other than depend on a government job to get somewhere. ps. I did not sell to any illigal people as you have stated, I have ALWAYS ran a NICS check on everyone i have sold guns to in my twenty year career. which did not work so well because the FBI and ATF are as incompatant as the police department you came from by having you as a Lieutenant . So for your information you still don’t know what the case was about you jack ###. It seems that you don’t have any facts to back up your comments, I do and plenty of them. Do more research on the X-Caliber case or better yet ask your boy Petey. Someone told me he said that it was not his first rodeo but he got bucked off very soon. This is going to be my first rodeo and i will ride his ### all the way to Washington D.C. , that must make you feel like ####.

  22. Hey NYPD jerk cat got your tongue, Your old boy is in deep doo doo and gongress is not going to buy his b.s. and you are going to look like a fool for claiming to have trained him. I guss you did not do as goog of a job as you thought you did . Next time check your #### befor you open your mouth. and now you look like a schmuck too.

  23. George, I am not sure what rock you crawled out from under, but when you sell guns to llegals , that is illegal. Maybe you should conduct buisness in a legal manner and your customers wont run scared of the law. Trust me when I say you coudnt shine Pete Forcellis shoes, I mean just that. You are the type of person that would need to change your underwear if you were on the mean streets of the Bronx , and you had the chance to strap on a gunbelt, and done a NYPD uniform. The worst area the Phoeinx police handle would be the best area in the Bronx. So the next chance you get, stop by walmart and stock up on underwear, and shoe polish and take a flight to NY

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  25. was [….] criminal but there cops the law does not apply to them ????

  26. I must have hit a bad nerve with some law enforcement, There are a lot of bad cops, agents, and the cover up is not working so well this time. No person is claiming responsibility for their actions anymore. It’s someone elses fault. Nobody knows about the opperation which is a lie, and it is obvious. Chairman Issa will get to the bottom of this oneway or another, then you mr. retiered will have a different story as usual.

  27. I was not threatning him congress is and we the public will get the answers. He has said a lot of things on the record with a lot of witnesses. So who ever you are either you are retiered which can’t do much anymore or you are voicing your oppinion that nobody cares. I would not claim that i trained him if i was you it’s not good for your own reputation. ps keep him in New York with you…

  28. George,

    I don’t know who you are or what jail you were just released from, but if you think you can rattle Special Agent Forcelli in court or anywhere else, you will be greatly disappointed. Special Agent Forcelli will not waiver, will not be threatened, and will reak havock on scum like you anywhere, anytime, anyplace. I know because I trained him when he was a rookie in the NYPD and I am proud to have observed him become who he is today.

    Andre Barry, Lieutenant NYPD Retired

  29. They did in my case and scared the crap out of my customers after leaving the my store and taking the guns away from them.later persecuted them and worked up a plea agreement to testify in court against the owner of x-caliber guns with lies under oath from phoenix P.D. and ATF agents.Bunch of people picked up class 6 felonies for no reason. That came up in trial by the judge and he was mad ( HON. ROBERT L.GOTTSFIELD ) and now they can’t do what they did ???? what the folly….

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  31. It seems funny where the ATF thinks there was probable cause where there were none and no probable cause where it’s evident that there is. play the game the way it suits us (ATFE OF ARIZONA). Where did they go ( group VII ) it does not matter can’t scape Justice or Derrell Issa grip on them. ps this is going to be my first rodeo and you might not like what i will say when the time comes.

  32. Peter Forcelli was the supervisor fo agent Hope MacAllister all along. Now he has turned against the ATF like he was never involved with any of this. He has had the knowledge all along as a supervisor and now he is jumping ship when congress is questioning the matter. He should be held responsible along with all of the group VII of the Arizona ATF divison and accountable for the slaying of border agent Terry. He was singing a different tune with X-Caliber Guns case wher ther was no probable cause also but he was for it at the time which is nowhere what is happening now.You will be in court soon and i will be there with my attorney to say otherwise to what you have been sayinf in your testimony. ” How dose it feel when congress is on you behind ” . It’s a matter of time till you are going to be QUESTIONED FOR YOUR ACTIONS you schmuck!!!

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