Pelosi calls for ethics investigation of Oregon Congressman David Wu

Breaking News (7/26/11): Congressman David Wu (D-OR) has announced his resignation. “I cannot care for my family the way I wish while serving in Congress and fighting these very serious allegations,” Wu said in a written statement. “The wellbeing of my children must come before anything else. With great sadness, I therefore intend to resign effective upon the resolution of the debt-ceiling crisis. This is the right decision for my family, the institution of the House, and my colleagues.”

Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi has called on the ethics committee to investigate Oregon Congressman David Wu after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced last week.


Wu, who has served in Congress since 1999, is accused of making “aggressive and unwanted” sexual advances to the teenage daughter of a longtime campaign donor last November. The young woman did not report the incident to police at the time but reached out to Wu’s office this spring. The allegations were first reported by The Oregonian, citing unnamed sources, on Friday.

“This is very serious, and I have absolutely no desire to bring unwanted publicity, attention, or stress to a young woman and her family,” Wu told the The Oregonian.

After the news broke on Friday, Pelosi moved swiftly to pressure Wu to resign and call for a congressional investigation.

“Recent press reports and statements attributed to our colleague, Representative David Wu, indicate that he may have engaged in inappropriate activities,” Pelosi wrote in her letter requesting the ethics investigation.”An investigation by the Ethics Committee to determine if the Rules of the House of Representatives have been violated is warranted.”

The sexual misconduct allegations followed reports of erratic behavior by Wu during his 2010 re-election campaign. In February, photos of Wu posing in a tiger costume surfaced online, raising questions about Wu’s mental well-being. Wu attributed his bizarre behavior to the stress of a hard-fought campaign and family issues.

“This was a very difficult time in my life. I had a couple of pretty stressful years. I’ve been raising my children basically on my own. Last October was not a good month. It was very stressful. I did some things, I said some things which I sincerely regret now. And as a result of those things, I saw fit to consult professional help. I got the help I needed then. I’m continuing to consult medical help as I need it, and I’m in a good place now,” Wu told ABC News in February.

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