Libyan rebels capture Tripoli; Moammar Qadhafi remains at large

Libyan rebels have captured Tripoli, potentially marking the end of Colonel Moammar Qadhafi’s erratic and brutal 42-year dictatorship.

According to news reports, the rebels met little resistance from pro-Qadhafi forces as they advanced into the Libyan capitol on Sunday. However, tanks surrounding Colonel Qadhafi’s Bab al-Aziziya compound reportedly fired at the rebels, and sporadic gun battles between the rebels and loyalist forces were reported on Monday.

Even as the rebels marched into the capitol of Tripoli following six months of civil war and NATO airstrikes, Qadhafi released a defiant audio recording commanding Libyans to fight back against the rebel forces.

“All these cities, all the tribes, they must all march to Tripoli in order to purify and cleanse it,” Qadhafi said in the recording. “Otherwise, you will have no dignity. You’ll be slaves, servants of the occupier. You’ll be servants forever in the hands of the French occupier, and the British imperialism will return once again…” [Editor’s note: verbal translation provided by Al Jazeera English.] 

Two of Qadhafi’s sons were reportedly detained by rebel forces. Colonel Qadhafi remains at large.

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