Iraq & Afghanistan wars proved profitable for a small circle of private contractors

The U.S. Commission on Wartime Contracting found that the majority of U.S. contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan were awarded to a small circle of private firms.

Al Fatah Bridge & Oil Pipeline in Iraq. PHOTO SOURCE: U.S. Commission on Wartime Contracting

“Contingency-contract spending in Iraq and Afghanistan is highly concentrated,” according to the commission’s final report, “Transforming Wartime Contracting: Controlling Costs, Reducing Risks.”

The top 22 firms (listed below) took in $139.2 billion of the total $192.5 billion private contracts awarded between fiscal year 2002 and mid-fiscal year 2011, accounting for more than 52% of the total budget.

Here is a list of firms that were awarded billion dollar contracts for military and civilian operations in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2002 and 2011:

  1.  KBR (U.S.), engineering & construction, $40.8 billion
  2. Agility (Kuwait), logistics, $9 billion
  3. DynCorp (U.S.), security & force training, $7.4 billion
  4. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (Kuwait), energy, $5 billion
  5. Flour Intercontinental, Inc. (U.S.), engineering, procurement, construction, $5 billion
  6. The Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bahrain), energy, $5 billion
  7. Combat Support Associates (U.S. & Kuwait), security & training, $3.6 billion
  8. ITT Federal Services International (U.S. & Kuwait), maintenance and support, $3.4 billion
  9. The Louis Berger Group, Inc. (U.S.), engineering, $2.3 billion
  10. International Oil Trading Company (U.S.), energy, $2.1 billion
  11. Readiness Management Support (U.S.), aviation support, $2.0 billion
  12. L-3 Communications (U.S.), communications systems, $1.7 billion
  13. Red Star Enterprises, Ltd. (U.K.), energy, $1.7 billion
  14. IAP Worldwide Services (U.S.), procurement and logistics, $1.5 billion
  15. Environmental Chemical Corporation (U.S.), environmental remediation, $1.5 billion
  16. Perini Corporation (U.S.), construction, $1.5 billion
  17. Blackwater Lodge and Training Center (U.S.), security, $1.4 billion
  18. Contrack International, Inc. (U.S.), construction, $1.4 billion
  19. Triple Canopy, Inc. (U.S.), security, $1.2 billion
  20. DAI/Nathan Group, LLC (U.S.), economic development, $1.1 billion
  21. Washington Group, International (U.S.), engineering and construction, $1.1 billion
  22. Bearing Point, LLC, management & technology consulting, $1.0 billion


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