Transcript of CA Gov. Jerry Brown’s statement on public safety realignment

Statement by California Gov. Jerry Brown at the Sept. 29, 2011 press conference on public safety realignment:

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“The United States Supreme Court has ordered California to reduce its prison population without delay. Realignment, I think, is the most viable way to comply with the court’s order. It ensures that the most dangerous offenders serves their full sentences in state prison.

“Today, I’m pledging maximum state support to local officials: full funding, flexibility to use local solutions, and a future ballot measure guaranteeing the funding.

“We can’t overturn the Supreme Court’s decision, but we can work together to fix our broken system and protect public safety. It’s a big challenge. It’s been laid on us by the highest court in the land. Their decision cannot be overcome in any way by any state or even by the Congress. This is the law of the land, and we got to carry it out.

“The realignment plan has been thought through. It’s not trouble-free. There’ll be bumps along the road, but from everything I can tell, this is a viable plan that, as we work together, will not only ensure public safety but will fix a prison system that has been profoundly dysfunctional for decades.

“So we fought the court through all the different appellate decisions that we had to deal with, but now it’s here. So the only question is how to respond? We’re responding not by letting 30,000 people out of prison. We’re responding with a well-crafted plan that is the result of – not one or two – but many, many commissions – the Little Hoover Commission, the Duke Majin Commission, and other academic inquiries – that have critiqued our prison system and have said that it needs some kind of realignment.

“So the realignment that we have is the best that we’ve been able to put together. As we implement it, we’ll be prepared to make whatever adjustments that are needed. But there’s no turning back. The only way is forward, forward in a collaborative work with the state officials, the local officials, mental health, substance abuse people, adult protective services, all the different ingredients that are important to maximizing public safety in the state of California.”



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  3. But Jerry’s about to sign into law the prohibition against law abiding citizens to Open Carry locally right? Not sure how ensuring that criminals and law enforcement are armed to the teeth with us taxpayers caught in the crossfire unarmed is publicly safe.

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