Transcript of Los Gatos Police Chief Scott Seaman’s statement on public safety realignment

Statement by Scott Seaman, Los Gatos Police Chief and 1st Vice President of the California Police Chiefs Association, at the Sept. 29, 2011 press conference on public safety realignment:

Scott Seaman, Los Gatos Police Chief and 1st Vice President of the California Chiefs Association. IMAGE SOURCE:

“The police chiefs in the state of California would like to commend and thank the governor for his leadership in bringing a realignment strategy forward.

“It would have been easy to have done nothing and simply let the United States Supreme Court ruling dictate events. That would have resulted in the early release of over 30,000 felons. Instead, the governor’s staff and director Cate have acted proactively and have produced a realignment plan that does not result in the early release of a single felon.

“The California Police Chief’s Association has engaged with other public safety stakeholders the realignment discussions from the beginning. Because our members provide public safety services to 78% of Californians, we are fully committed to the success of this plan and have been working across the state to ensure that it is successful.

“We believe that realignment has the clear potential to obtain better recidivism outcomes than the current system has provided and is a better response to the federal judge’s mandate to reduce the prison population than simply releasing prisoners.

“Given the proper resources, local jurisdictions are in a better position to effectively supervise these felons and have a better understanding of available local resources to keep them from re-offending. There will be a flexibility of response that is simply not available under the current system. With adequate guaranteed funding, realignment has the potential to provide much better outcomes than we currently experience.

“We’re mindful of the enormous responsibility that now rest on the shoulders of local law enforcement community, and it’s up to us and our stakeholders – from police chiefs to probation officers to sheriffs to district attorneys to treatment professionals – to work collaboratively across all 58 counties to achieve realignment success. We play a key role in that success.

“It will take time for the program to evolve, and we fully expect that we will see recidivism level far less than those currently experienced. The California Police Chief’s Association will continue to actively participate in the realignment process in order to assure the realignment in every county is implemented as effectively as possible. As the primary protector of Californians, that is our fundamental obligation.”



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