Transcript of Merced County Sheriff Mark Pazin’s statement on public safety realignment

Statement by Mark Pazin, Merced County Sheriff and President of the California State Sheriff’s Associationat the Sept. 29, 2011 press conference on public safety realignment:

Merced County Sheriff Mark Pazin. IMAGE SOURCE:

“Three words: state constitutional amendment. That has been the pledge of this governor. We embrace it. We have been working together from day one in implementing a planned scheme and design to protect those monies as we move forward on realignment. There are some naysayers out over there, I’d say to them that this is a golden opportunity to fix a system that has been broken – as the governor had mentioned – for decades.

“The state constitutional amendment will guarantee this implementation in perpetuity. That’s why we have gathered together, not just the Cal State Sheriff’s Association, but all the law enforcement partners, all the persons that are involved in reducing recidivism. We applaud the governor for his tenacity. We will work with him and persevere through this.

“Those protection afforded to us through a state constitutional amendment will ensure that this program works, that we are wing-to-wing and oar-to-oar. I applaud the governor and thank him for reasserting himself in this fight as we go forward for the state constitutional amendment.”



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