Transcript of Sacramento Police Chief Rick Braziel’s statement on public safety realignment

Statement by Rick Braziel, Sacramento Police Chief and 1st Vice President of the California Peace Officer’s Association, at the Sept. 29, 2011 press conference on public safety realignment:

Rick Braziel, Sacramento Police Chief and 1st Vice President of the California Peace Officer's Association. IMAGE SOURCE:

“The governor mentioned early on in the realignment that we’re trying something bold and new, and with that there’s going to be bumps.

“CPOA has committed to the governor that we will use our resources of reaching out to agencies large and small, at all different levels to identify what’s working in the state of California and report back on that and where the bumps are so we can flatten out those bumps. Because whenever you try something new, things are going to happen. There are going to be unintended consequences and we’re committed to making sure that this is successful.

“One of the things that’s been mentioned that kind of summarize what my colleagues have said is that this is a great opportunity. It’s an opportunity for the service providers, for law enforcement agencies, for DA’s offices, for public defenders, for probation and the courts to come together to truly fix a system that was broken, to really benefit the communities, and benefit the citizens of Sacramento.

“So governor, on behalf of CPOA, we thank you for this bold step. Secretary Cate, thank you for your collaboration and cooperation.”


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