Transcript of Solano County Chief Probation Officer Isabelle Voit’s statement on public safety realignment

Statement by Isabelle Voit, Solano County Chief Probation Officerat the Sept. 29, 2011 press conference on public safety realignment:

Isabel Voit, Solano County Chief Probation Officer. IMAGE SOURCE:

“As you’ve already heard, our prison population must be reduced. There is no option. Our governor has set us on a course that can accomplish that goal while protecting public safety. Realignment is the safest way to accomplish the goal.

“The alternative is the early release of prisoners. Instead of doing that, realignment will allow us to focus on local strategies that are based on evidence-based principles. We have a mountain of research that tells us the things that can be done to create long-term change in offender behavior rather than the short-term incarceration that we’ve been doing for many years that clearly is not working. We have a broken system.

“Our counties have been working very hard on a very aggressive timeline with the governor and his administration as well as our local stakeholders to build a more responsive local criminal justice system. It won’t be easy. We all know that there are challenges ahead. But if this is done appropriately, it will be a system that succeeds in reducing recidivism, which creates fewer victims in our communities.

“Of course, I also have to talk about money. In order to plan for the future and adequately protect public safety, our local sheriffs, police, probation and other law enforcement officials need assurances that the money will be there to carry out the mandates associated with realignment.

“We appreciate very much the governor’s continuing commitment to ensure this funding, and we want the legislature to place a measure on the ballot to let the voters decide. We need a measure that will ensure ensure the state cannot raid or redirect resources away from local governments who are providing vital law enforcement and other local services.

“We know that we have a tough road ahead. Much work has already been done and we look forward to continuing to work with the governor to make realignment a success to create more safety in our communities.”



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