Transcript: Ron Paul rallies supporters after third place finish in Iowa

Transcript of Ron Paul’s remarks following the Iowa caucus on Jan. 3, 2012: 

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) thanking supporters after finishing third in the Iowa caucus. IMAGE SOURCE:

“Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you.

[Cheers & Applause]

“Thank you very much. Thank you. And I think you might recognize my wife. Her picture is on that cook book. Anybody see that cook book this year?


“Well, thank you very much. What a delightful crowd. You know, sometimes they say, ‘That was a good speech.’ I say, ‘No, that was a good crowd.’ That makes all the difference in the world.

“We talked about and A.J. mentioned that we’re one of three tickets out, which is obviously true, and one of two that can actually run a national campaign and raise some money. But there’s nobody else that have people like you working hard and enthusiastic and believe in something.


“That is all the difference in the world. But before I continue with any more comments, I do want to bring – at least step forward – three of our chairmen. You’ve met already: A.J. Striker and David Fischer as well as Drew Ivers. They have led the charge all throughout Iowa!


“But all I can think about in tough campaigns and all the hard work is the work you people do. It’s unbelievable – the energy that you have, the effort that you have made.

“But what makes me feel good about it is you’re doing it because you believe in something. That is what’s worthwhile.


“But you also know that there’s two good things – some people say, ‘Well, you guys just do that because you believe in something or promote a cause.’ Certainly. But how’s the best way to promote a cause? That is winning elections! That’s the way you promote it.


“Now, the enthusiasm has been unbelievable and it’s fantastic. It’s national. Thousands people now have been involved, not only in Iowa but around the country, and they’re ready and raring to go.

“But we have to look at the wonderful changes that have occurred in our country in a positive way.

“The country has suffered a lot in a negative way – the economy is in trouble; our civil liberties are being trashed; our foreign policy has been a mess and drains us both economically and our military forces.

“But at the same time, people are coming together, and we had the task, which where we are very successful, to re-introducing some ideas that Republicans needed for a long time. And that is the conviction that freedom is popular!


“But once again, we’ve had a fantastic showing for this cause and challenging people not the status quo we’ve been putting up with for decade after decade. But challenge them and let’s go back to this real, old-fashioned idea. This very dangerous idea – let’s obey the Constitution!


“And too often, those who preach limited government and small government they forget that invasion of your privacy is big government. And we have to emphasize protecting your personal rights and your economic rights or what the government’s supposed to do. They’re not supposed to run our lives or spend our money.


“And also, along those lines, we have introduced with so much enthusiasm. I’ve heard so often from so many volunteers. The other day somebody came up to me, and he was refreshing my memory because he knew I knew the statement because I’ve said it. Back in the old days in the early ’70s, Nixon said we’re all Keynesians now, which meant that even the Republicans accepted liberal economics. He says, ‘I’m waiting for the day when we can say we’re all Austrians now.’


“But the biggest change, I think, in intellectual and political changes that we have brought about is the emphasis on a very important matter – making sure that we get to the bottom of the ultimate bail-outers and that is our federal reserve system. We need reforms there, and we need a new monetary system and obey the Constitution. This is something that we’ve made great progress. So the first and initial important step that we’ve worked so hard, and it’s on the table.

“Today, there was a national poll that came out and they were talking about how many people supported the gold standard. How long has it been since they’ve taken a national poll on the gold standard?


“And guess what? The majority of the American people believed we should have a gold standard not a paper standard.


“But also, the great strides that we have made has been really on the foreign policy. The fact that we can once again talk in Republican circles and make it credible. Talk about what Eisenhower said that beware of the military-industrial complex. Talk about the old days when Robert Taft, Mr. Republican, said that we shouldn’t be engaged in these entangling alliance. He believed what the founders taught us. He didn’t even want to be in NATO. We certainly don’t need NATO and the UN telling us when to go to war.


“But we have seen a great difference. The majority of the American people are behind us on this whole war effort. They’re tired of the war. Cost too much money. Too many people get killed. Too many people get injured. Too many people get sick. And the majority – maybe 70% or 80% – of the American people now are saying it’s time to get out of Afghanistan.


“So those are the issues. Those are the issues that we have put out front and center. They’re out there. They’re not going to go away.

“And we have tremendous opportunity to continue this momentum. It won’t be long that there’s going to be an election up in New Hampshire, and believe me, this momentum is going to continue. This movement is going to continue, and we are going to keep scoring. Just as we have tonight.


“So tonight, we have come out an election where we have essentially three winners – three top vote-getters. And we will go on. We will raise the money. I have no doubt about the volunteers. They’re going to be there.


“A lot of you [on] Saturday thanked me and you complimented me and thanked me for helping you along. But let me tell you, you help me along, you help my family along. All our work and our supporters. Because without your enthusiasm we can’t do it.

“This is where I feel the most obligated. You know, we want to do the job, present the case, and if anything isn’t perfect, I worry not about myself; I worry about you and making sure that you’re satisfied.

“I think there’s nothing to be ashamed of, everything to be satisfied, and be ready and raring to move on to the next stop, which is New Hampshire.”


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