Transcript: Republican Sen. Ron Johnson asks why is Obama even seeking a second term?


Remarks by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) on Obama’s 2013 budget at a press briefing on Feb. 13, 2012:

“I want to basically confirm what my colleagues have already stated that this President has failed to lead on the debt and deficit issue.

“As Sen. [Jeff] Sessions said – he quoted Adm. [Mike] Mullen that this is the greatest threat facing this nation.

“The questions [as] I look through the details of this or summary of it and the fact that this President is not proposing any type of reform to try to save Social Security and Medicare – I really had to ask this question: Why is this President even seeking a second term?

“I mean, the definition of a President is leading and he is not leading.

“The points I want to make in terms of the debt and deficit shown in this budget is the deficit risk that we’re not even addressing. Because we are not addressing the debt and deficit issue, we have a huge risk in terms of interest rate increases which would dramatically increase our cost of interests.

“You know, for every 1% add $1.5 trillion to our 10-year deficit figure.

“You know, we simply – because of growth – the President is going to increase taxes. He’ll increase taxes on politically popular group of people to increase taxes on that will harm economic growth and for every 1% that we reduce growth by add $3.1 trillion onto our deficit.

“Nobody’s really talking about the true cost of Obamacare. You know, we sent out a letter last week signed by 38 Republican senators asking CBO to reassess the number of people that will lose their health care coverage because when they’re [inaudible] at the exchanges that’ll add trillions onto the cost of Obamacare and onto our debt and deficit.

“So we need to seriously take a look at what is facing this nation in terms of the debt and deficit issue, and this President’s budget simply does not do that. It’s a true failure of leadership.”



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