Transcript: Republican Sen. Roy Blunt demands Senate vote on Obama budget


Remarks by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) on Obama’s 2013 budget at a press briefing on Feb. 13, 2012:

“You know, follow-up on Sen. [Jeff] Session’s points, this is not a serious proposal. The President intends to exert no effort to get this budget passed.

“I thought last week the most telling statement that anybody made was Sen. [Harry] Reid said he didn’t think there wouldn’t be a Senate budget. They asked about the White House spokesman what he thought about that, he said ‘We have no opinion on that.’

“Now, how could the White House not have an opinion on whether you even have a real budget discussion or not?

“You have to have a budget discussion. You have to have a budget debate. At some point, we’re going to have a budget fight if we’re going to get the priorities of the country decided like the priorities of the country should be decided.

“And when Jay Carney can stand there and repeatedly was asked, ‘You mean the White House has no position on whether the Senate even has a budget or not?’ He said, ‘No, we have no position on that.’

“What kind of leadership is that?

“And the Senate, of course, in its part of the leadership in this budget fight has none either. We’re apparently have well into the 1,000 days now or third year in a row where the absolute commitment of the Senate majority is not to have a budget even though the law requires that we have one every year.

“Simpson-Bowles commission said that this was the most predictable crisis in the history of mankind, and we’re just continuing to go further and further down that path.”



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