Transcript: Sandra Fluke testifies on why women should be allowed access to contraception and reproductive health care

Hearing on women’s reproductive health and contraception before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee held on Feb. 23, 2012

Transcript of testimony by Sandra Fluke, a student at Georgetown University Law School, a private Jesuit institution:

“Leader [Nancy] Pelosi, members of Congress, good morning. And thank you for calling this hearing on women’s health and for allowing me to testify on behalf of the women who will benefit from the Affordable Care Act contraceptive coverage regulation.

Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University Law student, testified before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on the importance of contraceptive coverage for students and employees at religious-affiliated institutions. Last week, Fluke was denied the opportunity to speak before the House Oversight Committee hearing on women's reproductive health. Instead, an all-male panel of religious leaders testified on why they should be allowed to deny women contraceptive coverage. SOURCE:

Read more: Sandra Fluke draws attention to financial & health burdens women suffer without contraceptive coverage

“My name is Sandra Fluke, and I’m a third-year student at Georgetown Law School. I’m also a past-president of Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice or LSRJ. And I’d like to acknowledge my fellow LSRJ members and allies and all of the student activists with us and thank them so much for being here today.


“We, as Georgetown LSRJ, are here today because we’re so grateful that this regulation implements the non-partisan medical advice of the Institute of Medicine.

“I attend a Jesuit law school that does not provide contraceptive coverage in its student health plan. And just as we students have faced financial, emotional, and medical burdens as a result, employees at religiously-affiliated hospitals and institutions and universities across the country have suffered similar burdens.

“We are all grateful for the new regulation that will meet the critical health care needs of so many women.

“Simultaneously, the recently announced adjustment addresses any potential conflict with the religious identity of Catholic or Jesuit institutions.

“When I look around my campus, I see the faces of the women affected by this lack of contraceptive coverage.

“And especially in the last week, I have heard more and more of their stories. On a daily basis, I hear yet from another woman from Georgetown or from another school or who works for a religiously-affiliated employer, and they tell me that they have suffered financially and emotionally and medically because of this lack of coverage.

“And so, I’m here today to share their voices, and I want to thank you for allowing them – not me – to be heard.

“Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. For a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships, that’s practically an entire summer’s salary. 40% of the female students at Georgetown Law reported to us that they struggle financially as a result of this policy.

“One told us about how embarrassed and just powerless she felt when she was standing at the pharmacy counter and learned for the first time that contraception was not covered on her insurance and she had to turn and walk away because she couldn’t afford that prescription. Women like her have no choice but to go without contraception.

“Just last week, a married female student told me that she had to stop using contraception because she and her husband just couldn’t fit it into their budget anymore. Women employed in low-wage jobs without contraceptive coverage face the same choice.

“And some might respond that contraception is accessible in lots of other ways. Unfortunately, that’s just not true.

“Women’s health clinic provide a vital medical service, but as the Guttmacher Institute has definitely documented, these clinics are unable to meet the crushing demand for these services. Clinics are closing, and women are being forced to go without the medical care they need.

“How can Congress consider the [Rep. Jeff] Fortenberry (R-Neb.), [Sen. Marco] Rubio (R-Fla.) and [Sen. Roy] Blunt (R-Mo.) legislation to allow even more employers and institutions to refuse contraception coverage and then respond that the non-profit clinics should step up to take care of the resulting medical crisis, particularly when so many legislators are attempting to de-fund those very same clinics?

“These denial of contraceptive coverage impact real people.

“In the worst cases, women who need these medications for other medical conditions suffer very dire consequences.

“A friend of mine, for example, has polycystic ovarian syndrome, and she has to take prescription birth control to stop cysts from growing on her ovaries. Her prescription is technically covered by Georgetown’s insurance because it’s not intended to prevent pregnancy.

“Unfortunately, under many religious institutions and insurance plans, it wouldn’t be. There would be no exception for other medical needs. And under Sen. Blunt’s amendment, Sen. Rubio’s bill or Rep. Fortenberry’s bill there’s no requirement that such an exception be made for these medical needs.

“When this exception does exist, these exceptions don’t accomplish their well-intended goals because when you let university administrators or other employers rather than women and their doctors dictate whose medical needs are legitimate and whose are not, women’s health takes a back seat to a bureaucracy focused on policing her body.

“In 65% of the cases at our school, our female students were interrogated by insurance representatives and university medical staff about why they needed prescription and whether they were lying about their symptoms.

“For my friend and 20% of the women in her situation, she never got the insurance company to cover her prescription. Despite verifications of her illness from her doctor, her claim was denied repeatedly on the assumption that she really wanted birth control to prevent pregnancy. She’s gay. So clearly polycystic ovarian syndrome was a much more urgent concern than accidental pregnancy for her.

“After months paying over $100 out-of-pocket, she just couldn’t afford her medication anymore, and she had to stop taking it.

“I learned about all of this when I walked out of a test and got a message from her that in the middle of the night in her final exam period she’d been in the emergency room. She’d been there all night in just terrible, excruciating pain. She wrote to me, ‘It was so painful I’d woke up thinking I’ve been shot.’

“Without her taking the birth control, a massive cyst the size of a tennis ball had grown on her ovary. She had to have surgery to remove her entire ovary as a result.

“On the morning I was originally scheduled to give this testimony, she was sitting in a doctor’s office, trying to cope with the consequences of this medical catastrophe.

“Since last year’s surgery, she’s been experiencing night sweats and weight gain and other symptoms of early menopause as a result of the removal of her ovary. She’s 32-years-old.

“As she put it, ‘If my body indeed does enter early menopause, no fertility specialist in the world will be able to help me have my own children. I will have no choice at giving my mother her desperately desired grandbabies simply because the insurance policy that I paid for, totally unsubsidized by my school, wouldn’t cover my prescription for birth control when I needed it.’

“Now, in addition to potentially facing the health complications that come with having menopause at such an early age – increased risk of cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis – she may never be able to conceive a child.

“Some may say that my friend’s tragic story is rare. It’s not. I wish it were

“One woman told us doctors believe she has endometriosis, but that can’t be proven without surgery. So the insurance has not been willing to cover her medication – the contraception she needs to treat her endometriosis.

“Recently, another woman told me that she also has polycystic ovarian syndrome and she’s struggling to pay for her medication and is terrified to not have access to it.

“Due to the barriers erected by Georgetown’s policy, she hasn’t been reimbursed for her medications since last August.

“I sincerely pray that we don’t have to wait until she loses an ovary or is diagnosed with cancer before her needs and the needs of all of these women are taken seriously.

“Because this is the message that not requiring coverage of contraception sends: A woman’s reproductive health care isn’t a necessity, isn’t a priority.

“One woman told us that she knew birth control wasn’t covered on the insurance and she assumed that that’s how Georgetown’s insurance handle all of women’s reproductive and sexual health care. So when she was raped, she didn’t go to the doctor, even to be examined or tested for sexually transmitted infections, because she thought insurance wasn’t going to cover something like that – something that was related to a woman’s reproductive health.

“As one other student put it: ‘This policy communicates to female students that our school doesn’t understand our needs.’

“These are not feelings that male fellow student experience and they’re not burdens that male students must shoulder.

“In the media lately, some conservative Catholic organizations have been asking what did we expect when we enroll in a Catholic school?

“We can only answer that we expected women to be treated equally, to not have our school create untenable burdens that impede our academic success.

“We expected that our schools would live up to the Jesuit creed of ‘cura personalis‘ – to care for the whole person – by meeting all of our medical needs.

“We expected that when we told our universities of the problem this policy created for us as students, they would help us.

“We expected that when 94% of students oppose the policy the university would respect our choices regarding insurance students pay for – completely unsubsidized by the university.

“We did not expect that women would be told in the national media that we should have gone to school elsewhere.

“And even if that meant going to a less prestigious university, we refuse to pick between a quality education and our health. And we resent that in the 21st century, anyone think it’s acceptable to ask us to make this choice simply because we are women.

“Many of the women whose stories I’ve shared today are Catholic women. So ours is not a war against the church. It is a struggle for the access to the health care we need.

“The President of the Association of Jesuit Colleges has shared that Jesuit colleges and the universities appreciate the modifications to the rule announced recently. Religious concerns are addressed and women get the health care they need. And I sincerely hope that that is something we can all agree upon.

“Thank you very much.”



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  4. I cost your :friend” $100 a month, and you were too much of a weasel to help her out!?!? Great friend you are, not. Bet you grinned ear to ear when you found that story, or did you just make it up Ms. Fluke while lying on your back? You are a cancer on society, you could never be a real friend to anyone. Geo. Washington had a saying I believe, “Sunshine Patriot”. Well you are a “sunshine friend” if even that much, and I doubt that very much.

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  10. I didn’t realize endometriosis was a choice. My mistake.

    Same goes for polycystic ovarian syndrome.

    Or Bartholin marsupialization, which is what I get to take contraception to deal with.

    Wish I hadn’t made that (genetic, came from my family, actually have no choice at all) decision.

  11. maybe not, but viagra (sildenafil) is used to treat pulmonary hypertension and altitude sickness as it was invented for. The ED cure was a lucrative side effect.

  12. Women suffer significant health problems and even death from pregnancy. 1,000 women die each day due to pregnancy-related complications. Hormonal contraceptives are also used to treat many health conditions such as dysmennorhea, menstrual regulation, acne, endometriosis, polyovarian cystic syndrome, etc. Nobody has ever endured pain or death from “erectile dysfunction”. Many women have suffered pain and even death from the conditions treated by hormonal contraceptives. Buy your own boner pills.

  13. HA!! Typical snobbish liberal BS!! You actually believe “higher education” somehow equates to intellingence? Hasn’t our last two president elects proven otherwise to you? One had the English grammar of a teenage El Salvadoran while our present one can’t read simple words such as Corpsman or know how many states make up these United States… And both HAVE advanced degrees from “THE IVY”,, or at least claim to….

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  16. What I see in Sandra’s testimony are several instances of insurance companies using whatever excuse possible not to provide coverage for medically necessary prescriptions. In the instances cited by Sandra Fluke, the insurance companies are not simply refusing to cover contraception, I do not believe the insurance companies are within their rights to refuse to cover medically necessary pharmaceuticals. I think they need to meet a good Georgetown lawyer who will get these women the medically necessary treatments they are entitled to.
    As far as covering contraceptives for any students where it isn’t medically necessary, I believe in pay to “play” so to speak!
    Come on, the dinner, dancing & recreational drugs of your choice will cost more than the contraceptives.

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  21. Of course, Chris is entirely right, but let’s not dwell on that. Maybe some personal insults will obscure what he has to say.

    Now it’s your turn. Feel free to insert some homophobic insult or the like.

  22. You mean, like the Ivy League student who was fornicating with one of her partners in the dorm bathroom, broke a soap dish in the process, then sued the college because the soap dish was not sturdy enough to support the weight of her arse?

    Gee whiz willikers. Dunno how you’d jump to that conclusion. You must live in an Ivy League city or somesuch.

  23. Why are colleges and universities made responsible for the health care of students? Am I to assume that law students are so immature and/or incompetant that they cannot arrange for medical coverage on their own?

  24. If it is, then he is the finest man that ever breathed.

  25. I was listening to Limbaugh’s program that day. Going strictly from memory, he estimated from her testimony that a woman would be having sex every day – and that she is asking me and you to pay for it. He went on then to say that what we used to call a woman that got paid for having constant sex was slut or prostitute. It was intended to be humor, but the left is, as usual, cynical and has no sense of humor, especially when provided an opportunity – out of context – to skewer an opponent they cannot otherwise debate with.
    Above, both sides could exercise some civility, although one was correct that criticizing another’s spelling or grammar in order to theoretically win a debate is even a lower form of communication/debate than misspelling. For sure.
    You’ve all obviously read and taken Fluke’s testimony in context. Why not find Limbaugh’s comments in context and perhaps find yourself backing off? He is pointed, I agree. But he has a good sense of humor, a trait not uncommon among conservatives. Washington, Adams, Madison, Franklin… they all had a sense of humor – even as they were structuring the most blessed nation in the history of mankind. 150 years of freedom before 1776, and 230 years+ of freedom thereafter. Now at risk.

  26. You all are also assuming that all the numbers are based on a 3 year law degree student. Evening students are typically a 4 year program.

    Given that some brands of birth control pills whether used for pregnancy prevention or for medical need, can cost up to $90 a month (unsubsidized by insurance), that’s 90 * 12 = $1,080/yr, or $1,080 * 3 years of Law School = $3,240, an evening student going for 4 years may have to pay $4,320. Frequently the more expensive medications are prescribed for medical need. the cheap pills usually don’t cut it.

    She also said that the fight has been to get insurance companies to pay for the prescriptions even when they are medically necessary because it’s not mandated and they apparently don’t believe the doctors when they say it is medically necessary.

    Last of all we are talking about insurance plans paid completely by the students, no part of their plan is covered by the university. The university should not have the right to impose their religious values on an insurance plan they pay no portion of, whether it is for medical need or not.

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  29. There is a well-known sister in Canada, Sister Marie-Paule Ross, who happens to be a sexologist and a psychotherapist. In her last book entitled « Je voudrais vous parler d’amour et de sexe », she estimates that 80% of Catholic priests do not practice celibacy. Did you ever ask yourself: How come you’ve never met a Catholic priest or bishop who has become a father? Answer: They make sure their mistress takes the pill!! Another interesting thought: why have John Paul II and Pope Benedict accepted ex-Anglican priests in their Church? These married clerics are now Catholic priests, and they undoubtedly use contraception with their wifes, because they did as Anglican priests.

  30. Once again, Lupa. The policy at GULC DOES allow for the pill for things like cysts, you merely need to get a doctor to refer it and file the paperwork. Second, at EVERY school and GULC is no exception, you can opt to NOT buy insurance through the school and use that money you would have paid to buy a comparable insurance plan from another 3rd party provider and have them cover whatever you wish.
    Lastly, no a women’s need for health care does NOT outweigh maintaining that obsolete thing we call the Constitution. I know it is rarely read and even less often understood especially by those on the left, but sorry, you can’t force a person/institution to act in a way which is in direct contravention to their religious beliefs. Fluke should be happy she doesn’t attend a Christian Scientist institution where health care and medical providers would be banned outright and would be completely legally allowed to do so due to the Constitution. Basically if you think you have a ‘right’ to something and it requires someone to bend/shape their actual Constitutional rights in anyway to accommodate your perceived right, then the thing you think is a right , isn’t a right at all.

    So yes, a person’s beliefs do outweigh a woman’t ‘basic’ healthcare. IF you don’t like their plan, buy your own. If you can’t afford a different plan, I assure you every big city has a public health department that will provide basic medical services and often time free medications to those in need.
    Services are out there. Should you choose to ignore them or not seek them out, that is on you.

    Fluke and people parroting her line of BS are little more than useful idiots in a leftist ideological game.

  31. “Why should employers and schools not have to provide insurance for a MEDICATION simply because of their religious beliefs?”

    Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with that pesky thing called the Constitution, Eli. I promise you won’t have to read more than 1 amendment. The government has NO, as in NONE WHATSOEVER, right to force ANY and I mean ANY religious organization to do something that is counter to their belief system. (ya know, like those Christian Scientists who refuse medical treatment, ya can’t force them into the hospital)

    Furthermore, I believe you are the one not ‘getting it’ here. The default Georgetown health insurance plan allows for birth control pills in the event that they are needed for things like ovarian cysts or severe acne etc. The people Fluke testified about clearly didn’t want to be ‘troubled’ into getting a proper referral from their doctor and decided to forgo getting their meds.
    Also, every school offers students the option to use the money they would be paying the school for their health insurance plan instead. So once again, Fluke is being a liar or is ignorant. I’ll let her decided. Here is the link to the health services page, very first item indicates you can have your own insurance:

    You don’t like GULC’s insurance, use the money you would have been charged to buy your own. It really is simple but it’s not being simple when you are trying to game a debate to further erode first amendment rights.

    A few final points. $3000 for birth control is a grossly inflated number. Target and Wal-Mart offer $4-5 generics which the vast majority of birth control pills fall under. People who try to equate Viagra probably don’t realize that Viagra is RARELY covered under most insurance policies unless it is being used for something else.
    Furthermore, several people have mentioned enlarged prostate meds, once again, those aren’t solely for sexual function. An enlarged prostate makes it impossible/difficult to urinate. It can also lead to severe life threatening complications. Treating a person’s enlarged prostate in no way encourages or discourages someone from having sex.

    If you’re honest with yourself, you will realize and accept that this whole charade is theater to throw the scent off of Obama’s flagging performance and to try to erode First Amendment liberties as they pertain to freedom of religion. IF those pesky religious types can’t be mandated to carry insurances then Obama’s health care bill falls apart. That is what this is really all about. The DNC doesn’t give a rat’s behind, ultimately, if women can or can’t get birth control pills.

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  33. Birth control pills contain estrogen, you know, the stuff that fuels BREAST CANCER. So we will just be paying for all the Breast Cancer treatments these women get when they are 35-40 and for their infertility treatments because that is also a side effect of birth control. You should educate yourself more by reading The Breast Cancer Prevention Guide (written by a woman doctor) .

    “In order to understand and control your risk factors for breast cancer, you must first understand how risk is expressed in numbers, how exposure to estrogen relates to most known risk factors, and how the maturity of breast lobules from Type 1 & 2 to Type 3 & 4 lobules decreases the risk of breast cancer. This booklet will also inform you about risk reduction strategies.”

    Here is another article about teens and birth control pills and cancer

  34. Basic health care does include not include birth control. Why should a lifetime of religious practice be subverted for a couple of someone’s bad luck and hormones? No reason whatsoever. Are you an Atheist or just a little ignorant?

  35. You please stop assuming all women are as gullible as you. The only thing bc pills PREVENT is pregnancy. The hormones do help with a couple medical conditions. Big whoop. They’re free at every County Nurse, District Health or planned Parenthood office. This drivel she spouted for Nancy Pelosi , is all about her own little sexual gender discrimination agenda. If you’re bright enough to get in to Georgetown, hunt up some cheaper alternatives. Because if it costs you 3K to screw your way through are a slut, regardless of who said it. The separation of church and state happened to prevent exactly this. Government bullying and oppression of religious belief and doctrines. You can choose whatever lack of moral stance you want, but keep your dumb rear out of my church until you learn something…manners…morals,,,where they keep the free hormone pills…

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  37. She’s on a scholarship.

    She pays for her insurance which, at present, does not cover contraception which is not used solely to prevent pregnancy.

    Try to keep up.

  38. Do you know what pain is when a woman is talking about cramps? Imagine being kicked in your groin a few times a day, and you may have an inkling of what it feels like. I take birth control to help ameliorate my cramps, and luckily it is covered by my health insurance.

    I’m not really sure what all the talk about “us” or “society” paying for it refers to. The insured pays for it through her premium. And it saves the group plan much more money to cover preventive medicine and cheap pain management than covering costly surgeries further down the road.

  39. Joe,

    Don’t disrespect people with learning disabilities by comparing them to this low-life.

  40. Snap! You can’t argue logically with these people.

  41. Again, this is simple….go to another university.

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  44. The plan already covered truly medical conditions. The medical cases she spoke of were problematic not because of policy, but because they were supposedly not handled in a timely manner because their legitimacy was questioned.

  45. Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition. Fertility is not.

  46. Kmich you’re almost right. There are not any tax dollars involved in the University’s Medical Insurance and for the students there isn’t any University dollars in the coverage, the students pay for the Medical Insurance under the umbrella group policy selected by the school.

  47. So, what Fluke should have said was “I see the faces of the women affected by this lack of medical coverage for the prevention of endometriosis and ovarian cancer, acne, steadying hormones, or for PCOS relief.” Than this whole argument would be a non issue.

    With this being said, maybe the drug companies need to start marketing a pill for the prevention of endometriosis and ovarian cancer, acne, steadying hormones, or for PCOS relief, than there should not be any reason for insurance companies to deny coverage. Hey we can even call it Viagro.

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  50. I am shocked at the these insane comments, actually read the testimony especially Orlando. You may feel that birth control pills are just for casual sex but they are not actually used in a large variety of medical conditions and are truely needed but the insurance company dictates whether they will pay or not and more often than not they refuse. Yes the cost is actually between 15-50 per month which adds up to $180-600 per year but this can be hard for individuals living on minimum wage. I am sure no one would argue this hard about coverage of prosate enlargement medication or Viagra ( and please don’t tell me that only married men use Viagra). Now everyone looks at Viagra as a sexual medication but do you know that it has been dicovered that this medication can be used by women for certian heart issues and let me tell you only a quick call to the insurance company and no arguments here we’ll cover it for this 56 year old woman. Why is it that there are double standards. I much rather insurance pay for birth control pills rather than the resulting pregnancy’s and abortions. This should be available to women who need it. And by the way get your facts straight Law School and most graduate programs students do work for the schools, assist as teachers assistants, usually have students loans that they will be paying off for the next 25-30 years and don’t live off of us except if they happen to qualify for a Pell grant of a whopping 5,000, oh wait that is only available for an under grad degree!

  51. So, men’s erectile dysfunction drugs shouldn’t be covered by insurance or religious affiliated institutions?

  52. Ms. Fluke is 30 years old. Georgetown covers contraception for medicinal reasons. What she is complaining about:

    Embarrassment over not being prepared at a pharmacy counter , by not being knowledgeable about her policy

    Not being informed of the options to ” accessibility ” other than their current insurance plan’s coverage

    Doctor’s verification of possible health issues

    Okay, the rape situation…I have to suspend any doubt that she was worried about her insurance coverage. That is NOT the first second or third thing that crosses the mind of a rape victim! Planned Parenthood would have covered this situation, I find this despicable and outrageous!

    Look being a woman comes with different costs, yes it is “unfair”. We have to pay for feminine hygiene products,men don’t, and it can get costly. It is called personal responsibility. Whether it is for our health, transportation, food, shelter, etc. etc. These are our personal responsibilities. It is called prioritizing! Just because it isn’t “fair” or is costly, we have a choice.

    The main issue here is not “Women’s Health” not ” A War on Women ” . It is far GREATER than
    that. It is the Federal Government mandating an individual or company provide a good or service. Whether it is gratis or at a fee, is not the issue. It is the power ceded and the liberty stolen by accepting the premise that the executive branch has this non-enumerated power! This socio-emotionally immature woman has it fundamentally wrong. Women are not being victimized nor are they being oppressed. We are not a “special interest” group. The Democratic Party is using this platform to get women emotional about this and to vote for them. It is such an INSULT to the intelligence of myself and those who can see through this rhetoric! This Party sees women as a voting block and not as individuals! It is playing on emotions and yes gals, hormones! Open your eyes and see this for what it is, an attack of everyone’s liberty, not just a voting block. I am an individual, I am self-reliant, I have choices. I do not choose to allow this destructive polarizing distraction keep me from seeing the real issues of the day!

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  55. C’mon people. Insurance covers viagra. Medication that helps dudes get boners to *gasp* have sex. Now try to give me any reasonable excuse why women shouldn’t have medication covered by insurance that helps prevent them from getting pregnant from *gasp* having sex with all those loaded guns out there?

    Also, contraception serves many health benefits for women that you refuse to acknowledge because you somehow believe women’s health shouldn’t be paid for through insurance, and somehow boner medication should. Grow up!

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  61. Her testimony had little to do with sex, as rape is a violent crime, but it has everything to do with access to treatment for real female medical conditions that can be life threatening or altering. Please, actually, read her statement. A woman should not have to choose between the quality of health coverage and the quality of their education. No man is forced to make these types of choices, women are allowed equal rights in this century.

  62. Students in law school are not typically covered under their parents’ insurance. They’re too old. Instead they do the responsible thing and purchase the health insurance policy offered by their university. This student did just that. The complaint is that she and students like her are paying like everyone else for health insurance, but the university’s religious scruples are limiting her access to basic health care.

    I can tell you that, as a woman, I had to go on the Pill at 15 years old because I had cysts on my ovaries and would also bleed so heavily the doctor was worried I would deplete my body’s store of iron. I wasn’t sexually active for several years. Contraception was a medication for me. Had my parents’ employer limited access to contraception, as Georgetown does, I would have been denied access to basic health coverage that kept me in school and kept me healthy.

    The argument here is simple: a woman’s need for basic healthcare outweighs the Church’s need to express its religious beliefs. The proposed law goes even further and doesn’t require the Church to compromise its principles. It’s a win for women and a win for the Church. I don’t know why so many people are fussing about a practical solution to a very dire problem.

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  64. PS: None of our tax dollars go to fund private university’s medical insurance… so I don’t get where these guys think they are paying for Georgetown women’s prescriptions???

    Where do they get this???

  65. Wow you sure showed Joe! Cloy, what’s the deal sticking up for your boyfriend,Chris??? Or maybe Chris isn’t much of a man so he needs his strong Cloy to come and rescue him??? However you put it, I think it’s cute and I do not judge the two of you.

    Live and let live.

  66. Cloy – “contraception” is a word just as the “pill” is a word. Used to describe an hormonal medication. This isn’t strictly about controlling unwanted births. This is about an hormonal treatment that happens to be called contraception (which by the way is a general term whereas the Pill is more of a slang, but they are not the medication.

    Do you see the difference???

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  70. Actually, that’s 5% to 10%, not 10 to 20%(1 in 10 is 10%, 1 in 20 is 5%, not 20%)

    Some of these have the ability to be treated or managed through things OTHER than birth control pills.

    Birth control IS accessible, it IS reasonably affordable, and you CAN get it. You just want to make someone else pay for it.

  71. Hey Joe

    Do you really know the meaning of “illiterate”? Or do you get off on ranting on people?

  72. Eli – Isn’t the topic at hand contraception? Just to “tighten YOUR screws” or perhaps aid in your temporary “daftness”, I am sharing this definition with you-

    Contraception – the intentional prevention of conception by artificial or natural means. Artificial methods in common use include preventing the sperm from reaching the ovum (using condoms, diaphragms, etc.), inhibiting ovulation (using oral contraceptive pills), preventing implantation (using intrauterine devices), killing the sperm (using spermicides), and preventing the sperm from entering the seminal fluid (by vasectomy). Natural methods include the rhythm method and coitus interruptus.

    Also, here are her words to remind you of what she was talking about.

    “When I look around my campus, I see the faces of the women affected by this lack of contraceptive coverage.
    And especially in the last week, I have heard more and more of their stories. On a daily basis, I hear yet from another woman from Georgetown or from another school or who works for a religiously-affiliated employer, and they tell me that they have suffered financially and emotionally and medically because of this lack of coverage.”

    Please be factual.

  73. If it’s impossible to pay for now then it will become impossible to pay for ANY health care later. YOU STILL PAY FOR EVERYTHING! The only difference is that you will pay it in your premiums instead of over the counter. If you make employers pay the premiums then wages will drop in response and YOU STILL PAY FOR EVERYTHING and you will still be unable to afford it while your a student.

  74. Maybe Limbaugh is, personally a piece of garbage; maybe some of the commenters didn’t have the cash to pay for the college of their choice. Read what Limbaugh actually said, interpret it according to its context, and you’ll get the point.

    The fact is, people like Dan and Elaine won’t do that. Because Limbaugh is Not On Their Side. Any lies, any smear against the Other is fair game. Dan and Elaine are working to create a better world. A better world run by people who are totally not as filled with resentment and hatred for common decent Americans as are they. Trust them!

    And Elaine: your snobbery (“Sorry you couldn’t afford higher education”) has been noted.

  75. I am glad you agree to pay for her contraception. Just send a check to Sandra Fluke, Georgetown Law School. Let us know when you send it……………………… I just sent my check, with flowers and chocolate strawberries……mmmm…………lol

  76. No matter the eloquence of Ms. Fluke and others supporting her, this entire matter is a carefully contrived effort by the very liberal Left in America. This is the epitome of Obama’s grand desire to “change” America from something which it once proudly was, to an America for which there will be very little pride indeed. Ms. Fluke is surely no more an innocent student, than is she a willing dupe, allowing herself to be used as a napkin would be used. Minority Leader Pelosi professes to be a Catholic, and a good one at that, but reserves her right to choose which teachings of the Faith are important to her, and those which she shall endure during her manifold trips to the Confessionals of the Church.

    If the medications in question are taken, as alleged, to treat existing illnesses, or for the purpose of warding off other related maladies, there is a simple solution for that: pharmaceutical companies are able to combine the ingredients found in “birth control pills” in another form specific to the needs of those so affected. Cklearly, these new medications would not be advertised as birth control medications. Existing birth control formulae would still be available to those willing to pay for the medications in that form. In other words, no harm, no foul.

    Then, allow the merits of each measure to be discussed as individual items of insurance coverage. The Left, however, will not allow such remedial efforts to go unchallenged, for they have other things in mind, notably winning elections, and seizing even more raw power than already possessed. It really is that simple. I pity you, Ms. Fluke, and pray for you as well.

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  79. 99% of women using contraceptives use them for birth control not for medical usages.

  80. You want to play, You got to pay. Our goverment does not make money they take the money of hard working Americans. Of whom the majority live hand to mouth and don’t qualify for goverment aid because they make to much. Whiskey, fox trot, tango! The madness must stop, the well is running dry!

  81. No, M Schomisch, Orlando Al did not “win this debate”, except maybe in the sense that Limbaugh “wins” his debates by pumping morinic lies out to people too stupid to realize what a piece of garbage he is.

  82. No, she did not “mention the $3000 she needs for contracepton”. What she said, precisely, is:

    “Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. For a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships, that’s practically an entire summer’s salary. 40% of the female students at Georgetown Law reported to us that they struggle financially as a result of this policy.”

    Birth control pills are a prescription medication. Some birth control pills are cheap, some not so much. They can, indeed, cost $90 a month, it depends what the doctor prescribes, and why. You can just make up crap to argue against that, in the Limbaugh fashion, or you can read what she said. Your choice.

    Then there’s the irony of the piggish Limbaugh talking about paying for sex. Rancid Rush seems to know a thing or two about paying for sex, giving the story of his Viagra-fueled sex tourism outing to the Dominican Republic.

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  85. Thanks to Chris, Orlando AI, Maria, Jill, Bob, Tony & Sillium! Your comments were all dead on. For those who replied negatively to their comments, thank you as well. This is simply some of the funniest stuff I have read in a long time. My sides are aching. Look no further than Greece and, for the most part, the rest of Europe to see where the U.S. is headed. This entitlement attitude that is perpetuated by the left is an insult to mankind. People in this country are, little by little, giving up their freedom as they seek others to pay for their needs. I am quite sure they don’t see it that way as we have a complicit mainstream media perpetuating this garbage and we live in a sound-bite society.
    Regardless, this banter is priceless and funny. By the way nobody in the media will take the time to put Rush’s comments into context. The soundbites are too alluring to them. But just remember Rush exposes absurdity by being absurd. Sandra Fluke is just an embodiment of the entitlement mindset that is slowly hollowing out the core of this country bit by bit. And for those who may accuse me of not being college educated, soundbite is spelled this way as a noun and “sound-bite” as an adjective. Cheers!

  86. Yeah, the pill is 5x more expensive than a condom at Wal-Mart.

    Condom = $1.00 each
    Pill @ Wal-Mart = $5.00 Month.

    Now correct me if I’m wrong but Law School is normally 3 years or 36 months.
    36 x 5 is $180.00.

    So what is she spending the other $2820.00 on?

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  88. Don’t be so ignorant. It isn’t a matter of making health decisions for women or men. It is a matter of expecting them to make their own decision based upon their ability to carry their own weight, pay their own way.
    Your life is your responsibility. My wife has had health problems like these as well as my daughters. Life is not easy but our life is not societies responsibility.
    If some of you people would simply read, she isn’t just talking about health problems. That is an example she gives that gives the “pain” argument. She isn’t the first person to miss out on something, have hard times, etc.
    Finally, go to another school. Why would a female who is a “woman’s reproductive activist” go to a Jesuit school in the first place. Go somewhere that fits you. No one is forcing you to go there, yet. Will that be the next Obama mandate?

  89. Thats pretty typical. You can’t argue with ideas or facts so you decide to proofread for spelling and grammar. I’m fairly certain that Orlando Al won this debate. If only more people had common sense and guts to use it.

  90. When 1 in 6 American families cannot afford to put sufficient food on their tables, why is it so amazing that there are young couples who cannot afford to pay as much $100 a month for birth control pills? As for her tuition, I have four words: student loans and scholarships. And thus far, I’ve not seen any student loans that include money for medical care. That’s what insurance is for — unless the organization that manages your plan (that you are paying for) thinks it has a right to micromanage your medical decisions.

  91. 10 – 20% of American women have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. (See the factsheet at 1 in 10 or even 20 is not a “small” percentage of anything. Dysmenorrhea, debilitating painful periods, is the leading reason for short-term school and work absences in adolescents, which would include many of the students at Catholic universities that begrudge them the medication which would help. Menorrhagia, heavy period bleeding, also affects as many as 10% of us of reproductive age, also leads to absenteeism (for obvious reasons) as well and can be health threatening, as it can lead to anemia, weakness, dizziness and consequent loss of consciousness and falls. Endometriosis affects more than 5 million women and can kill. This doesn’t even count those who deal with irregular menstrual cycles, hormonally-related migraine headaches, and those with chronic ailments, especially autoimmune disorders, that are exacerbated by hormonal fluctuations.

    This is not about a small percentage of women with cysts and cramps. The world of gynecological disorder and dysfunction is broad, and birth control pills are a first line treatment for many of the problems we face. And no, someone else’s moral objection should not limit our ability to access medication that we need in order to live our lives without pain and complication just because that medication is hormonal and not analgesic or narcotic.

  92. Sorry you couldn’t afford higher education so that when you try to express your opinion, you would be able to spell! Stop worrying about birth control pills, which by the way are hormones used primarily to regulate a woman’s cycle and keep her from developing life threatening problems, and go back to school.

  93. You are an idiot! Is your real name Rush Limbaugh?

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  95. ““Just last week, a married female student told me that she had to stop using contraception because she and her husband just couldn’t fit it into their budget anymore.”

    This has to be the funniest thing I have ever heard. How the heck do intelligent people come to these conclusions. There is so much madness in this one sentence.

    She is a married student with no money for contraceptives…………
    She is paying $45.000 a year in tution….but no money for contraceptives…………
    Her husband can’t pay for them………….lol
    They apparently stopped using contraceptives, because she didn’t say they stopped haveing sex because they couldn’t afford it….lol

    These are two complete deadbeats, one of which will be a lawyer………….lol
    How can two intelligent people get married and not understand they can’t afford to have sex……lol

  96. When I see a woman on a street corner with a sign that says: “Need money for contraceptives, willing to work.”, I will reconsider my position on this matter.

  97. Are you freakin dumb? She did mention ovarian cycts etc. and she said that birth control pills were in her student plan to deal with those kinds of health problems as do most plans, because the pills are used to fight desease not prevent pregnancy. kGet it. It is paid for.

    But lets play along with you. Are you saying that a women should have sex with birth control pills alone, and not have the protection from real desease with condoms? Ok, then how much is it going to cost me for this broad to get laid. When are you utopian jerks going to grow up and take some responsibility for your own lives? When are you going to pay your own way? This broad along with the said faces she sees on campus are paying $70,000 to go to law school. Get a freakin job and pay for your own sexuall needs. When are women going to grow up and be free enough to stop taking money from men for sex, especially those women who are not even having sex with the men they are taking the money from. Condoms and birth control are readily available at any supermarket. Get a freakin cart and go shopping and open YOUR walet, before you spread YOUR legs. Why don’t we see a bumper sticker from the feminazis that says; “I take personal responsibility for my body”?

    By the way, the committee meeting had nothing to do with contraceptives, pills, condoms etc. Here testimony showed she is an idiot as a law student. The committee was meeting to determine if the president had the authority to require a company to provide a product to the public, and provide it for free.

    But your to dumb to know that. And, if the President does have that authority he has the right to tell any person what they must do, and what labor they must provide free. Good luck with thinking about this. I know it will be hard for you. Is free contraception Tyranny or Liberty?

    Lastly, wasn’t the purpose of the health care bill to reduce cost. You may get free contraception now, but wait…….”sorry no hip replacements this year, there are a lot of sexually active women in law school this year”.

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  99. Right, so it’s ok for them to discriminate against women by making medical decisions for them?


  100. Wow.

    I did not believe such ignorance was possible from a human being.

    How old are you? Do you have a learning disability? I’m sorry if you do.

    You really don’t get it do you. Perhaps you’re illiterate (it means you can’t read) and you had trouble reading the text?

  101. As a medical professional, we are required to provide the best, impartial care no matter what our personal beliefs are. As an EMT, I see people all the time who can’t afford to go to a doctor or get the meds they need, for conditions unrelated to pregnancy. Ovarian cysts are serious. As is endometriosis. The public (thats you all) pay for each call in part. It should not be up to the university or hospitals of religious institutions to deny contraceptives if there is an indication for their need – it is simply a violation of the hippocratic oath.

    As a college student and working hard to fund my education, I understand that most students and working women cannot afford these meds because they work just to cover the basic necessities. Again, as an EMT, I see this all the time. All of you who are talking about the costs of college – these students are going to georgetown because they are among the best. and worked hard to get in. They are clearly smarter than you, or at least more eloquent.

    As a man, it is not my place to tell a woman what is best for her body. Nor is it yours. Contraceptives are medications, not just a way to avoid pregnancy. If you needed an ED medication, or a medication to help with prostate health, should that not be covered because we just have to assume that you are looking to have sex? They are covered by insurance, thus should contraceptives. As a brother of a sister who needs birth control to treat a hormone condition, to not have that covered would be a greater burden on my hard working family.

    And for those who still don’t get it – its not about condoms, its not about preventing pregnancy, its about the health of a human being, who without contraceptives may lose the ability to bear children of her own. If anything, Georgetown should cover it so that these women may carry out one of God’s most important commandments for humans when they are able to care for their children.

  102. It is only a small percentage of women that get cysts requiring surgery or women who have debilitating cramps. Legislating the masses because of the few is why this country is so screwed up. Well, mot the only reason, but a very big one. That is what exceptions ate for. But if the school/institution doesn’t want to allow exceptions, that should be their right. On s free marketplace, the students can take their business elsewhere, to another school.

    A law degree isn’t a right, neither is a prestigious law degree. They aren’t being forced to attend. If their health was SD o important to them, then they should leave, rather than imposing their views on others.

  103. For hell’s sake, why do you people not understand what this is about? Are you daft? Have a screw loose? Birth control pills are NOT just for sexually active women — they have other purposes apart from preventing pregnancy. When Sandra says it costs her $3,000 for contraception, she’s talking about BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. NOT CONDOMS. This is the issue we’re having! Silly people like you don’t understand that birth control pills are primarily used for hormonal control, and that’s the reason for the fits! It’s not always pregnancy, and as a woman, you should know this. Maybe you used it to not get pregnant, but personally, I used to prevent horrible hormone-induced acne rashes; the women Sandra mentioned had ovarian cysts, which is a far worse condition. And it’s effing EXPENSIVE. Why should employers and schools not have to provide insurance for a MEDICATION simply because of their religious beliefs?

  104. Um, are you dumb? When she says, “contraception” she’s not talking about condoms. She means birth control pills, which is MUCH more expensive that condoms. And no, they are not just for preventing pregnancy. Why don’t people get this? Birth control pills prevent ovarian cysts, hormonal abnormalities, painful cramps, month-long periods… The list goes on. Please, stop assuming contraception is limited to condoms. Condoms aren’t even covered by insurance, but the pill is.

  105. Did any of the commenters read the transcript of what she said before commenting?
    1) Her plea is not for her own sexual needs, but rather for women in general. So why do people think she is a slut and why do they give her advice on how to prevent pregnancy?
    2) MANY women need to take oral contraception for non-pregnancy-related medical reasons. Condoms have nothing to do with that. Read the transcript. One case study was a lesbian…obviously not at risk of getting pregnant.

    If generic birth control pills are available for $9/month some places, then that’s not a big financial burden (it is not too different from the typical prescription insurance coverage, which usually amounts to $5-$7/month.) So really we’re talking about coverage for the women who can’t take the generic pills for whatever reason. These are the women who have medical problems that require hormonal treatment of a specific nature. Why do people here think it is more cost-effective to deny these women coverage than to pay for their ovarian surgeries later? And in the less dramatic cases such as people who are debilitated for a few days each month with excruciating cramps, why deny these women pain relief? Don’t say “take a midol” because speaking from experience, no over-the-counter pain relief is as effective as is taking the birth control pill. Isn’t it worse for the economy for these women to have to take a sick day once a month because they can’t work with the cramps? (Bad ones are like being in labor; again, speaking from experience.)

    We all pay our share to provide insurance for other illnesses, even to treat ones we could never possibly get ourselves. So why can’t people contribute in this case? Also, don’t get me started on insurance coverage for Viagra….

  106. So, “a lot” of students are on PILS. They are already living off the public dole, now they want more. They want us to pay for their ability to have sex. They are just like the greedy lifetime welfare mooches.

    Where are their parents? “Mom, I can’t afford birth control, so I can’t get laid. Can you spot me a few.”

    And why aren’t the young ones on their parents insurance plans?

    My kids would get a foot up their rear ends if they acted like this.

    Take responsibility for your own life.

    And no, you shouldn’t have to choose between your education and your health. Only someone stupid would put their health second in line to their education.

  107. She did mention the $3,000 she needs for contraception during her attendance at Law School. Lets see how this works. Georgetown Law Tuition – $45,000. Room and Board – $25,000. Condoms – $1,000.
    Georgetown Law total cost for Tuition, Room and Board and unlimited getting Laid – $71,000. Sounds like a good deal.

    But, she wants me to pay for it. She takes the train ride and I get it up the caboose!

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  109. Maria, if you really were a woman you’d have a better idea of how birth-control pills work. You have to take them on a regular schedule, whether you’re having sex on a particular day or not. You don’t take a new pill every time you have sex. I don’t know what the $3,000 is all about, but it sure as hell doesn’t mean that person is having more sex than someone who pays $400.

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  111. Wow! This is embarrasing I hope I raised my daughters well so the will never beg for birth control! I no longer use birth control in my late 40’s had my tubes done, but when I did I was married , the pills were not really expensive, if no money was around we used condoms, has she heard about them? They are cheap she can get a huge box at costco, and she can also prevent STDs, thats what I used before getting married and by the way during school I was not having tons of sex as she seems needing 3,000 dlls for birth control on law school, I had exams If I did’nt have a steady partner sex was not in the picture. I know walmart sells generic birth control for 9 dlls if you have no insurance, so she can buy 3 years worth of pills and throw in some condoms and lube for less then 400 dlls during her law carreer, this if she is having sex every day, my God, what have we come to! I will not pay for her inresponsible activity, if she can pay or her parents for an elite law school could’nt she or her parents, or how ever her partners are pay for her pills and condoms. By the way her cost could be even lower some places distribute condoms and lube for free!

  112. Its a shame that people still have to suffer the consequences of thier own decisions 🙂

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  114. She could be with me and wouldn’t need a condom, that’s how we Liberals roll (our tongues)

  115. You’ll be pleased to know, Bob, that Limbaugh picked up your idiotic slut analysis. Or maybe you picked it up from him. Whatever, you can both be proud of yourselves.

    Fluke made no mention of her personal situation. And Georgetown isn’t an Ivy. But I give you credit for not quite reaching Tony’s level of offensiveness.

  116. Wow, based on a dollar a condom, this one bangs three times a day. Where were you when I was growing up, and if this is what you’re advocating, sounds like the women in Ivy league law schools are a bunch of sl*ts

  117. If it cost you so much take it up the rectal and oral and you would not have to worry about the cost,or just leave Georgetown and head to a liberal university of you’r choice.

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