Transcript: Wardak on counter-insurgency & administrative detention in Afghanistan

Transcript of Q&A with Afghanistan Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on April 12, 2012: 


“Thank you. Andrea Prasow, Human Rights Watch. To date Afghanistan has not seen the need to adopt an administrative detention regime to deal with the insurgency. Yet the MOU dated March 9th signed with the U.S. seems to contemplate such a regime. Is Afghanistan considering adopting a regime of detaining people without trial, pursuant to an administrative detention scheme or otherwise?”

Afghanistan Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak

“Afghanistan is a signatory to that 1949 and 1977 – second (addition ?) to the Protocol II and also, as of two years ago, I think, the – this process has become a part of the Afghan law. It has gone through to – through the both houses of the Parliament. It has been signed by the president. And it has been printed in the official gazette. So now it is a part of our law. And we are going to implement it.

“We have already developed a procedure. At the moment it’s a provincial – I mean, a temporary procedure, how to implement it. Together I think we developed those procedures with the international community. And we will – the – and this was the reason that we were able to sign that MOU, that we have accepted that protocol. And so it will be implemented, and whatever it’s – imply, it will be implemented and practiced in the future as we go with this issue of the detainees.”



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