Status of Chinese Uighur detainees cleared for transfer

Status of Chinese Uighur detainees cleared for release from Guantanamo Bay since 2009: 

*Updated on April 23, 2012

U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo M. Urbina ordered the release of 17 Uighur detainees after they were no longer considered “enemy combatants” by the U.S. government in 2008. Three of the petitioners in Kiyemba v. Bush are still being held in Guantanamo Bay three years after the federal court order. 

Detainees awaiting transfer:

Yusef Abbas

Saidullah Khalik

Hajiakbar Abdulghupur

Detainees transferred to El Salvador: 

Abdul Razak

 Ahmed Mohamed

Detainees transferred to Switzerland: 

Arkin Mahmoud

Bahtiyar Mahmut

Detainees transferred to Palau:

Dawut Abdurehim

Ahmad Tourson

Hassan Anwar

Nag Mohammed

Abdul Ghappar Abdul Rahman

Adel Noori

Detainees transferred to Bermuda:

Khaleel Mamut

Abdullah Abdulqadir

Salahidin Abdulahat

Huzaifa Parhat

SOURCES: Human Rights First & Department of Defense


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