Transcript: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer reacts to SCOTUS hearing on Arizona’s immigration law

Transcript of remarks by Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.) on the Supreme Court oral arguments on Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law, April 25, 2012: 

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (Republican). SOURCE:

“I am very, very encouraged from what we’re all able to view today and hear. I thought the hearing went very, very well. I feel very confident as I walked out of there that we will get a favorable ruling in late June.

“I’m very, very impressed with the fact that they gave us extra time – something we all know is very unusual – and that gave the significance of how important this ruling will be not only to the state of Arizona but certainly to the United States of America.

“I think that the questions and the responses as far as federal rights, Arizona’s sovereignty, that we do have a responsibility to do what we can. I feel that they gave and the comments were made that Arizona has a right. And I, as governor, I felt was somewhat unsure that I had a right to protect the citizens of Arizona.

“I believe that Senate Bill 1070 basically mirrors federal law. I think the question is that can law enforcement be part of that. And we all know that law enforcement interacts, on numerous occasions, with the federal government in regards to lots of different on lots of different laws. Those being drug laws, robbery of banks – those laws we interact. All we’re asking is that they work collectively with us to enforce the laws.

“We believe in the rule of law, which brings to mind, I might say, part of the questioning was why was the federal government not wanting to enforce the law. I thought that was very striking. Why don’t they want to enforce the federal law? Or do they want to just selectively pick a portion of the law that they want to enforce? So it’s very, very revealing today. I think we will succeed, and I’m looking forward to June.”


“One of the comments made by the government today was that they feared there would be mass incarceration [as a result of SB 1070]. If the federal government decided they don’t want to take them, would there be mass incarceration in Arizona? Is that the objective of SB 1070?”


“I would assume that there would be incarcerations if, in fact, they have broken the law, you know, on the first offense. I don’t think it’s massive. They’ve even discredit the fact that – some of the federal administration discredits the facts that there are that many illegals in Arizona.”


“But that leaves the question that if there aren’t [that many] illegal immigrants in Arizona, the bill you sign, has a policy of attrition, sounds like you can end up with 400,000 people being locked up in Arizona. What’s your comment to the possibility?”


“They’re breaking the law. There’s that possibility, I would assume.”


“Are you one of those who charge that the President Obama and the Democrats and Justice Department block this case in order not so much as to deal what they say is the problem of the Arizona law but in fact with an eye in the November election to shore up his appeal to Latino voters?”


“I am. I do believe that this is an election year and I believe it was staged at the time that they knew this was coming up and they’re playing to the Latino community. And they’re trying to use that ‘scare card’, if you will, to generate support for elections.”


“People say you signed the law as an election ploy…There were people who said you signed the bill to help your election.”


“I, well, I doubt that very seriously. I signed the bill after reading it and amending it as it went through the legislature to make sure that it absolutely did what we wanted it to do and that was to address the terrible situation that Arizona was facing, making sure all the while knowing that it would be a lightning rod in some arenas that the race card would be thrown out there.

“Racial profiling is wrong; it’s against the law. We amended it to make sure that that wouldn’t happen. And now exactly what we thought was going to happen has just been exacerbated throughout a lot of the media.

“So that was because we needed the protections for the citizens of Arizona and what Arizona was experiencing as far as the cost element in education and health care and incarceration.”


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