Transcript: Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez reacts to SCOTUS hearing on Arizona’s immigration law

Transcript of remarks by Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) on the Supreme Court oral arguments on Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law, April 25, 2012: 

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) SOURCE:

“We’re all going to remember today and whose side we’re on.

“It is clear that in America we should not have laws in which 50 states have 50 different ways of treating immigration policy, especially laws that can only be enforced by making judgments on whether you have dirt on your boots, the color of your skin, the accent of your voice, or your last name. That is no way to make law enforcement in the United States of America.

“It is illegal to use people’s color, to use people’s national origin, to look what people look like – we should judge people on the basis of their actions.

“And it is my hope that after the arguments made today that the Arizona 1070 law, which can only been seen as a law in which you implement by forcing people to show their papers because you suspect them – not because you know anything but because you suspect them.

“It’s wrong. We need comprehensive immigration reform in this country and not laws that treats the thousands and millions of Latinos as suspects in the very nation they give their lives for.”


“Sen. [Chuch] Schumer (D-N.Y.) had basically said if the Supreme Court doesn’t turn down this law, he would sponsor Congressional legislation…”


“I think it is absolutely clear that we must immediately look at legislative actions that we can take in order to ensure that the civil rights of the communities of Americans throughout this nation are protected. It’s my hope that the Supreme Court will do that after listening to these arguments. If not, it is always incumbent upon the legislative branch of government to take the course that they deem necessary to protect the citizens of this nation.”


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