House Republicans approve watered-down VAWA

House Republicans today pushed through a weakened version of the Violence Against Women Act despite pleas from Democratic lawmakers and women rights advocates to preserve protections for underserved populations.

The White House has indicated that President Barack Obama would veto the House version.

Passed by a 235-186 vote, the House version – H.R. 4970 – stripped away legal protections for Native American women, immigrants, and LGBT individuals who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

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Democratic lawmakers had urged their Republican colleagues to approve the Senate version to step up efforts to help abuse victims in underserved communities.

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“We should not let politics pick and choose which victims of abuse to help and which to ignore,” according to a letter sent to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) before today’s vote. “Each previous reauthorization substantially improved the way VAWA addressed the changing needs of domestic violence victims by addressing challenges facing older victims, victims with disabilities, and other underserved groups. The Senate’s bipartisan VAWA Reauthorization Act continues this tradition by placing greater emphasis on training for law enforcement and forensic response to sexual assault, and by strengthening protections for all victims regardless of where they live, or their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.”

The letter to Boehner was signed by all 12 women Democratic Senators and joined by Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Women’s rights groups, including the National Organization for Women, condemned the House vote.

“The bill fundamentally undermines VAWA’s 18-year history of victim-centered legislation by shielding perpetrators from accountability for their violent crimes, raising new hurdles to women escaping violent relationships, removing important college campus and housing improvements, rolling back provisions for culturally specific services currently in VAWA and turning its back on immigrant women and Native American and LGBT communities,” said NOW President Terry O’Neill.

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List of Republican lawmakers* who voted to deny protections for Native American, immigrants, and LGBT victims of domestic violence and sexual assault: 

(*All of the House members are up for re-election in November)

Adams, Sandy
Aderholt, Robert
Akin, Todd
Alexander, Rodney
Amash, Justin
Amodei, Mark
Austria, Steve
Bachmann, Michele
Bachus, Spencer
Barletta, Lou
Bartlett, Roscoe
Barton, Joe
Bass, Charles
Benishek, Dan
Berg, Rick
Biggert, Judy
Bilbray, Brian P.
Bilirakis, Gus M.
Bishop, Rob
Blackburn, Marsha
Bonner, Jo
Bono, Mary
Boustany Jr., Charles W.
Brady, Kevin
Brooks, Mo
Broun, Paul C.
Buchanan, Vern
Bucshon, Larry
Buerkle, Ann Marie
Burgess, Michael
Calvert, Ken
Camp, Dave
Campbell, John
Canseco, Francisco
Cantor, Eric
Capito, Shelley Moore
Carter, John
Chabot, Steve
Chaffetz, Jason
Coble, Howard
Coffman, Mike
Cole, Tom
Conaway, K. Michael
Cravaack, Chip
Crawford, Rick
Crenshaw, Ander
Culberson, John
Davis, Geoff
Denham, Jeff
Dent, Charles W.
DesJarlais, Scott
Diaz-Balart, Mario
Dold, Robert
Dreier, David
Duffy, Sean P.
Duncan, Jeff
Duncan Jr., John J.
Ellmers, Renee
Emerson, Jo Ann
Farenthold, Blake
Fincher, Stephen
Fitzpatrick, Michael G.
Flake, Jeff
Fleischmann, Chuck
Fleming, John
Flores, Bill
Forbes, J. Randy
Fortenberry, Jeff
Foxx, Virginia
Franks, Trent
Frelinghuysen, Rodney
Gallegly, Elton
Gardner, Cory
Garrett, Scott
Gibbs, Bob
Gibson, Chris
Gingrey, Phil
Gohmert, Louie
Goodlatte, Bob
Gosar, Paul A.
Gowdy, Trey
Granger, Kay
Graves, Sam
Graves, Tom
Griffin, Tim
Griffith, Morgan
Grimm, Michael
Guinta, Frank
Guthrie, S. Brett
Hall, Ralph M.
Hanna, Richard
Harper, Gregg
Harris, Andy
Hartzler, Vicky
Hastings, Doc
Hayworth, Nan
Heck, Joe
Hensarling, Jeb
Herger, Wally
Herrera Beutler, Jaime
Huelskamp, Tim
Huizenga, Bill
Hultgren, Randy
Hunter, Duncan D.
Hurt, Robert
Issa, Darrell
Jenkins, Lynn
Johnson, Timothy V.
Johnson, Bill
Johnson, Sam
Jones, Walter B.
Jordan, Jim
Kelly, Mike
King, Pete
Kingston, Jack
Kinzinger, Adam
Kline, John
Lamborn, Doug
Lance, Leonard
Landry, Jeffrey
Lankford, James
Latham, Tom
LaTourette, Steven C.
Latta, Robert E.
Lewis, Jerry
LoBiondo, Frank
Long, Billy
Lucas, Frank
Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Lummis, Cynthia M.
Lungren, Daniel E.
Mack, Connie
Manzullo, Donald
Marchant, Kenny
Marino, Tom
McCarthy, Kevin
McCaul, Michael T.
McClintock, Tom
McCotter, Thaddeus
McHenry, Patrick T.
McKeon, Buck
McKinley, David
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy
Meehan, Pat
Mica, John
Miller, Jeff
Miller, Candice
Miller, Gary
Mulvaney, Mick
Murphy, Tim
Myrick, Sue
Neugebauer, Randy
Noem, Kristi
Nugent, Richard
Nunes, Devin
Nunnelee, Alan
Olson, Pete
Palazzo, Steven
Paul, Ron
Paulsen, Erik
Pearce, Steve
Pence, Mike
Petri, Thomas
Pitts, Joseph R.
Platts, Todd
Poe, Ted
Pompeo, Mike
Posey, Bill
Price, Tom
Quayle, Ben
Reed, Tom
Rehberg, Dennis
Reichert, David G.
Renacci, Jim
Ribble, Reid
Rigell, Scott
Rivera, David
Roby, Martha
Roe, Phil
Rogers (AL), Mike
Rogers (MI), Mike
Rogers, Harold
Rohrabacher, Dana
Rokita, Todd
Rooney, Tom
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana
Roskam, Peter J.
Ross, Dennis
Royce, Ed
Runyan, Jon
Ryan, Paul
Scalise, Steve
Schilling, Bobby
Schmidt, Jean
Schock, Aaron
Schweikert, David
Scott, Tim
Scott, Austin
Sensenbrenner, F. James
Sessions, Pete
Shimkus, John
Shuster, Bill
Shuster, Bill
Smith, Adrian
Smith, Chris
Smith, Lamar
Southerland, Steve
Stearns, Cliff
Stivers, Steve
Stutzman, Marlin
Sullivan, John
Terry, Lee
Thompson, Glenn W.
Thornberry, Mac
Tiberi, Pat
Tipton, Scott
Turner, Robert
Turner, Michael
Upton, Fred
Walberg, Tim
Walden, Greg
Walsh, Joe
Webster, Daniel
West, Allen
Westmoreland, Lynn A.
Whitfield, Ed
Wilson, Joe
Wittman, Robert J.
Wolf, Frank
Womack, Steve
Woodall, Robert
Yoder, Kevin
Young, C.W. Bill
Young, Todd