Transcript: Sen. Harry Reid’s statement on the Supreme Court health care ruling

Edited by Jenny Jiang

Transcript of remarks by Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act on June 28, 2012:

“I’m very pleased the Supreme Court today found the Affordable Care Act constitutional.

“”This law’s already changed the lives of millions of Americans in so many different ways for the better. And soon, virtually every man, woman and child in America will have access to health insurance they can afford and the vital care that they need.

“The Supreme Court has spoken. The matter is settled. With millions of Americans still struggling in this tough economy, we can’t look back. We need to look forward. We shouldn’t waste time re-fighting old, old battles. We should focus on creating jobs, improving the economy of the people around this country.

“Yet Republicans in Congress have made it clear that instead of focusing on jobs, they want to keep having this old, old, old political fight.

“Republicans in the House have announced even a day early next month they’re going to have a vote on what – repealing, as they say, Obamacare.

“It’s just a show vote – a show vote on votes and votes they’ve had so many different times to repeal the law.

“This is what my friend, the Republican leader, said just an hour or two ago: ‘The court’s ruling doesn’t mark the end of the debate. It marks a fresh start on the road to repeal.’

“That’s not what middle-class Americans want to hear.

“We should be working to improve the economy, not wasting time on partisan, strictly political issues.

“In the coming weeks, we’re going to take up legislation to cut taxes for employees, employers, and these we want to make sure these employers who decide to buy a new piece of equipment will be able to depreciate it this year. Now. We want to make sure that when they hire new people, they’ll be able to get the 10% tax credit for that. And we’re going to consider a bill to give incentives for corporations that start up facilities here at home, and we’re going to do everything we can legislatively to stop corporations from shipping jobs overseas.

“My Republican colleagues should think very hard about whether they want to continue letting the Tea Party debate their agenda.

“One of the Tea Party’s folks who’s, by the way, a member of the United States Senate said just because a small number of people said that’s constitutional doesn’t mean it is. Now, can you believe that? But that’s what he said.

“So it’s time to start listening to the middle-class – the middle-class who so badly needs our help.

“And Republicans should stop fighting yesterday’s battles and start working with us to put Americans back to work.”



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