Transcript: Remarks by Mitt Romney in Miami, Florida on Aug. 13, 2012

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Transcript of remarks by Mitt Romney in Miami, Florida on Aug. 13, 2012:

Mitt Romney addresses supporters in Miami, Florida on Aug. 13, 2012. SOURCE:

“Thank you. Thank you.

“This is the team. This is the family. This team, this family are going to help me win the White House this November.

“Better days are ahead but we’re going to have to have a better leader in the White House and I’ll be that person.

“You know, I know there are some people that are critical of America and think our best days are past. But I know something about the heart of the American people – don’t forget who just won the most medals at the Olympics – we did.

“Don’t forget who put a – just sent a vehicle all the way to Mars. Who put us there? We did.

“And I know that the Chinese are planning on getting to the moon. They’re actually working very hard to get a rocket to the moon. They’ll get there I’m sure. Congratulations. And when they do, they’ll find an American flag there that’s been there for 43 years.

“Now the people of America are going to have a choice about which course to go down. And I have someone here that I want you to understand a little about me. This happens to be my son, Craig Romney. He’s my youngest boy. My baby, if you will, and I’m going to have him say a couple of words in Spanish. I don’t know that everybody here understands Spanish, but he does, so I’m going to have Craig say hi to everybody.

[Craig Romney addresses crowd in Spanish]

“Thank you so much. You know, I said we have a dramatic choice to make about what kind of America we want. We’re either going to go down the path the President has led, which makes us more and more like Europe. Or we’re going to make America more and more like America.

“This President ran for office and when he ran for office he said he was going to do a bunch of things. He was going to get us more jobs. Unfortunately, he hasn’t done that – 23 million Americans out of work, or stopped looking for work, or under-employed.

“I will get the jobs Americans need. I know how to do it.

“He said he’d help people be able to hang on to their homes. But you know what? We’ve seen a record number of home foreclosures. I will get this economy going so people will see home values going up again.

“The President said that under his progress we’d see more people start businesses and begin new enterprises. You know what? He’s been crushing small enterprises. We’re at a 30-year low in new business start-ups. If I’m President, I’m going to help small business get going and add jobs.

“The President said he would cut the deficit in half. I think it’s immoral for us to keep spending our kids’ future. If I’m President, I will actually cut spending and get America on track to a balanced budget.

“If you think jobs are plentiful, if you think home values are good, if you think your health care needs to be taken over by the government, why you know the person to vote for and that’s Barack Obama.

“But if you want someone who will get good jobs and rising wages again and rising home values and finally get America on track to have a fiscal sanity, then I’m the person that should be the next President of the United States.

“Now, the other day the President said something which I didn’t believe he said it. I couldn’t believe it. He said that if you have a business, you didn’t build it – someone else did that for you.

“And I thought well that can’t possibly be what he meant. And he said look at the context, and so I looked at the context of what he said. And the context was worse than the quote. Because he said you know what if you’re successful you may think it’s because you’re smart. But he said a lot of people are smart. And you might think it’s because you’ve worked hard but a lot of people work hard.

“I couldn’t figure out where he was going with that. Because in my view, this has been a nation in which there’s always reverence and celebrated people who’ve been successful and begun businesses and achieved things in their lives. We’re a nation of individuals with dreams who come here and build enterprises, build better lives for themselves and their children and their families. That’s the nature of America.

“You know when a person goes to work everyday and says, ‘You know what? I think I’m going to community college and see if I can get some more skills and get a promotion at work.’ When they get their promotion, we congratulate them. We say, ‘Way to go! You made that happen.’

“When a kid goes to school down here in middle school decides to work her heart out to get the honor roll, works very hard and studies – I know they took the bus to get to school. But if they get the honor roll, I give the credit not the bus driver – to the kid.

“And so if you begin a business like this one – you begin a business like this one and bring people from all over South Florida to taste these fine products right here, I’ll tell you what – I give the credit to the people who work here not to the government who open the street for them.

“Senator Rubio was absolutely right. From the very beginning of this country the idea was that the rights that we have as citizens here are not given to us by our government but instead are given to us by our Creator. It is God who gave us our rights. And among those rights are life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We’re free in this nation to pursue happiness as we choose.

“And the circumstances of birth does not limit our potential. Look at Marco Rubio. What an extraordinary leader and example of that kind of promise of America. That’s the American dream – we want to restore that American dream.

“I heard him speak at another audience somewhere. He said something I won’t forget. He said when he came here and lived very modestly in a community right here, they saw some of the big fancy homes. He said, ‘You know, I never heard my parents say I wonder why those people won’t give us some of what they have.’ Instead the parents said, ‘Aren’t we lucky to live in a land where if we work hard and take some risks, we might be able to achieve that for ourselves.’

“That is the nature of America. That’s what makes America the way we are. People have come here for hundreds of years seeking opportunity, freedom to be able to pursue their dreams, and when they’re successful, when they achieve their dreams, they don’t make us poorer, they make us better off. I will not apologize for success at home, and I’ll never apologize for America overseas.

“If I become the next President and Paul Ryan becomes the next Vice President, we will do everything in our power to make America strong with strong homes and strong values. We’ll cling to the principles of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. We’re going to work to improve our economy.

“I have 5 things I’d do – 5 things I’m going to do to get our economy growing and thriving again.

“Number one, we’re going to take advantage of our energy resources in here – our coal, our gas, our oil, nuclear, renewables.

“Number two, we’re going to make sure every person has the skills they need to succeed. That means our schools can no longer be on the bottom. Our schools must be the best. We have to put the kids first in our education world.

“Number three, I want more trade. It’s good for us to trade with other nations. That creates more jobs here. There’s a huge market right next door where we could do more trade – it’s known as Latin America. I’m going to increase our trade with Latin America and crack down on nations like China when they cheat.

“Number four, we’re going to finally get Americans to shrink the size of federal spending and balance the budget.

“And number five, I’m going to champion small business. We’re going to help small businesses grow and hire more people. So that’s what we’re going to do.

“We’re going to make sure this nation stays strong – not by virtue of a government that tries to tell us how to live our lives. Because I believe in the American people. I believe in you. I believe in your capacity to build a better life for yourself, for your family, for the coming generations.

“I don’t believe government can do what you can do. I believe in the people of America. You can achieve your dreams and as you do so you’ll make America stronger. I’m going to fight to keep America strong – our homes, our values, our economy, and our military. It’ll be second to none in the world.

“I love this country. I love America. We’re going to keep America strong and the hope of the Earth.

“Thank you so very much!”



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