Transcript: Republican National Convention platform statement on defense & foreign policy

Edited by Jenny Jiang

Click here to download the 2012 Republican National Convention Platform “We Believe in America” (PDF)

Transcript of Republican National Convention platform statement by former Sen. Jim Talent (R-Mo), Co-Chair of the American Century Subcommittee on Defense and Foreign Policy, on Aug. 20, 2012:

“…The policy of the United States is peace through strength. The purpose of our foreign policy is to protect the security and freedom of the American people, and we should do that, in our opinion, through cooperative security with our allies by maintaining robust capabilities and by deterring aggression before it breaks out into open conflict whenever possible.

“Our report is respectfully phrased because we are dealing in the area of foreign policy, but we showed the strong contrast with the administration, which has engaged Iran instead of deterring it which has allowed the leaks of classified information that the subcommittee report called, frankly, ‘contemptible’.

“An administration that has supported sequestration, which the Secretary of Defense – their own Secretary of Defense called ‘devastating’.

“And an administration that cut missile defense at a time when Iran is approaching nuclear capability and North Korea is improving its missile technology.

“There are other areas as well but that’s some of the high points.

“In addition, the subcommittee report contains strong language on restoring America’s military strengths and thereby preventing a replay of the hollow forces years in the late 1970s.

“Strong language on standing up for the values of this country around the world, including a very strong section against human trafficking.

“Strong language on establishing better ties with the Americas and a strong and safe western hemisphere.

“Language on support for Taiwan, for restoring the special relationship with Britain, and language advocating a firm response to the rise of Chinese power and Russian provocations.

“The report also contains language unequivocally the state of Israel and America’s relationship with Israel.

“And also – and I hope when we get to this section, the delegate from Alaska will weigh in because he was largely responsible. There was historically strong section on support for our veterans and their families.”


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