5 key facts about sequestration

Fact #1 Sequestration refers to the automatic across-the-board cuts to federal discretionary spending mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011. If enacted, sequestration will impose $1 trillion in cuts, which will be split 50/50 between defense and non-defense discretionary spending programs.

By law, sequestration will not allow the executive branch to choose “which programs to exempt or what percentage cuts to apply” with the exception of military personnel accounts, according to the Office of Management and Budget. The OMB has described sequestration as a “blunt and indiscriminate instrument” to cut federal spending and reduce the deficit.

Sequestration will be triggered if Congress fails to come up with $1.2 trillion in spending cuts by Dec. 31, 2012. [UPDATED Jan. 3, 2013 – The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 delayed the sequestration deadline until March 1, 2013.]

The bipartisan Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction – known colloquially as the “Super Committee” – was formed last year to expedite the negotiation of a deficit reduction plan; however, the Super Committee was unable to compromise and present a package for Congress to vote on.

Fact #2 More than 174 House Republicans and 27 Senate Republicans voted in favor of sequestration in August 2011. However, many GOP lawmakers – including Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan who voted for sequestration – are now trying to undo the potential sequester cuts to defense discretionary spending.

Circumventing sequestration without passing a $1.2 trillion deficit reduction package would be “disastrous,” warned Erskine Bowles, Co-Chair of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.

“I think people would look at this country and say, ‘You guys can’t govern,’” said Bowles. “I think people would look at it and say, ‘You know what? They’re really not going to stand up to their long-term fiscal problems. This is not going to be a powerful country in the future.’ And they would think we were well on our way of becoming a second-rate power.”

The sequester cuts were included in the Budget Control Act as part of a bipartisan compromise to raise the debt ceiling, which was needed to prevent the U.S. government from defaulting on its debt obligations.

Although increasing the debt limit has traditionally been a non-controversial procedure in Congress, Republican lawmakers held the vote hostage last summer to exact $2.2 trillion in spending cuts – roughly the same amount as the debt limit increase.

The first round of $1 trillion discretionary spending cuts went into effect in 2011. Sequestration will automatically enforce a second round of steep cuts to discretionary spending, which makes up just 37% of total federal spending in 2011, should Congress fail to pass a $1.2 trillion deficit reduction package by Dec. 31, 2012.

Fact #3 The sequester cuts were designed to be painful for both Republicans and Democrats to compel both sides to compromise on a $1.2 trillion deficit reduction package.

“The specter of harmful across-the-board cuts to defense and non-defense programs was intended to drive both sides to compromise. The sequestration itself was never intended to be implemented,” according to Office of Management and Budget. “The Administration strongly believes that sequestration is bad policy, and that Congress can and should take action to avoid it by passing a comprehensive and balanced deficit reduction package.”

Fact #4 Sequestration is not inevitable. Congress still has until Dec. 31, 2012 to pass a $1.2 trillion deficit reduction package to prevent sequester cuts from taking effect in 2013. The task will likely fall on the lame duck Congress since bipartisan compromise is highly improbable before the November election.

Fact #5 If allowed to proceed, sequestration will cut defense discretionary spending by 9.4%, non-defense discretionary programs by 8.2%, and Medicare funding by 2% over the next 10 years, according to the Office of Management and Budget.

Defense, which accounts for 52% of the total discretionary budget, will see a total of $492 billion in cuts, averaging about $54.67 billion per year.

Non-defense discretionary programs, which make up 47% of the total discretionary budget, will also be subjected to $492 billion in reductions of which roughly $100 billion will come from Medicare cuts. Yearly non-discretionary spending cuts will average about $43.6 billion plus another $11.1 billion in Medicare cuts. Non-defense discretionary spending funds highway and transportation infrastructure, veterans’ benefits, public safety, public health, education, federal student aid, job training, and food assistance for the poor.

“Sequestration would be deeply destructive to national security, domestic investments, and core government fun­ctions,” according to the OMB. “No amount of planning can mitigate the significant impact of the sequestration. The destructive across-the-board cuts required by the sequestration are not a substitute for a responsible deficit reduction plan.”


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  1. Materialist Analysis of the Economic Warfare of
    Extermination now Being Implemented by the USA-Led
    World Capitalist Dictatorship Against the
    International Working Class and Entire World which
    Can Only be Ended by First Abolishing Capitalism with a
    Socialist Revolution in its USA Center and then Worldwide!

    Don’t be Fooled by Obama, the Con Man, the Demagogue, the
    Smoothie Liar for Whom the Working Class Does Not Even Exist!

    There is More Money in the United States Today Than Ever Before in History!
    There is enough money in the United States Today for Every
    Single Person to live like a Millionaire with NO Exaggeration!


    The U.S. Government—Meaning the U.S. Capitalist Dictatorship—


    Obama and the Republicans, Teabags and the Democrats are working together to cut more than $1 trillion over 10 years from Social Programs, namely Social Security and Medicare, which are the main domestic target of the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires. (New York Times, February 25,2013) “The Sequester” is only the very beginning! Both Obama and his “Bowles-Simpson Deficit Reduction Super Committee have issued “a new call for $600 billion more in CUTS—NOT ”Savings”—to Medicare, Medicaid and other health care programs.” (New York Times, February 25, 2013) No money is being “saved!” And on March 3, 2013 and again on April 5th the RULE BY DECREE Obama Regime offered to cut Social Security Benefits to old people and make even GREATER cuts to Medicare (Reuters) rather than TAX ALL INCOME! All income of the Working Class and the Poor is taxed! But all income of those who make MORE than $110,000, the Federal Taxable Wage Base is NOT taxed. See below. The Obama Regime is pretending to “offer a Deal” to the Republicans while the move is trivialized by fake opposition as “caving” on Social Security and Medicare in order to show that “he will compromise” on the artificially created “Deficit.” The capitalists have total contempt for the masses whom they seek to exterminate, and know that the masses do not know didilly about economics and that they can offer up any ruse as they tighten the screws of extermination. The capitalists want to reduce the population by bringing a significant percentage of the population to an earlier death. Simply put, they want to kill/murder Americans while denying it maximally! They call it “Enforced Social Darwinism!” The capitalists are also cutting war department military spending simply because they can not launch any more full-scale invasions of other countries at the present time because over 20% of their killer mercenaries return with post traumatic stress disorder and other mental illnesses. The USA capitalist dictatorship now resorts to Social Networking-Assisted INVASION BY PROXY as in Syria and Libya. Invasion by Proxy is much cheaper than funding previously routine full-scale invasions but requires 100% Russian cooperation, which the USA clearly has, despite all attempts made by these “2 partners” to falsely disassociate and cover up their good cop-bad cop routine.

    Obama and Boner (!) and the Republicans, Democrats and Teabags are running a little number on the American people with the full support of the media, a privatized arm of the USA’s misnamed, so-called “intelligence community.” The overriding message of the media on “The Sequester” is to trivialize it and cover up its actual purpose entirely as merely an unpleasant fact of life: “…cries that the sky is falling are landing on deaf ears. $85 billion? $1.1 trillion more over a decade? We can do that standing on our head. (!)” (Yahoo The Week News, March 7, 2013) The last phrase, falsely attributed as the supposed easy acceptance by the American people of the dictatorship’s economic warfare, “We can do that standing on our head,” is usually made by hardened criminals who understand and ACCEPT that they have received some sort of legitimate sentence for a crime they have probably committed. That phrase is used to make the reader think that “the Sequester” is a more or less legitimate approach to what is a wholly artificially created, artificial and contrived “Federal Deficit,” an economic crime committed against the American people! Such trivializing language is chosen to make “the Sequester” appear to be just a “harsh fact of life,” which the American people are supposedly powerless to prevent, but who are supposed to deal with it by mistakenly claiming it will not effect them, when it is actually designed to hurt everyone and gradually bring about the earlier death of a significant number of people!

    The PURPOSE of this little Mutt n’ Jeff Act, a Dog and Pony Show or, Good Cop/Bad Cop Deception on the other hand, is to generate CREDIBILITY FOR OBAMA as either the “good guy” or “the bad guy” and to keep the focus on individuals—not the economic political social system of capitalism where there are no ”good guys” or “bad guys!” Under capitalism they are ALL bad guys and there are no exceptions to this due to the One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism, which is completely independent of the will of the individual capitalists and politicians. (See below.) Both the Republicans and Obama agree to keep the discussion primarily on budget cuts but NEVER talk about TAXING ALL INCOME, which would solve the deliberately created “problem” immediately. Obama supposedly offers to “tax the rich” only a tiny, totally insignificant amount while actually targeting Social Security Benefit cuts! NO BUDGET CUTS AT ALL ARE ACTUALLY NECESSARY! Just the opposite! Government spending on social programs and infrastructure should be GREATLY INCREASED! By attacking Obama, the Republicans provide Obama, who is actually a right-wing Republican in practice, far to the right of George Bush, with “LEFT COVER” in order to bolster Obama’s diminished credibility with the bamboozled Democratic Party constituencies for whom they ALL have justified contempt holding them to ridicule while organizationally guiding them to defeat. The issue of “the blame game” was introduced merely to hide the fact that “the Sequester” was a unified effort from the beginning by Obama, the Republicans, the Democrats and the Teabags and is used to keep the masses confused from every conceivable direction, and then to up the ante even more by targeting Social Security Benefits directly in order to bring older people to a much earlier death, while denying it with a Big Lie falsely claiming the cuts as “necessary!” Social Security Benefits must be increased not decreased. Social Security Benefits and Medicare and Medicaid could EASILY BE DOUBLED, TRIPLED or QUADRUPLED and much more if the rich ALSO had ALL INCOME TAXED! (See below.) But all income is ONLY TAXED for the Workers and the Poor because the Federal Taxable Wage Base is only $110,000! Above that nothing is taxed! The capitalists are able to pull out ALL THE STOPS in their Economic War against the Working Class and the Poor because the Workers have no Communist Party! WE HAVE TO GET RID OF CAPITALISM!

    Today the only talk we hear from the capitalist dictatorship is about the “middle class.” The capitalist dictatorship has TOTAL CONTEMPT and HATRED for the Working Class and wants to try to brainwash us into believing that the Working Class has ceased to exist (!), that such a class may never have even existed in the first place actually and that all we have now or may have ever had is ”the middle class” and “the wealthy Americans,” and that it will be capitalism forever? This is the new 1984 Newspeak! What precisely IS the “middle class and why do the capitalists only rarely to never or only reluctantly mention the WORKING CLASS? The middle class or petit bourgeoisie, designates small business owners, doctors, lawyers and the direct servants of the capitalists like the police and fire department. That is it! If you do not belong to one of those categories then you probably are a member of the Working Class! The capitalists try never to mention the Working Class and substitute “middle class” whenever possible in order to falsely flatter the Workers so that the Working Class does not even understand its own CLASS IDENTITY and its CLASS DESTINY, which is namely to overthrow capitalism and organize a Socialist society, which can only be created by overthrowing capitalism at its center in the United States and then worldwide. We were close to doing this in the 1930s! The middle class also has no historical destiny of its own, a fact which highly appeals to the capitalist dictatorship! The middle class generally follows either the capitalists or the Workers depending on who is in power. But in the final analysis a person’s class origin is NOT determinative; it is the person’s class loyalty! A person can be both a capitalist and a Communist simultaneously, which is an application of the Law of Unity of Opposites, the Second Law of Dialectical and Historical Materialism. There are many examples and we have to have more! Friedrich Engels was both a capitalist as the co-owner of a large textile factory in London and was also a Communist and co-authored The Communist Manifesto and completed the Second and Third Volumes of “Capital” after the death of Karl Marx in 1883, and was apparently sole author of the Fourth Volume of Capital (The three volumes of Theories of Surplus Value} credited to Marx!

    In addition, many big capitalists came over to the side of the Working Class and joined the 1917 October Socialist Revolution in Russia. So THIS is what we have to say to Wall Street: “You know that capitalism offers you a world with no future! What are you offering your children? More Hurricane Sandys and much, much worse? Money won’t buy you survival under End-Stage Capitalism! You can be a capitalist and Communist at the same time. We need you on our side! Not the side of the economic-political-social system of capitalism, which is in its End-Stage and is in the process of destroying all life on this planet!” Slogans such as: “We are the 99%” and “We are the 1%” are carefully designed false propaganda formulations of cynicism deliberately designed to lead to resignation, acquiescence, submission, despair and defeat. Those dead-end, go-nowhere, fake “left” slogans were actually written by the capitalist “intelligence community” itself, which runs the fake “opposition” of the capitalist dictatorship. Those slogans were carefully and deliberately designed to lead to defeat and break OUR morale and offer no genuine solution and to leave the masses floundering! But 95% of New Yorkers and the majority of Americans already agree that we need a new system based on human need not private profit! That should be our slogan! That is Socialism not Fascism and is already a Communist response, although systematic brainwashing by the capitalist dictatorship from earliest childhood has brainwashed the masses against the word and any understanding of Socialism and Communism. So we have an organizational problem primarily, but also a deprogramming problem very similar to the Scientology, Moonie or Hari Krishna Cults. In this case it involves deprogramming the masses from the Cult of Capitalism and its false beliefs: 1.) That it is the ENTITLEMENT of the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires to steal our labor value, known as “Surplus Value,” the source of ALL value in society, which we create each day by the goods and services we create, which is in excess of the tiny salaries and “benefits” the capitalists pay us, and 2.) That it is the Capitalists’ Entitlement to wage war against the entire world including their very own population, and 3.) The false belief that it is going to be Capitalism forever! No economic-political-social system lasts forever! Capitalism is destroying the planet, which is easy to see with Hurricane Sandy. The answer is NOT to “ADAPT” to the End of the World and keep digging for more oil and gas and destroying one ecosystem after another and permanently polluting the water supply, while falsely blaming cats for mass extinctions (!) and absurdly calling for mass murder of cats (?!) which capitalism has told us is part of the “solution!” The answer is to get rid of capitalism as fast as possible in the only way possible, by a Socialist Revolution and then supplanting fossil fuels with Tidal Lagoon Technology Plants, which have already been built and are 3 to 4 times as efficient as nuclear power plants!

    The United States is not merely waging war against one country after another worldwide but is also waging economic war, biological war and psychological war against its very own population—its own people—innocent civilians! Let’s briefly look at the history and the present situation both in the U.S. and worldwide. We cannot change the future without knowing the past. The reason for this is that we must learn the lessons of the past because our capitalist class enemy already has and routinely applies those lessons against the Working Class and its allies. That’s us! Therefore, we have to briefly examine some history. The real story of the New Deal: What actually happened in the 1930’s was that a million-strong Communist-led Working Class in the United States generated the pressure which forced Franklin Delano Roosevelt to come up with the New Deal—16 Federal Jobs Programs and Social Programs which included the Social Security Act. At that time and most recently on Channel 13 Public Television Roosevelt was given credit for “saving capitalism!” “Saving capitalism,” from WHAT pray tell? From a Socialist Revolution in the United States! It was that close! So, the New Deal TODAY is only a dream because there is currently a ZERO organized Communist movement in the United States. Instead we get The No Deal and The Bad Deal—the Budget Deal—the “FISCAL CLIFF” AND “THE SEQUESTER!”

    But in the 1930s the New Deal was actually just a BRIBE!. The Working Class did not HAVE to take that bribe! So WHY did they take that bribe??? At a point in time when they did NOT have to take that bribe and with proper leadership could have gone all the way and carried out a Socialist Revolution here in the United States? If this had happened there would have been NO World War II! There would have been NO Adolf Hitler and NO NAZIS, who were funded by German, French, British and U.S. capitalists, for example, Henry Ford, Senator Prescott Bush, father of Bush I and George Herbert Walker. Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., father of JFK and Charles Lindbergh were all NAZI propagandists. All were U.S. NAZIS! The Western European governments turned over all of the economic and military power to the NAZIS through the political policy falsely described as “appeasement” to send them against the USSR deemed the greatest threat to world capitalism! Whole countries “fell” (were deliberately turned over!) to the NAZIS in a few days, while towns in the USSR held out for far longer! It is important also to know that these capitalist governments supposedly “at war” with Germany, passively supported the NAZI attack on the USSR by refusing to open a second front against the NAZIS for 3 years under all sorts of fraudulent pretexts, UNTIL the Soviet Union itself turned the NAZIS back, forcing them to retreat on a line over 1000 miles long in the largest battle in all human history—the Battle of the Kursk Salient, a battle which NO American school kid has even heard of because of the systematic unrelenting brainwash of the USA population! Only then was it clear that the USSR alone would be able to liberate all of Europe from the NAZIS, right up to the English Channel. The Anglo-American forces invaded Europe in “Operation Overlord” at Normandy ONLY to PREVENT that from happening! The European “front” in WWII up until 1943 thus represented a failed attempt by world capitalism to destroy the USSR militarily by using the brainwashed NAZIS as their battering ram. The architect of victory in Europe was Marshall Georgi Zuchov—not Stalin! 85% of NAZI war materiel was lost on the Soviet Front! The Soviet Union defeated the NAZIS, NOT the Americans! Lend Lease amounted to no more than 5% of Soviet war materiel! WWII caused the deaths of 57 million people and would not have occurred if U.S. Workers had carried out a Socialist Revolution in the 1930s!

    Why Franklin Delano Roosevelt Wrote the New Deal:
    The Importance of Genuine Communist Leadership:

    The million-strong Communist-led Working Class took that bribe, the New Deal, because of the deliberate misleadership of Josef Stalin, who himself was NOT a Communist although he was a member of the Communist Party and used behind-the-scenes manipulation to become General Secretary, a position which Lenin opposed! Prior to the 1917 Russian Revolution, the most important and significant event in the Twentieth Century, Stalin voted against taking state power on each and every vote that was taken. He always voted with Kamanev who always voted against! This included the vote taken the night before the Bolshevik party led the Working Class, (70% of whom supported the Bolsheviks) and 30% of the Peasantry, which included the all-important military WHICH WAS IN MUTINY, to take state power. Stalin played a highly counter-productive role in the Revolutionary War in Georgia and later in 1924 after becoming General Secretary. Stalin poisoned Lenin while Lenin was recuperating from his second stroke. All the details of what was well known since the 1920’s were all published in the Moscow News, Jan-Feb, 1989. Stalin murdered virtually all the remaining leaders of the Bolshevik Party most of them in a series of show trials but others through outright assassination. His position internationally was well known: Socialism in one country–in practice meaning Socialism in no other country. Today we live in a world of Nation States. All Nation States are dictatorships of one class over another, either of the capitalists over the Workers or vice versa. The USSR was only a Workers’ State—not a version of Socialism, the first stage of Communism. Communism is a stateless society which has never been practiced and can never be put into practice until capitalism has been overthrown worldwide starting at its center—the United States! There is thus no such thing as a “Communist state” or “Socialist state.” Do not allow yourself to be taken in by capitalist terminology which is designed to mislead us. In addition to sabotaging the Working Class movement in the U.S. and throughout Europe, Stalin sent 50,000 Chinese Communists to their deaths before Mao got wise and stopped accepting directives from Stalin. Finally in 1943 Stalin ended the Communist International altogether. So much for Stalin being a “Communist!” Stalin rode the back of the 1917 Russian Revolution and drew all his power from it and was compelled to defend it albeit rather poorly starting out as mentioned by murdering Lenin. We have to build back a million-strong Communist movement here in the United States like there was in the 1930’s and with the lessons learned carry it through to a Socialist Revolution in the United States and overthrow capitalism permanently worldwide. CAPITALISM OFFERS A WORLD WITH NO FUTURE FOR YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN!

    The One-Way Blind Dynamic of Capitalism:

    Capitalism cannot be turned into Socialism because of its inherent Blind (now) ONE-WAY DYNAMIC which leads to Fascism, barbarism and the end of civilization, a DYNAMIC which is totally independent of the WILLS of the individual capitalists and politicians who nevertheless RIDE that dynamic to the top based on the extent that they express and further the interests of that one-way dynamic. That same dynamic makes George Bush look like a choirboy compared to the Obama Regime! The system controls them NOT the other way around. This is hard for most people to understand or accept. People are taught to think in terms of individuals and good guys and bad guys. This forms the basis for elections under capitalism, which is the primary weapon of capitalist deception. But under capitalism it is NOT a question of good guys and bad guys. Under capitalism they are ALL BAD GUYS, AND THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE! (There is an exception to every rule–including this one—where there are NO exceptions!) The proof for this is that there is not ONE capitalist politician anywhere who is saying that capitalism is a failure and has had its day and must be replaced with Socialism through a Socialist Revolution in the United States as the precondition for survival of humankind and all life on Earth and explaining how it must proceed! ALL capitalist politicians without exception try to encourage the false illusion that capitalism can be reformed. That is the basis for Presidential elections and all capitalist elections by extension, which are the Number One Weapon of Capitalist Deception. (ALL capitalist politicians also cover up the fact that the rich pay virtually NO TAXES and that 66% of corporations pay no tax at all!) See below.

    Every capitalist administration since the beginning of Imperialism, which correlates approximately with the beginning of the Twentieth Century has been to the right of the one which preceded it whether it has been Republican or Democrat, it makes no difference. The only exceptions to this were the administrations of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the two New Dealers who followed him, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower, a Democrat who ran as a Republican, and Lyndon Johnson another New Dealer. These exceptions applied domestically ONLY! Roosevelt orchestrated the Pearl Harbor Provocation in order to get the U.S. Congress to declare war on Japan and reverse the anti-war sentiment in the United States: Seven months after the U.S. cracked the Japanese code and the U.S. heard the Japanese approaching Pearl Harbor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt pulled the 2 aircraft carriers in Pearl Harbor out to sea because they did not want the decks of those carriers to be damaged in the coming attack, which they needed to take place! Reflecting the overwhelming will of the U.S. people the U.S. Congress had just passed the Neutrality Act because the horror of WWI was so fresh in people’s minds and Roosevelt needed a provocation, “a Day Which Would Live In Infamy,” in order to justify asking Congress to declare war on Japan, which it did the very next day after the attack on December 8, 1941, declaring war on Germany the day after that. And only invading at Normandy almost 2 years after that! The reason that the capitalists are able to get away with their lies and are able to wage economic war, biological war and psychological (brainwashing) war against their “own” people with virtually NO ORGANIZED OPPOSITION is that only genuine Communists oppose the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires and genuinely represent the interests of the Working Class and survival of life on this planet. But today there is no organized Communist movement in the United States! Communists are the only ones who call up front for a new system based on human need not private profit—Socialism. But right now in New York City 95% of those interviewed DO smell a rat and Do agree, given the choice, which they are NOT, that we need a new system based on human need not private profit. That is a Communist response (!) and DOES mean Socialism not Fascism. So how do we obtain Socialism?

    Capitalism is in its Final Stage of Permanent War, Which is
    Potentially the Most Ideal Pre-Revolutionary Situation Possible!

    The Capitalists Rule Through a Combination of Force and Deception!
    Therefore: 1.) The Capitalists Must be Disarmed and Deprived of the Ability to Send Bodies of
    Armed Men against the Masses and 2.) The Primary Capitalist Weapons of Deception Must be
    Explained and Exposed in Order to Take the Steps to Defeat Them and 3.) A Nationwide Network
    Of Workers and Soldiers Community Councils Must be Organized as a DUAL POWER and
    Counterposed to the Government of the Capitalist Dictatorship of Millionaires and Billionaires!

    THE CAPITALISTS MUST THEREFORE FIRST BE DISARMED! Mutiny in the armed forces is the Absolute Precondition for Socialist Revolution and ALL SOCIAL CHANGE as well as really ending the USA Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Worldwide! Mutiny saves lives! Mutiny is the Pre-Condition for ALL Social Change! This must be repeated! And repeated! The capitalists must first be deprived of the ability to send bodies of armed men against the masses and must be deprived of the ability to hire mercenary/proxy armies as in Syria and Libya, before there can ever be genuine free speech where opposing viewpoints can even be fully heard by the masses, for example on NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN television at prime time every night of the week and even the INTERNET which is NOW ALMOST COMPLETELY CENSORED by “Facebook, Yahoo, Hotmail, media websites and other “sign-ins,” which limit comments and even exclude certain individuals—Communists primarily—from posting anything whatsoever on the Internet! Speaking on a street corner even with a megaphone, currently unconstitutionally forbidden, is not free speech! Mutiny is also the first step to abolishing the standing army of the capitalists while arming the vanguard of the Working Class. In order to try to forestall the future arming of the Working Class the capitalists’ misnamed, so-called “USA intelligence community,” working closely with the media, “think tanks” and “educational system” which are all integral parts of the ”intelligence community” periodically orchestrate mass provocations through manipulation of the chosen perpetrators using special drugs and hypnosis such as in December 2012 in the New Town Massacre apparently. The capitalist dictatorship continually works to try to provide pretexts to disarm the masses as much as possible prior to what the capitalist dictatorship apparently has planned: namely programs of actual extermination of the U.S. masses using economic, biological and psychological warfare.

    Because of the Mutiny of U.S. armed forces in Vietnam in 1975 the U.S. has taken precautions to try to prevent another mutiny! The capitalists have switched to an army of mercenary mass murderers, which includes regular lower-paid GI marauders and cutthroats plus a group of 45,000+ armed “private contractors,” paid 4 times the salary of the regular mercenary army. These are the special elite Fascist killers such as Blackwater USA (leader photographed by major media openly giving the Hitler salute!), Dyncorp International, Custer Battles, Aegis, Zapata, Triple Canopy, etc., which are directly analogous to the NAZI SS (Schutz Staffel), for the personal protection of the U.S. high military command and officer corps. These very highly paid heavily armed military contractors are not in Iraq or other countries occupied by U.S. forces in order “to protect diplomats” despite the fact that the U.S. built the largest embassy in the entire world in Baghdad—primarily as a staging area for future invasions, which may not happen because of widespread troop demoralization and the introduction of an entirely NEW FORM OF WARFARE: “Facebook-Assisted Invasion by Proxy! Protection of diplomats has always been carried out by the regular military. And they are not there to hunt for Al-Qaeda, which work as USA proxies in Syria! This highly paid organized group of psychopaths exists for one reason only—to protect the officer corps in event of another mutiny! There were no super-highly paid military contractors in Vietnam! Only after the mutiny in Vietnam was such a security force deemed necessary for Iraq and Afghanistan, which were in many respects new Vietnams! The overall number of private contractors in Iraq, which included the 45,000 ARMED NAZIS: Blackwater USA, etc., numbered about 183,000 according to the Associated Press, September 19, 2007, more than the regular U.S. troops (then 150,000—recently reduced). In this situation the U.S. strategy of using very highly paid private contractors in order to buy their loyalty ultimately cannot prevent a mutiny, but it does complicate it. The regular army must defeat these NAZI-style SS private contractors militarily while turning their weapons on their officers and taking prisoner all those who do not support the mutiny, along with these NAZI-style SS forces. The regular army is better organized, has heavier weapons with more men under arms so this is not an impossible task. The morale of the “regular” mercenary army has never been lower because of the repeated deployments and because after a while the military personnel start asking themselves why they must kill, kill, kill!! So-called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental illness also afflict twenty percent (20%) of the military! It is primarily this irreversible problem of decreased morale which has forced the U.S. dictatorship to resort to Invasion by Proxy!

    After the Mutiny of all foreign-deployed USA forces, which must include all National Guard units followed by the more reactionary police forces, who are the very last to join the mutiny, the Working Class will be able to begin to set up a government of Dual Power in the United States consisting of a nationwide network of Workers and Soldiers Community Councils which are directly counterposed to the capitalist dictatorship’s “Congress,” which represents ONLY the interests of the millionaires and billionaires. The success of the Socialist Revolution in all other developed countries is guaranteed after capitalism is abolished in the United States, but if necessary, we will provide every assistance in any pockets of crazed resistance. The Socialist Revolution in the United States and the actual taking of state power will take place relatively bloodlessly, and can only take place relatively bloodlessly because the masses must support it! Only after Mutiny in the armed forces and after winning the support of at least 70% of the U.S. Working Class and their class allies through patient, systematic and persistent explanation of all issues especially adapted to the practical needs of the masses, will it be possible to take state power, just as occurred in Russia in October 1917—where only about 220-240 people died in the actual taking of state power starting on October 25th and the days that followed. It was only afterward that millions died in the Revolutionary Civil War after U.S.-led world imperialists first invaded the Soviet Union 4 months after the October Revolution and all of those 14 invading imperialist armies on 19 different fronts MUTINIED, forcing the capitalists to demobilize their invading armies. The capitalists then backed the “White Army” organized by the former Czarists and the Provisional Government of Kerensky, the fake-left “Socialist Revolutionary,” against the finally victorious Red Army. When the Socialist Revolution takes place in the United States there will be no civil war and no more central support for capitalism-imperialism anywhere on Earth. A Socialist Revolution is not a coup d’etat (which the capitalists carried out in Libya and Yemen and are trying to do in Syria, etc.) and must be supported by the masses won over to the Socialist Revolution through patient, systematic and persistent explanation, as mentioned above, which can only occur if genuine free speech exists.

    There Are No Downsides WHATSOEVER to Socialism:
    We Have Nothing to lose but our Chains and a World to Win!

    The capitalists campaign nonstop to try to instill fear in the masses against Socialism, and most people are genuinely concerned about what Socialism would look like after a Socialist Revolution in the United States and the abolition of capitalism-imperialism worldwide. A Socialist Revolution in the United States would not and could not end up like the Soviet Union because there would be no basis or reason to continue a hard dictatorship after the Socialist Revolution has been consolidated in the former center of capitalism-imperialism—the USA. The Soviet Union and other Workers’ States have all been hard Working Class dictatorships, which was justified only in order to prevent both internal and external counter-revolutionary attempts to restore the capitalist class dictatorship, a threat which existed due to the fact that the Workers’ States have existed in a world still threatened by capitalism. That threat would be eliminated permanently after the Socialist Revolution takes place here in the United States, the center of world capitalism-imperialism. (See: Materialist Analysis of the U.S. Orchestrated so-called “Arab Spring” Regime Change Gambit in the Mideast, Persian Gulf and Russia Using “Facebook”-Assisted Invasion by Proxy, for a more comprehensive analysis of the USSR.) The capitalists do not want such questions to even be discussed! The reality is that there are no downsides WHATSOEVER to Socialism! First of all, life on this planet would be able to survive! Capitalism is right now threatening to end all life on the planet Earth! Almost all of the jobs will still be there too except some of the jobs involved in the military industrial complex and the parasite insurance companies, HMOs and credit card companies. Insurance, HMO’s and credit would be entirely unnecessary under Socialism, which would supply all social services automatically! Wealth created by the Workers would go to the Workers!

    The capitalist military industrial complex would be terminated immediately after the Worldwide Socialist Revolution, while most of the jobs in that area would be transferred to projects more in line with human need—not mass murder. Jobs in other no longer necessary parasitic industries such as insurance, health management organizations (HMO’s), credit card companies and private real estate, would also be abolished along with the industries themselves. No more Donald Trumps! No more landlords! As part of the global economic-political-social system based on human need, with the exception of disability, there would be no unemployment permitted (of healthy normal people)—NOT the so-called, false “natural rate of unemployment” devised by capitalist economists such as Milton Friedman, or any version of it, which permits millions of people to be unemployed to benefit the capitalists as the so-called “reserve army of the unemployed,” as a pretext to keep wages low and as a threat of being unemployed or even homeless by those who are employed. Most large corporations and businesses would not disappear. Far from it! The only difference will be is that all corporations will be owned and run entirely by the workers, but all executive and management positions will be based on periodic direct elections within the corporation or company and all those elected would be subject to immediate recall. Training for top executive and management positions would be required for all! No one will be paid more than the wage of a union worker, just as government officials, and with the end of huge military budgets and the expropriation of the expropriators, the union wage will rise to be more than sufficient to live like a millionaire. That would be the starting point.

    Dislocation for any reason during or after the Socialist Revolution will be minimal because the popular support required for its success at the center of capitalism will allow a smooth and rapid transition! In addition, as mentioned there will be no more exploitation and super-exploitation by landlords, although a much-reduced rent will be paid to the Socialist State. Landlordism will be terminated! All housing would be made luxurious! Society will finally be placed on a basis of human need. All sections of the economy which derive their profits from parasitizing the masses would be permanently eliminated. There would be no more insurance company parasites and no need to buy insurance of any kind and no one would ever again be in debt! Today the debt of an average U.S. college graduate is around $100,000 and sometimes over twice as much after a graduate degree, an amount which often can never be repaid during the person’s lifetime! That practice would be ended! It should be noted that all European countries have until recently had free education to the highest level—but only because of the 1917 Russian Revolution and the existence of the Soviet Union and its very close proximity until its surrender to the threat of a nuclear war in 1988. (See Above.) Today the capitalist “leadership” of the European countries is trying to end all government services and reverse and abolish all of their social programs, all of which have owed their existence to the existence of the Soviet Union! The capitalists’ primary objective at present is to reduce the population through “Enforced Social Darwinism.” See below: “The Euro—the Hand is Quicker Than the Eye” for a complete and comprehensive explanation of the “Euro crisis.” After a Socialist Revolution in the United States there would be no more “Credit Card Scores” and no more “Credit Card Reports” by parasite credit card companies. Those companies and the parasite HMOs would cease to exist because there would be no need. The Postal Service would return to 100% full service as a regular, tax-supported, agency of the Socialist government. Since 1970 it has been run as a business and the Fascists want to entirely privatize the USPS and privatize the entire government to increase their profits! That dynamic would be abolished forever after a Socialist Revolution because private profit would be abolished. At this time the situation is going rapidly in reverse. The USPS has been directed to end Saturday delivery and close multiple Post Offices nationwide because of the fact that the capitalists have stolen most of the tax money, pay no tax themselves and THEN CLAIM WITH NO ECONOMIC BASIS WHATSOEVER THAT they intend to “SEQUESTER,” MEANING “NOT SPEND” $85 billion normally paid out for government services and infrastructure. The capitalist dictatorship simply claims they intend to cut government services and infrastructure while targeting Social Security and Medicare for eventual elimination in order to bring a highly significant percentage of the masses to a much earlier death. Obama gets the entire USA Congress to holler depravedly to cut the Payroll Tax—WHICH SUPPORTS THE SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND (!)—supposedly to help the poor “middle class.” This is End-Stage Capitalism!

    Obama and the capitalists are in the process of arbitrarily and systematically DISMANTLING Social Security by abolishing its function by: 1.) Imposing the Obama Payroll Tax Cut now in its second year, falsely sold as “increasing (‘middle class?!’) Workers’ Paychecks,” the real purpose of which is to undermine the Social Security Trust Fund. The Social Security Trust Fund has run a Surplus from the beginning up until the Obama Payroll Tax cut and now runs a DEFICIT! The ENTIRE media—a privatized arm of the so-called “intelligence community”—hide this fact and ALL politicians have turned this Fascist issue into a supposedly progressive (!) cause célèbre, and by 2.) Imposing the so-called “Chained Consumer Price Index (see below).” No capitalist politician says a single WORD explaining what is happening and why it is being done! NAZI Obama criticized the NAZI Republican budget as “Social Darwinism,” while maximally implementing those very policies! The capitalist dictatorship is also in the process of reducing Medicare, which it cut by $716 billion in order to implement Obamacare, falsely named “The Affordable Care Act,” and even threatened to end Food Stamps, now falsely labeled as “unsustainable” in yet another potential “Obama-style Quick Fix,” like “the Sequester” which was implemented with a good cop/bad cop Mutt n’ Jeff Act routine to confuse people. “The Sequester” was a capitalist brainstorm to make budget cuts seem “necessary,” and “unavoidable,” when NONE WHATSOEVER are needed because there is more money in the USA than ever before in history! There is an enormous need for greatly increased spending on government services and infrastructure not decreased spending! WE need INCREASED SPENDING! No capitalist politician says a word! As explained above, the capitalists’ objective is to reduce the population in the USA and worldwide by every means possible. Even if Obamacare were finally repealed the capitalist dictatorship will just do it again but much worse, just like there will be more Hurricane Sandys but much, much worse! Time to fill up a lot of cemeteries or even mass graves! As mentioned, forty percent (40%) of U.S. grain crops are “legally mandated” to be burned as “Biofuel, another textbook definition of a scam!”

    Under Socialism Medical and Scientific research would be expanded, fully funded and put to use for human need not mass murder primarily as under capitalism! There would be an end to all economic warfare which capitalism wages against the masses carried out to try to impoverish them economically and to demoralize them politically and to reduce their number by bringing them to an earlier death through Enforced Social Darwinism. There would an end to homelessness, and all housing would be made livable and luxurious. There would be entirely free education to the highest level obtainable for each person. There would be free medical and free dental treatment for everyone. There would be an end to the AIDS pandemic, which is documented to be Biological Warfare by the U.S. government and other cooperating governments. A safe AIDS vaccine, which would be close to 100% effective, would be promptly developed (deletion of the SOR gene prevents the AIDS virus from replicating allowing virtually all the AIDS genetic material to be used in a 100% effective recombinant vaccine!) (See: Materialist Analysis of Dietary Supplements and Vaccines for exact description.) Humankind would have its best chance to reverse the Runaway Greenhouse Effect, which the beginning of an exponential increase in atmospheric CO2 levels, documents has already begun. The capitalists wage a continuous Big Lie campaign, just like they do on every other issue to brainwash the masses against Socialism. Anti-Communism, which is imposed on the masses through the capitalist dictatorship from earliest childhood, its brainwash media, its puppet educational system, its 100% loyal, fake “left opposition,” its divide and conquer “single issue groups,” where capitalism is NOT mentioned or involved, and its always anti-Communist conspiracy groups, has as much basis in truth as the capitalists’ claim that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq or WMD in Syria or Iran!

    The Presidential “Elections” and All Elections Under Capitalism
    By Extension are the Number One Weapon of Capitalist Deception!

    “Elections” under capitalism perpetuate the false illusion of “reform” under capitalism, which is the Number One Big Lie of capitalism. The word “democracy” under capitalism is simply a codeword and euphemism for capitalist dictatorship and capitalist enslavement. That applies here in the United States and everywhere else as well. And if you tune into any news show or cable show only ONE question is actually being discussed no matter what the topic is! All discussion reduces to only one question! What question is that??? The only question being discussed under capitalism is HOW BEST TO PRESERVE CAPITALISM! Nothing whatsoever about human need! So the first step we need to take is to organize back that one million strong Communist Movement we had in the 1930s by organizing a genuine Communist Party. No founding document of the United States enshrines capitalism as the permanent economic system! On the contrary! The Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson is actually a Transitional Document which authorizes a Socialist Revolution in the United States as the only prudent and appropriate response to the level of tyranny, oppression and threat to human civilization and indeed all life on Earth, which the United States capitalist class dictatorship has subjected the entire World! Google up the Declaration of Independence and read it! Although it is not actually necessary, we do have that as a legal basis and justification for organizing a Socialist Revolution in the United States and as a first step, for organizing a MUTINY in all U.S. armed forces as in Vietnam, the real reason and the ONLY REASON that the Vietnam War ended in 1975! Disarming the capitalist dictatorship is thus the Precondition for ALL social change in the United States and worldwide! Mutiny Saves Lives!!!

    LET’S GET RID OF CAPITALISM! The U.S. Government, meaning the U.S. capitalist dictatorship, has lost all credibility and ALL LEGITIMACY TO RULE and ALL RIGHT TO SOVEREIGNTY in the United States or ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD! This must be repeated from the rooftops! Let’s stop talking about reforming capitalism, for example by “sending Obama or Bush a message!” This is not your country and it is not my country. WE JUST LIVE HERE! This country belongs to the dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires. It does not belong to you and it does not belong to me! WE OWN NOTHING! The banks and dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires and Federal government own everything. You think you own a house? If you miss a payment on your mortgage you are in the street and the banks own “your” house. Same thing with your car! Miss a payment on your car and you have no car. If you have paid off the mortgage and you miss your tax payments the government owns your house and you are also in the street! WE ARE ALWAYS PAYING RENT TO THE LANDLORD, THE BANKS OR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! We own nothing! The capitalists have stolen all our money! (See below) So lets stop talking about “why don’t WE do this or WE do that.” Who “we?” Never ever say ”we” or “our” when talking about the U.S. Refer to the US as the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires or capitalist dictatorship because that is what it is! We are NOT talking about “changing the government!” That is already done with the periodically staged sham, phony U.S. “elections,” which the capitalists use as take-off points for further and intensified foreign and domestic wars in order to more easily steal natural resources and new markets and also points to escalate domestic wars against Americans! The U.S.-led capitalist dictatorship is also presently waging a war of extermination on many levels against its own people! That means you and me! We have to talk about getting rid of the economic-political-social system of capitalism, which can ONLY be accomplished through a Socialist Revolution here in the United States. Lets STOP identifying ourselves with the crimes of the dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires who stage their phony sham “elections, where whoever wins the “election,“ WE ARE THE LOSERS!

    How the United States Capitalist Dictatorship Intends to Kill Americans
    Wholesale in Order to Reduce the Population and Deny it While Doing It!
    The “SEQUESTER!”
    OF THE POPULATION, You do Not Simply Walk Up to that Person(s)
    And Say: “I Want to Kill You!” If you tip your hand the Person(s) Might:
    1.) Run away, 2.) Call the Cops, or 3.) The Person might Kill You! So the
    U.S Capitalist Dictatorship Must Resort to DECEPTION and BIG LIES
    As it Normally Does for Everything Else!

    Although BIOLOGICAL WARFARE will undoubtedly be brought in at some point while the population is on the ropes due to the economic warfare described below and herein, the four ongoing scenarios briefly described below are being used right now to reduce the USA population through BASIC ECONOMIC WARFARE: 1.) ELIMINATE AS MANY JOBS AS POSSIBLE AND INCREASE UNEMPLOYMENT. The unemployment rate was over 8% for most of Obama’s first 4 years and was actually far, far greater, more like 20% to 30% and indubitably will continue at a high rate. In addition, the capitalists have laid off and reduced Federal, State and City jobs maximally in order to deliberately reduce DEMAND, the engine of the economy and deliberately help shrink the overall economy. The IMF also determined that “the sequester” will reduce USA economic growth for 2013-2014 from a tiny 2% to less than 1.5%! (Reuters, March 2, 2013) 2.) INCREASE HOMELESSNESS more directly: During Obama’s first term “the mortgage crisis” continued to increase the level of homelessness. The much-ballyhooed Obama mortgage “policies” were deliberately designed to fail. 3.) REDUCE HEALTHCARE BY CUTTING $716 FROM MEDICARE! AND BIG LYING ABOUT IT! Ridiculously calling it the so-called “Affordable Care Act,” when it is just the opposite—the textbook definition of a scam, by turning over virtually all medical care to HMOs, where the overhead costs are 35% to 40%—all PROFITS for HMO Parasites of Human Illness and Disease. “Obamacare” also fines the Poor who cannot afford medical care in the first place! 4.) RAISE FOOD PRICES ASTRONOMICALLY, CREATE FOOD SHORTAGES and CAUSE MASS STARVATION AS IN AFRICA by MANDATING BY LAW THAT 40% OF CORN and OTHER CROPS be SOLD TO BE BURNED AS ETHANOL RATHER THAN BE EATEN!

    Dozens and dozens of studies easily available on the Internet PROVE that CORN ETHANOL and ALL OTHER “BIOFUELS” INCLUDING ALGAE “BIOFUEL” do not increase energy efficiency, or lower costs, or increase energy independence! Or cut greenhouse gas emissions! BIOFUELS INCREASE FUEL COSTS! Biofuels raise food prices, create food shortages and cause mass starvation in poor countries especially in sub-Saharan Africa inhabited primarily by People of Color, and also destroy internal combustion engines—before humankind has even had a chance to switch to electric cars! Tidal Lagoon Technology can virtually totally supplant fossil fuels! NOT totally inefficient “tidal turbines,” which have been a dead issue for 50-60 years, a corpse which is now being resurrected by oil companies, Obama and billionaire creeps such as T. Bone Pickens (Pick your own nose, T Bone!) to confuse people and try to take the place in peoples’ consciousness for Tidal Lagoon Plants. Tidal Lagoon Plants have already been built and are 3 to 4 times as efficient as NUCLEAR PLANTS and produce NO permanently non-disposable nuclear waste! Drilling for more offshore oil and Fracking for natural gas were wildly cheered by the totally depraved membership of the U.S. Congress at Obama’s “2013 State of the Union Teleprompter Speech!” “Fracking” on the other hand permanently destroys the water supply wherever “fracking” is carried out! The Cuomo slime and NY Legislature Criminals have already given the GREEN LIGHT FOR FRACKING IN NEW YORK STATE! 5.) Taken together in combination with refusing to TAX ALL INCOME—(NOT “TAX the Rich,” or “close the loopholes”), (see below) which are demagogic deceptions aimed primarily at covering up the economic reality, WHILE INCREASING EVERY CONCEIVABLE REGRESSIVE TAX which targets the Working Class and the Poor (see below). The Obama Regime has already started the BIG LIE blaming “last year’s summer drought” for the food shortages and higher prices. But that is just one more BIG LIE! Taken together these “policies” are designed to kill a lot of people. Big Time Biological Warfare will be brought in to clean up “the mess!” (See: A Brief Materialist Analysis of U.S. Biological Warfare Weapons: So-Called H1N1 “Swine Flu,” A(H5N1) Bird Flu and AIDS!)

    Biofuels are a Part of the Capitalists’ Conspiracy to Reduce the World Population!

    Obama was already a party to mass murder while still in the Senate by supporting the Biofuels Mandate which paid Illinois farmers large financial subsidies to divert a huge percentage (now 40%!) of their crops to be burned—not eaten! By “law” ten percent of gasoline must be corn-based ethanol, which requires that up to forty percent (40%) of the corn grown in the U.S. is MANDATED BY LAW by the U.S. capitalist dictatorship to be made into Biofuels! The capitalists are using the ridiculous Big Lie slogans of “energy independence,” “going green,” “clean energy” and “solving the energy crisis” as the come on! Biofuels is nothing but a scheme, a conspiracy, to reduce the world population by causing food shortages and a huge increase in world food prices, which are to begin an astronomical 15% to 20% increase above the present high prices after the fraudulent 2012 Obama “re-election.” The Biofuels Mandate, which is now being soft peddled by the media, and “the drought,” are both false pretexts being used to help bring a large number of poor people to an early death by creating mass starvation especially in developing countries in Africa and Asia, primarily inhabited by People of Color. The effects of the drought in the United States, which to some extent feeds the world, could be largely ameliorated and compensated for by abolishing the Biofuels Mandate completely and permanently. But the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires has openly stated that they will never ever do that! The reason is that the actual objectives of the Biofuels Mandate are to 1.) increase food prices, 2. create food shortages and create MASS STARVATION, which has already begun in Africa! But the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires proffers “drought” rather than The Biofuels Mandate as the pretext for the planned food price increases. Why? In contract law drought is a so-called force majeure, a supposed “chance occurrence” or “act of ‘god’,” which normally frees parties to the contract from responsibility and liability. This is why the capitalist media focus on “drought” rather than Biofuels Mandate. The Biofuels Mandate is imposed by arbitrary dictum of the capitalist dictatorship and could just as easily be ended and abolished if the capitalists seriously wanted to prevent food price increases, food shortages and starvation. The 40% Biofuels Mandate is the primary reason for food price increases, food shortages and developing mass starvation in Africa and is entirely within control of the capitalist dictatorship to eliminate, but is being deliberately enforced and escalated for political reasons to carry out mass murder through enforced starvation and is a carefully thought out conspiracy rammed through with Big Lies and intimidation! But Bio-Fuels are much more costly and inefficient to produce and will never supersede fossil fuels!

    We need Tidal Power Plants using the Tidal Lagoon technology. These plants generate enormous power and work 24/7 both with incoming and outgoing tides and have nothing whatsoever to do with the media-hyped, totally inefficient “tidal turbines.” Tidal Lagoon Plants have already been built in England, Germany and China and are 3 to 4 times more efficient than nuclear poser plants and do not create permanently non-disposable nuclear waste! But the oil industry and media cover up and prevent further development of tidal lagoon plants. Tidal power and also hydroelectric power from huge waterfalls such as the Kaieture Falls in Guyana with a total drop of 822 feet (5 times the drop of Niagara Falls) and Victoria Falls in Africa, the largest waterfalls in the world, can supplant fossil fuels for all uses except jet travel. Wind power and solar power, which are not clean energy (!) on the other hand are deliberated promoted by the oil industry BECAUSE those energy sources can NOT supplant fossil fuels. (See: Materialist Analysis of Biofuels, Global Warming and the Runaway Greenhouse Effect.)

    The U.S. “Intelligence Community” Operates the LEADERSHIP of the
    Fake Left and “Occupy Wall Street” in Order to Lead it to Defeat!

    Protest demonstrations under capitalism, specifically the “Occupy Wall Street Movement,” but generally all others portests, are carefully designed to keep those who are opposed to the actions and policies of the capitalist dictatorship ignorant of the fact that the actions and policies of capitalism, which they are protesting against, are almost always integral parts of capitalism and can only be abolished by overthrowing capitalism itself! Examples include War and Racism! The fake “left,” which now includes the leadership of “Occupy Wall Street” exists in order to keep those who are opposed to capitalism within the capitalist framework and continuing to support the capitalist dictatorship by pushing the Number One Big Lie of Capitalism—that capitalism can be reformed—by asking it to “do the right thing,” and to “shame the trade unions and community leaders to start mobilizing their members,” rather than to expose such misleaders outright as a network of political police agents provocateurs committed to keeping their membership anti-Communist and subjugated by the capitalist dictatorship. The reason for that is that the fake “left,” which includes the leadership of “Occupy Wall Street,” etc. is part of the same network of political police agents! How is that conclusion reached?

    A person or political groups is defined by what that person/political group says and what
    It does not say and by what that person/political group does and by what it does not do!

    The fake “left” does everything possible to hide the real motives and objectives of the capitalist dictatorship. For example, the fake “left” tries to deflect correct political focus by falsely targeting “GREED” and other negative personal attributes of “Wall Street” in order to hide the fact, for example, that the capitalist dictatorship is using the artificially and deliberately created “budget deficit” as a pretext to wage economic war of extermination/impoverishment against the masses to reduce the U.S. and world population through mass murder! Street leadership of the “Occupy movement” has been turned over to anarchists/political police agents. Socialism is not represented in ANY of their literature or in any other way. The anarchists as well as the rest of the fake “left” push BIG LIES such as: “capitalism is having a crisis” and “the capitalist system is in trouble. It cannot afford to give even the kind of limited gains in the 50s and 60s and is trying to balance the budget deficit on the backs of the workers.” (Emphasis added) What rubbish! What a cover up BIG LIE! Another deception of the fake “left,” but not the “Occupiers” yet or probably ever, is to hold “solidarity” events with Socialist Revolutions elsewhere! Someplace else! The fake “left” never mentions that capitalism can ONLY be permanently overthrown through a worldwide Socialist Revolution STARTING HERE in the United States, the center of world capitalism-imperialism! Those who are genuinely motivated must understand the need to organize a genuine Communist Party here in the United States out from underneath the fake “left.” All discussion today must center on precisely HOW to organize and carry out the Socialist Revolution HERE in capitalism’s center and deprogram the masses from the cult of capitalism. This information is available and easy to understand. See below! The capitalists rule through a combination of force and deception. Therefore, the first thing which must be done is to disarm the capitalist dictatorship by organizing a genuine Communist Party, which calls for and begins to organize a MUTINY in all U.S. armed forces! As in Vietnam! The real reason and the ONLY reason the Vietnam War ended in 1975! The Morale of the U.S. Military and the entire government of the capitalist dictatorship even in D.C. has NEVER EVER BEEN LOWER EXCEPT IN VIETNAM as mentioned above! The time is right to start to organize a genuine Communist Party!

    We have to STOP thinking in terms of reforming capitalism through LIMITED protests targeting single issues or particular policies of capitalism-imperialism or by any other means! Such Divide and Conquer REFORMIST single issue protests are really aimed at leading seriously motivated people to defeat while allowing them to VENT their energy uselessly and harmlessly to the capitalist dictatorship, usually on one issue only, and then to go home and become progressively demoralized when the capitalist dictatorship does nothing to reform itself. This is what has happened previously and the reason today it is once again almost ONLY young people who are involved in the political opposition! Older people are almost all demoralized! The One-Way Dynamic of capitalism prevents all reform! (See Below!) Protest demonstrations, even shutting down seaports, are all reformist at present and just beg the capitalist dictatorship (a designation never permitted to be mentioned) to please be nice and “do the right thing.” “Aw, Please, Mr. Capitalist-killer-mass murderer, please just throw us a few crumbs or we’ll be bad!” As explained above slogan “We are the 99%!” was designed to lead nowhere and is 100% Cynicism and anti-Communist. It eliminates all mention of class struggle and is based on the capitalist philosophy of CYNICISM and is designed to demoralize all participants!! That slogan is designed to lead to: 1.) Resignation, 2.) Acquiescence, 3.) Submission, 4.) Despair and 5.) Defeat! If 95% of New Yorkers and the majority of Americans agree that we need a new system based on human need not private profit, a fact which is well-known, WHY is THAT not the slogan?? Throughout the capitalist world the opposition has been similarly neutralized, e.g. “Across the World, Leaders Brace for Discontent and Upheaval.” (New York Times, January 26, 2012) Big deal, what else is new? Under capitalism all protests are designed to go nowhere! It is a rule of capitalist statecraft that a government must control and operate its own opposition. The USA dictatorship does operate the leadership of its own fake “opposition,” which NEVER EVER connects up the crimes of capitalism with the direct need to organize an economic system based on human need not private profit, while explaining precisely how to do it, as done herein. This new system is Socialism, a word also never permitted to be mentioned at virtually any demonstration, much less explained, as done herein! This is how the entire U.S. fake “left,” which includes: “Occupy Wall Street,” International Action Center, Workers World Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party (so-called!), League for the Revolutionary Party (?) and the Socialist Workers Party, Communist Part

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