Gallup & Reuters/IPSOS polls show post-debate bump for Romney

Two national polls released on Monday showed a bump in support for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney following his strong debate performance in Denver.

About two-thirds of Americans watched last Wednesday’s debate and 72% of the registered voters surveyed said that Romney did a better job than President Barack Obama in the debate, according to a Gallup poll conducted Thursday and Friday.

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Romney’s debate win also erased Obama’s 5% lead and both candidates are tied at 47%.

“The race has become somewhat competitive compared with before the first debate,” according to Gallup’s analysis. “The debate appears to have affected voters to some degree…Still, the impact was not so strong that it changed the race to the point where Romney emerged as the leader among voters.”

(The Gallup telephone poll had a sample size of 1,013 registered voters and a margin of error of +/- 4%.)

The Reuters/IPSOS online poll also showed the race narrowing with Obama holding on to a 2% lead.

In the Oct. 3 – 7 survey, 47% of registered voters supported Obama and 45% supported Romney.

However, the poll found improvements in Romney’s favorability rating and an increase of support among independent and undecided voters following the first presidential debate.

Romney’s favorability rose by 5% from 46% to 51%.

The debate also helped the former Massachusetts governor make inroads with independent and undecided voters on issues such as the economy (+5%), health care (+4%), Social Security (+5%), Medicare (+8%), taxes (+5%), and jobs (+6%).

With the exception of the economy (-4%), Obama’s support held steady on health care, Social Security, Medicare, taxes, and jobs.

(The Reuters/IPSOS poll surveyed 1,745 registered voters online and has a +/- 2.7% margin of error.)


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