Transcript: Press briefing call with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on Romney’s foreign policy address

Transcript of press briefing call with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on Mitt Romney’s foreign policy address at the Virginia Military Institute on Oct. 8, 2012:

“Thank you all for being on the call.

“I watched the speech with great interest, trying to figure out what the – Gov. Romney’s policies really are.

“This is – I think – the 7th speech he’s given on foreign policy over the years but I think I come out more confused because he has changed his mind on a number of different issues.

“In terms of Libya, for instance, at first he was for the intervention; now he’s against it.

“It’s unclear where he is on Syria, for instance, where at one stage I thought I heard him say earlier – not in this speech but earlier – that he would arm the rebels. Now he’s kind of just saying that he might help them in some way.

“And what this basically is for somebody who has spent our whole life in foreign policy is that there’s an awful lot of rhetoric and things but when you get to the specifics you kind of don’t get the sense that he knows exactly what tools to use and how to operate within an international setting and what the role of the United States is in the 21st century.

“A point that Ben [LaBolt] made that’s worth going back to because I know the people that are around Gov. Romney and a lot of them are kind of a division of neo-cons and even more conservative and then some realists. But the truth is that a lot of them are the people that brought us the previous administration – the Bush administration’s 8 years. We’re still dealing with the consequences of that.

“I think as one read through this carefully, people can kind of see a little bit of back and forth in terms of which particular advisor he is – whose direction he’s nodding.

“So I think in many ways it’s probably a speech that – to those who are not totally into foreign policy sounds as if – sounds pretty good. But I think it’s really full of platitudes and free of substance. You know, “peace through strength”, “clarity,” “resolve.” Those aren’t really foreign policies.

“So I would like to ask Gov. Romney or his advisors exactly what he would do differently and how he would operate and how he truly understands what is going on in the Arab world and how to deal with it.

“Some of the facts though are just dead wrong. For instance, on the trade issue, I mean, President Obama has negotiated and signed 3 trade agreements with Panama, Columbia, and South Korea and is now working on an agreement with trans-Pacific. So this is kind of typical of what the Romney campaign does – it just asserts something that simply is not true.”




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