List of Florida State Assembly lawmakers who voted to shorten early voting by 7 days

List of Florida State Assembly lawmakers (all Republicans) who voted for H.B. 1355, which shortened Florida’s early voting period by 7 days. H.B. 1355 passed the Florida State Assembly with a vote of 79 to 37 on April 21, 2011.

Janet H. Adkins

Larry Ahern

Ben Albritton

Frank Artiles

Gary Aubuchon

Dennis K. Baxley

Michael Bileca

Jim Boyd

Jeff Brandes

Jason T. Brodeur

Doug Broxson

Rachel V. Burgin

Matt Caldwell

Dean Cannon

Marti Coley

Richard Corcoran

Fred Costello

Steve Crisafulli

Daniel Davis

Jose Felix Diaz

Chris Dorworth

Brad Drake

Eric Eisnaugle

Clay Ford

Erik Fresen

Jim Frishe

Matt Gaetz

Rich Glorioso

Eddy Gonzalez

Tom Goodson

J.W. Grant

Denise Grimsley

Bill Hager

Gayle B. Harrell

Shawn Harrison

Doug Holder

Ed Hooper

Mike Horner

Matt Hudson

Dorothy L. Hukill

Clay Ingram

John Legg,

Ana Rivas Logan

Carlos Lopez-Cantera

Debbie Mayfield

Charles McBurney

Seth McKeel

Larry Metz

George R. Moraitis, Jr.

Peter Nehr

Bryan Nelson

Jeanette M. Nuñez

Marlene H. O’Toole

Kathleen C. Passidomo

Jimmy Patronis

W. Keith Perry

Ray Pilon

Scott Plakon

Elizabeth W. Porter

Stephen L. Precourt

Bill Proctor

Lake Ray

Doc Renuart

Ken Roberson

Patrick Rooney, Jr.

Rob Schenck

Jimmie T. Smith

William D. Snyder

Kelli Stargel

Greg Steube

John Tobia

Carlos Trujillo

Charles E. Van Zant

Will W. Weatherford

Mike Weinstein

Trudi K. Williams

John Wood

Ritch Workman

Dana D. Young


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