Election 2012: Transcript of Indiana Senator-elect Joe Donnelly’s victory speech

Transcript of Indiana Senator-elect Joe Donnelly’s victory speech on Nov. 6, 2012:

Thank you very much! Thank you so much for all your help!

I look out at all of you and you all made phone calls, and you all knocked on doors, and you were all out in the cold weather going from house to house. And that’s why I’m going to be the next United States Senator from the state of Indiana!

But you know, it is not about me.

My dear friend, Sen. Evan Bayh, has come back time and time again to travel with me, to go all over this state, to spend time calling people.

Dan Parker and the entire state party team – what an incredible job. All of the county chairs, all of the county organizations.

But most of all, to Hoosier voters. That you gave us a chance. And what we said was we think the most important thing is Hoosier common sense going to Washington D.C.!

I want to thank Mr. Mourdock and his family, Mr. Horning and his family, for a spirited campaign. Thank you very much for applauding for them.

Indiana Democratic Senator-elect Joe Donnelly. SOURCE: C-Span.org

And I want to thank the most patient spouse in the state of Indiana, my wife Jill.

And the rest of my family who is here with me tonight. I haven’t seen them very much. They told me that I look older and more worn out is what they said.

But this is about our future. The chance for good jobs. To see our economy grow. To work together in Washington.

We can solve these problems. We can solve the budget deficit problem.

We can solve the problem of making sure our men and women come home from Afghanistan. And let me tell you, we have the best soldiers, airmen, marines, navy, coast guards, merchant marines in the world. And we owe a debt of gratitude to them that we can never repay.

And you know, we have a tradition in Indiana in the United States Senate. And that tradition are people like Richard Lugar and Evan Bayh, who work together, whose only focus is on what’s right for our country.

And so I say to all my fellow Hoosiers out there, this isn’t about politics. This isn’t about one party or the other. Our tradition of men and women – tremendous servants everywhere.

People like Richard Lugar, who gave his heart and soul to this country in the Navy, as Mayor of Indianapolis, as a Senator for our state. That’s the model that we have. Sen. Bayh, who served as Governor and Senator.

And to everyone out there, I’m not going there as one party’s Senator or the other party’s Senator. I’m going there as your Senator to work for your family. I’m the hired help and I can’t wait to get to work.

Thank you so very, very much! I sure appreciate it!


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