Election 2012: Transcript of Massachusetts Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren’s victory speech

Transcript of Massachusetts Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren’s victory speech on Nov. 6, 2012:

Thank you! Thank you!

This victory belongs to you. You did this. You did this for every family that’s been chipped at, squeezed, and hammered.

We’re going to fight for a level playing field and we’re going to put people back to work. That’s what we’re going to do.

To all the small business owners who are tired of a system rigged against them, we’re going to hold the big guys accountable.

To all the seniors who deserve to retire with the security they earned, we’re going to make sure your Medicare and Social Security benefits are protected and that millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share.

And to all the young people – all the young people – who did everything right and are drowning in debt, we’re going to invest in you.

Elizabeth Warren won the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, 50 years to the day former Sen. Ted Kennedy was first elected. Warren is the first woman from Massachusetts to serve in the U.S. Senate. SOURCE: C-Span.org

To all of the service members and your families who have fought so hard for us, we’re going to fight for you. That’s right.

And to all the women across Massachusetts – to all the women across Massachusetts who are working your tails, you better believe we’re going to fight for equal pay for equal work.

To all of you, this is your night. This is your victory. Yes, all of it.

This was a campaign that broke records, raising more money from small donors than any Senate campaign in the history of this country. And knocking on more doors than any Senate race in Massachusetts.

An amazing campaign.

And let me be clear: I didn’t build that. You built that!

And you did what everyone thought was impossible. You taught a scrappy, first-time candidate how to get in the ring and win!

You took on the powerful Wall Street banks and special interests and you let them know you want a Senator who will be out there fighting for the middle-class all of the time.

And despite the odds, you elected the first woman Senator to the state of Massachusetts.

I love you too.

And I don’t have to tell you this was a tough campaign. Senator Brown and I had our differences but he and I just spoke and he sent his congratulations. I hope you’ll all join me in thanking Senator Brown for his service to the Commonwealth.

Bruce and I wish Scott and Gail and their daughters nothing but the best.

I also want to speak tonight to Senator Brown’s supporters. The message you sent was clear. We need leaders in Washington who are willing to break the partisan gridlock and work regardless of party. I know I didn’t earn your vote, but I promise I’m going to work to earn your support.

There are many people to thank tonight. I’m going to start with my husband, Bruce. I also want to thank my kids, my beautiful grandkids, my brothers, my in-laws, my cousins, my nieces and nephews here in Massachusetts and all across the country.

Sen. [John] Kerry, Gov. [Deval] Patrick, Mayor [Tom] Menino, thank you for your support, for your encouragement, and most of all, for your leadership. You were real fighters in my corner and I appreciate that. But it’s what you do everyday for the people of our state that is truly remarkable. Thank you all. Thank you.

And to our Congressional delegation, to all of our mayors and legislators, council members and sheriffs, to the nurses, to the firefighters, to the teachers, to the janitors, to the carpenters, to laborers, to the men and women of the building trade, and to all of our brothers and sisters in the labor movement, to the LGBT community, to the women’s groups, to the environmental groups, to the ministers – I’m so grateful, to the credit unions, to the more than 700 small businesses supporting us, to the student organizers, to the Democratic committee, all of you – all of you – have had my back, and I promise you I’ll have your back.

And I want to thank the single best grassroots army that any state has ever seen. Every volunteer who knocked on doors, who stood in the rain and held signs, who talked to your neighbors.

And for my incredible staff that worked more hours than I thought was humanly possible: thank you, thank you, thank you! All of you!

And to everyone who shared your hopes and dreams with me and put your faith in my ability to fight for you, I want you to know this: I will never forget; I will always carry your stories with me in my heart. I won’t just be your Senator; I will be your champion.

Okay, so tonight isn’t over because we still have a lot of celebrating to do!

But I want to close by noting it was exactly 50 years ago tonight that Senator Ted Kennedy was elected to the United States Senate. We miss his passion, his commitment, his energy, and his fight for working families.

That night, 50 years ago, he said that he would dedicate all his strength and will to serve you in the United States Senate. For 47 years, he lived up to that promise.

Tonight, I pledge to do the same.


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