Election 2012: Transcript of Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s re-election victory speech

Transcript of Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s re-election victory speech in Missouri on Nov. 6, 2012:

Thank you!

You know, 18 months ago, there was a lot of the political chattering classes that were spouting a lot of information about the Senate race in Missouri.

And they all said, “It’s over. It’s done. It’s too red. It’s just too red. There is no way that Claire McCaskill can survive.”

Well, you know what happened? You’ve proved them wrong.

With a stubborn determination, tenacity, and a refusal to give up, we showed the country what Missouri is made of.

Now I have to start – I have so many blessings from God, I can’t even begin to tick them all off. I can’t name them all. But I have to start with the people on this stage. These are my children, my step-children, my siblings, their spouses, my husband. They are my rock. They are my foundation. They are there for me and he puts up with a lot.

Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill addressing supporters after winning her re-election bid. SOURCE: C-Span.org

There is one person missing on this stage tonight and I just gotta tell ya – Mom, this one’s for you.

And the reason that I know that this one is for my mom is because I actually believe when all the votes are counted, something extraordinary will have happened. Because you need to understand that this race was called before any of the votes from St. Louis city, St. Louis county, or was counted.

Guess what, mom? I think we finally won rural Missouri!

I also have to thank this amazing staff I work with on this campaign. We’ve been at it for 2 years. We have been going full board for 2 years and this is such a team. Every single part of the campaign – the intellect, great strategy, or work ethic that I’m in awe of, a sense of togetherness. There were no egos in our team – just a focus on what we had to get done. I can’t name them all. They are truly special.

But I gotta tell ya, I’ve got to give a shout-out Corey and Adrian [ph] – the campaign manager and deputy campaign manager who did a great job!

Okay, then let’s get to the meat of the bone and that would be you. That would be all of you and what you did. Thousands of volunteers across this state – you decided that you wanted nothing more complicated than your government to reflect your values. I stand in awe of your passion and your commitment and your patriotism and your determination that you’re going to have a voice in the United States Senate that makes you proud.

I also stand here in acknowledgement of the fact that I did not get every vote today. There were hundreds and thousands of votes that were cast for Congressman Akin. He graciously called me. He graciously congratulated me. I recognize his years of public service and his patriotism.

They’re all the people that I – the votes I didn’t get today, this is my message to them: I go to Washington first as a Missourian. I vote first as a Missourian. And I will continue to be a Senator that works across the aisle, in a bipartisan way, to find the compromises to solve problems for every Missouri family – not just the families of those who voted for me.

Along the way, I had the incredible honor of meeting people that were perfect strangers to me that greeted me like long-lost friends.

There’s nothing that makes me prouder than complete strangers walking up to me grabbing my hands and giving me a word of encouragement.

Whether it was the elderly woman at the airport that grabbed my hands and said, “Ms. Claire, I’m gonna fight hard for you.” Or the maintenance man at the office building a few weeks ago who shouted me as I walked through the lobby, “Claire, we got your back!”

It is those people – it is those salt of the earth, wonderful people that live in this state I love – it is those people that I will go to Washington and fight for with everything I’ve got.

This was an extraordinary campaign for so many reasons. The results are astounding. Now, I want all of you to own it. You deserve it. You did it!

God bless you! And thank you! Six more years!


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