Transcript: Republican candidate Todd Akin’s concession speech after losing the Missouri Senate race

Transcript of Republican candidate Todd Akin’s concession speech after losing the Missouri Senate race to Dem. Sen. Claire McCaskill on Nov. 6, 2012:

Thank you very much! Thank you very very much. I sure appreciate you all coming out.

Well, things don’t always turn out the way you think they’re going to.

I just called Claire McCaskill, and I gave her congratulations because the way the numbers are looking we have lost this race. Not what I expected. I’ve always said, “Don’t trust those polls” and that’s been true.

But I also think that in the circumstances that we’ve all been through that it’s particularly appropriate to thank God, who makes no mistakes and who’s much wiser than we are. So I say to God alone, be the honor and the glory – regardless of how he decides to organize history.

And obviously there are a lot of thank yous [sic] here. I want to start by thanking my dear wife, Lulli, who is right here. A wonderful family – they’re faithful and true. And my dear parents – Paul and Nancy Akin. Dad’s a 91-year-old World War II vet and he’s still going strong.

Republican Todd Akin addressing supporters after losing the Missouri Senate race to Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill. SOURCE:

I also need to thank an absolutely fantastic campaign team. It’s the best campaign team I have ever had the pleasure to work with and absolutely countless fantastic volunteers and friends that have made commitments all over this state, including standing around in cold rain.

It’s also appropriate to thank numerous prominent leaders who risked both their businesses and their reputations by standing with us and we remember them and thank them very much.

And then in addition, the tens of thousands who contributed to this race and the millions who have been praying for us. And so I want to thank you all so much for your support.

I’m standing here tonight by the grace of God but I wanted to introduce to you our supporters. I want to tell you who they are; I want to tell you what they believe.

First, our supporters are not just in Missouri but they’re really from all over America. They may appear to you as fairly average regular Americans. They’re not part of any elite group. They’re not particularly self-important. They’re people who work hard, love their families and sacrifice for them. They’re people with hopes and dreams. They’re the kind of people that are going to hold the door for you at a restaurant or a gasoline station. They’d give the shirts off of their backs. When no one’s looking, they do the right thing. When a neighbor’s hurting, they’re there but they never beat a drum for themselves. They know that we all make mistakes. And they’re slow to anger, they’re quick to say they’re sorry and quick to forgive.

These people struggle with the hard knocks in life. They struggle with cancer, loss of a job, loss of a house, loss of loved ones. And they press on. They’re the backbone of America. When called they’ll risk their lives for the country or their community but they don’t think of themselves as particularly special.

They don’t look to government for special deals but they do think the government should respect our hard-earned tax dollars that it collects.

In short, they love God, they love their families, and they love our country.

Now, I also want to tell you not only who they are but I want to tell you what they believe.

You know, we believe that life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness come from almighty God not almighty government.

We also believe that our Creator made us one people. There’s one class in this country: Americans.

We also believe that the source of America’s great strength is our faith in a loving God, who allows courageous people the freedom to pursue the unique dreams that each of them have.

And we believe that the Constitution is not a list of suggestions.

We believe that ordinary people built America. We believe you built that.

And if you tell Americans it won’t work or it can’t be done, then you better get out of the way because we specialize in those kinds of things in America.

We believe that the world is safer when America’s strong, and a strong America sends hope to people around the world and fear to tyrants. In the face of tsunamis or earthquakes, we send the gray hull full of medicines and food flying the stars and stripes.

You know, failed government resorts to lies. We believe that our government owes us the truth. We also believe that it’s inexcusable to betray fellow Americans to terrorists when they could have been rescued.

Washington, D.C.’s first question should not be what’s politically expedient but what is right? You know, Washington doesn’t need more money – it needs more courage.

You know, we face tough challenges at home and abroad but it’s at these kinds of times in the past that Americans have looked to God and found courage to do the right thing.

There was a time when Lincoln’s advisors warned that it was political suicide and yet he issued the Emancipation Proclamation.

When Reagan’s advisors urged caution, he had the courage to say and to demand, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

And I believe in my heart of hearts that as long as we have the courage to stand for what’s right and what’s good – even when it’s very difficult to do – this republic will continue to bring hope to the world and truly be that shining city on the hill.

God bless you. God bless America. Good night.


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