Transcript: CA Gov. Jerry Brown’s remarks on passage of Prop. 30 tax increases

Edited by Jenny Jiang

Transcript of California Gov. Jerry Brown’s remarks on Proposition 30 at a post-election press conference on Nov. 7, 2012:

The election last night was a clear and resounding victory for children, schools, and the California dream.

Last night, Californians made the courageous decision to protect our schools and colleges and strengthen the California dream.

We join together as Californians first in a resounding victory for education and fiscal integrity.

The people of California have put their trust in a bold path forward, and I intend to do everything in my power to honor that trust.

Many people said you shouldn’t go to the people and get their views in a statewide vote about whether or not to raise taxes.

I made a pledge when I ran for Governor two years ago that I would, number one, tell the truth. No more smoke and mirrors on the budget. Level with people. Seek a vote with the people before any new taxes. And thirdly, bring government closer to the people.

Gov. Jerry Brown on the passage of Proposition 30. SOURCE:

Well, last night, that path forward vindicated my confidence that the people of California can make very sound judgements.

It’s in the context of tens of thousands of fewer teachers, massive cuts in public education, thousands of courses in community colleges eliminated, redevelopment eliminated, cutbacks.

There has been a real effort at paring back state government – even the point of cutting the average worker 5% this year.

So in that context of $3 in cuts, I see why people voted for $1 in additional revenue. It’s a balanced plan. It’s sustainable. And I intend to do whatever I can in the next two years to make sure we meet the high expectations that the majority of Californians express last night.



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