Transcript: Press conference Q&A with Nancy Pelosi on the fiscal cliff

Transcript of press conference Q&A with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on the fiscal cliff on Nov. 13, 2012:

Question: I wanted to ask you about the fiscal cliff. On the fiscal cliff, some of your Democratic colleagues have said it wouldn’t be the worst thing to go over the cliff, they say that might actually strengthen the President, Democrats, in negotiating. What do you think? Is it important to do a deal before the end of the year?

Pelosi: Absolutely. We are here, I think, well I don’t know if I speak for everyone here, but I think I do. And generally in my Caucus, I don’t know which Democrats you’re talking about there. But that speculation is not one that is generally shared by our leadership on the House Democratic Caucus. We want an agreement. We want one, as Chairman Israel said, that is fair to middle class Americans. That we need to have growth. Put growth on the table. How do we get growth? If we have growth we can produce revenue. But without, and we make the decisions about revenue. And we make decisions about cuts to the extent that they promote growth. And that is something that we stand ready to support the President, and something similar to what he proposed last year, I don’t know what his current proposal will be. We’ll hopefully find that out on Friday when we go to the White House. But I want you to be disabused of any nation that there is any widespread thought that it would be a good thing, for our country, for us to go over the cliff. We want an agreement. We want an agreement.


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