Pelosi seeks re-election as House Democratic Leader

Nancy Pelosi announced today that she will seek re-election as the House Democratic Leader, citing the party’s achievements in electing a record number of women to Congress. 

Flanked by dozens of women lawmakers, Pelosi beamed with pride when she pointed out that Democrats elected 60 women to Congress this year – a significant progress from 25 years ago when women held only 23 out of the 435 seats in Congress.

“This picture before you is worth millions of votes.  Millions of votes.  Millions of women’s votes that it took to reelect President Barack Obama.  Millions of women’s votes who helped us elect a record number of women to the Congress of the United States.  As you look forward, understand that you are looking into the future, the future of empowerment of women in America,” said Pelosi. “If America is going to reach its full fulfillment as a nation, we must have the further empowerment of women.”

“As we move forward to debate our economic and fiscal challenges in the weeks and months ahead, one thing is clear: our economic agenda, choices and decisions, will be viewed through the perspective and the eyes of our nation’s women and their needs and those of their families,” she added.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announcing her decision to seek re-election for her party’s leadership post. SOURCE:

However, Pelosi stressed there is more to do to increase the number of women serving in Congress – the primary reason why she decided to run for re-election as the House Democratic Leader.

“The size of our women’s caucus, I’m not satisfied, we want more,” said Pelosi. “And I have made a decision to submit my name to my colleagues to once again serve as the House Democratic Leader.”

Pelosi became the first female Speaker of the House in 2007. But since losing the gavel in 2011, Pelosi and the Democrats have struggled to re-capture the majority in the House of Representatives.

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