African-American family reportedly driven out of Yorba Linda by racially-motivated attacks

An African-American family was driven out of Yorba Linda, California after enduring a series of vandalism, taunting, and even an acid attack that appeared to be racially-motivated. 

According to the Orange County Human Relations Commission, the family of four relocated to nearby Corona just before Thanksgiving due to safety concerns. The OCHRC has withheld the names of the victims but identified the father as an Inglewood police officer and the mother as a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy.

The family moved to a quiet cul-de-sac near Via Rosa and Dominguez Road (zip code 92887) in Yorba Linda in May 2011. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, African-Americans make up only 1.2% of the population in Yorba Linda. The city is predominately White (81.5%) and Asian (11.1%).

Throughout their 18-month stay in Yorba Linda, the African-American family has reported their windows broken by rocks and the tires to both of their cars slashed.

Their 6-year-old son was told by a classmate at Travis Ranch School that “he couldn’t play with them because he was Black,” according to the OCHRC. The couple’s older son said he was taunted by drivers who shouted the N-word as he rode his bike to work.

“We didn’t want to believe that’s still going on,” the Sheriff Deputy told CBS 2 News.

The final straw appeared to be an acid attack on Oct. 6 when someone shot pellets of acid at the family’s garage door and car. The Inglewood police officer was inside the car at the time of the attack.

“My life felt threatened at that point,” said the Inglewood police officer.

In response to the family’s concerns, the Commission will be conducting special outreach to the African American community in Orange County this year.

“As much as some are tired of hearing about discrimination and bigotry and would like to declare this a post-racial society, our Commission finds that the facts don’t support that conclusion,” OC Human Relations Commission Chair Carol Turpen wrote in a letter to the family. “We plan to share your story with others in order to make the good people of Orange County understand that some people in our community are being harassed due to their race or other inherent aspect of their being and that we are not comfortable when this happens, nor will avert our eyes to avoid hate in our community when we see it. We are committed to wipe-out hate within the OC.”


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