Transcript: Durbin says Boehner needs to heed to the voters’ message on the fiscal cliff

Edited by Jenny Jiang

Transcript of remarks by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) at a press briefing on the fiscal cliff on Nov. 29, 2012:

We can debate at length whether the Nov. 6th election was a mandate, but I don’t think we can debate the basics that it was a work order. A work order from the American people to members of Congress and to the President: “Roll up your sleeves, work together and solve the problems.”

We got the message. Did Speaker Boehner get the message? Because the message was work together. What we hear from him is all of his pain and frustration and angst dealing with the Tea Party and his own caucus.

Well, there comes a point when he needs to look beyond his caucus to the House and to the nation, and he has a responsibility.

The responsibility is to call up this measure that will protect 98% of Americans for a vote in the House of Representatives. He could do it this afternoon. He could certainly do it before we break for Christmas.

He can de-couple and say those who are fortunate enough to have been very successful in America are going to pay a little more but working families across-the-board will be protected. That’s what the President has asked for. That’s what we’re asking for.

We realized in the Senate this needs to be done on a bipartisan basis.

Would John Boehner acknowledge one thing that the solution in the House of Representatives needs to be bipartisan as well? That’s exactly what the voters told us – do this together.

So I don’t want to hear about all the pain and the Tea Party wing of his caucus. There’s much more pain across America.  Because if Speaker Boehner fails to pass this measure – this bipartisan measure passed by the Senate – let me tell you where the pain is going to be: The loss of consumer confidence, the creation of more unemployment, and the stock market going down at a time when we’re looking for a recovery.

It’s time for Speaker Boehner to listen to what the voters have to say on Nov. 6th. Let’s follow this work order. Let’s do it together, and let’s do it before we leave.


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