CA Gov. Jerry Brown being treated for prostate cancer

California Gov. Jerry Brown is undergoing treatment for “localized prostate cancer,” his office announced today.

Brown, 74, will continue a “full work schedule during the treatment”, according to a written statement.

The treatment – described as a “short course” of radiation therapy – is expected to be completed by the second week of January.

January is a busy month for the governor given that he’ll have to present the first draft of the 2013-14 state budget and deliver the State of the State address.

Brown’s oncologist, Dr. Eric Small of UC San Francisco, said the governor’s prognosis is “excellent.” 

“Fortunately, this is early stage localized prostate cancer, which is being treated with a short course of conventional radiotherapy,” Small said. “The prognosis is excellent, and there are not expected to be any significant side effects.”

According to the National Cancer Institute, 241,740 men have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and 28,170 died from the disease this year. It’s a highly treatable disease if detected early.

In November, Brown won a hard-fought campaign to pass Proposition 30, which will temporarily raise state sales and personal income taxes to pay down the state’s structural debt and prevent further cuts to schools and public safety programs.

Brown was elected to his third term as governor in 2010. He’s the oldest governor in California history. He’ll be 76 when he’s up for re-election in 2014.


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