Transcript: Tim Scott’s remarks on replacing Jim DeMint in the U.S. Senate

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Transcript of press conference remarks by Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) on his appointment to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) on Dec. 17, 2012:

Thank you all. Thank you all very much. Before we get started – I was thinking that this is a great day of celebration in many, many ways. But our nation still mourns and I want to take a moment of silence for Newtown, Conn. if you’d join me please.

Thank you. I will tell you that this is an exciting day for many, many reasons. But for me, the first thing I want to say is thank you to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to be honest with you.

I believe that when you start out in a single parent household with a mom who works 16 hours a day and you’re looking at a future that doesn’t look as bright and you’re living in North Charleston, South Carolina, you build a strength that comes from having an appreciation and understanding that it’s not about you – that it’s about your faith, it’s about your family.

And I love my mother, who’s here with me – Frances Scott. And I’m very thankful to the good Lord and to a strong mom who believed that sometimes love has to come at the end of a switch – and she loved me a lot.

And I’ll tell you that along that way that when times got tough and when I was flunking out of high school – when I failed world geography, civics, Spanish and English. Now, when you fail Spanish and English, they don’t call you bilingual. They may refer to you as bi-ignorant because you can’t speak in any language.

And I will tell you that my mother did not quit on me.

And I will also tell you that I had the good fortune of meeting a mentor – a guy named John Moniz, a Chick-fil-A operator – who taught me some very basic Biblical business principles and it has served me well.

I will tell you, though, when I look at our nation – our nation finds itself in a situation where we need some backbone, we need to make very difficult decisions.

So often we have a conversation about how do we create enough revenue to solve the problem. Well, I learned early in my 20s that if you have a problem with spending, there’s not enough revenue to make up for it. We have a spending problem, ladies and gentlemen, in America and not a revenue problem.

So it’s very difficult for us to fix the problems in a nation with $16 trillion of debt with an annual deficit of more $1 trillion by simply talking about raising revenue on the top 2%.

You could take all the revenue – all the revenue – on the top 2% and you simply could not close the annual deficit. That’s a challenge. It’s a challenge and it’s a place where Sen. Jim DeMint has led.

Sen. Jim DeMint has led in a way that few others have led, and he has been consistent, he has been transparent, and he has been succinct. And that is why there is no way to fill his shoes. There’s no way to have another Jim DeMint in America.

I’m so thankful that we in South Carolina, we don’t lose Jim DeMint, that we see Jim DeMint go to a bigger, broader, greater opportunity to influence America with the conservative cause.

I look forward to working with Sen. Lindsey Graham. There is no one else in South Carolina like Lindsey Graham. Sen. Graham has served this state incredibly well, the nation fabulously well, but he understands that foreign affairs are real like no other. I look forward to learning more about foreign affairs from Sen. Graham.

I will also say that over the last two years I’ve had the privilege of gaining a new family. Some people don’t think we look alike but sometimes we do. I’ll you that everyone from Joe Wilson, who I refer to as a “scout master”, Mick Mulvaney, I’m not sure what this is but this great guy here with a wonderful haircut, and Jeff Duncan who’s not here with us, and the new addition, Tom Rice.

I have been afforded one of the greatest opportunities in the world to serve in the House of Representatives. But what has made it more meaningful is to serve with these four guys and our scout master.

And I look forward to continuing to build on the family known as South Carolina.

You know, I haven’t won anything yet in the Senate and I have to run for re-election in 2014. And I look forward to having the opportunity to be getting around the state and introducing myself to citizens around this great state of South Carolina.

I will say this in closing: The future is incredibly bright for America. We have our challenges. We have things that we have to overcome. But boy, does the future look great in South Carolina. We have done it together. We have bettered together. And our future will reflect the good opportunities coming to our nation.

And let me close with this. I want to save the Governor to last because watching her from a distance has been incredible. I can’t imagine the daily pressures of governing this great state. I can’t imagine the arrows that are flown her way all the time. But I can see with clarity the conviction and the integrity and the character that you govern with. And South Carolina is better because we have Nikki Haley as our Governor.

And I look forward to pressing the flesh on economic development issues, having the opportunity to work on making sure that our economy in this state continues to hum like an engine and get on the team with Nikki Haley to make sure that all of America continues to hear the great things about South Carolina.

Thank you very much.


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