Transcript: Sandy Phillips, mother of Aurora shooting victim, says lawmakers need to “stop the bloodshed”

Edited by Jenny Jiang

Transcript of remarks by Sandy Phillips, mother of 24-year-old Jessica Ghawi who was killed at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, at a press conference organized by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence outside Capitol Hill on Dec. 18, 2012: 

Good morning. I’m going to talk a little bit about Jessica Ghawi, my daughter, and how she died today because I think it’s important for all Americans to understand that this should have and could have been fixed a long, long time ago.

She simply went to the movies that evening with her best friend, who was visiting from Texas. They sat down in what should have been a very relaxed evening and all hell broke loose.

When the bullets started flying, her friend, Brent, pushed her to the ground where she was first hit in the leg. He tried his best, being a paramedic, to stop the flow of blood and protect her when a bullet from an AR-15 went flying through the seat that should have protected her and hit her in her head.

That horrendous scene replays in my head over and over and over again as it does for every other member of our Aurora family – the other 11 people that were murdered that night.

Brent, who is with my daughter, was composed enough – even though he was wounded – that when the bullets stopped flying, he removed himself over the railing of the theater, took his cell phone, and called me to let me know that my daughter had been murdered. That’s a hero.

Congress, the Senate, and our President now have an opportunity to be a hero as well and stop the bloodshed.

It is very sad for all of us here today that it has taken 20 young lives to have this conversation begin in earnest.

We hope that there are positive changes come from this.

Tom mentioned a while ago that this could happen to any of us and it can. You are not immune. Don’t fool yourselves.

When you are no longer safe to go to a church, go to a grocery store, go to the movies, or enter a school, there is something horribly wrong with our society.

We need to address it. We need to make those changes. And we need to make sure that this never, ever happens again in our country.

Thank you.


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