Transcript: Hillary Clinton on Chris Stevens’s faith in Libya

Transcribed and edited by Jenny Jiang

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Chris Stevens’s faith in Libya. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the attacks against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was held on Jan. 23, 2013:

I think it is absolutely the case that we have a foreign service that is composed of men and women who take on these responsibilities because they love our country. They go in with their eyes wide open. They learn languages. They immerse themselves in cultures. They go out to the Foreign Service Institute and hone their skills.

And Chris Stevens was one of our very best. He started off in the Peace Corp in Morocco, was a fluent Arabic speaker, had served with distinction throughout the Arab world.

And when I asked if he would be interested in going to Benghazi, where we had nothing when he first went, where he bunked up in a hotel. We didn’t have any support to speak of. He was thrilled. He understood immediately what it would mean.

In the wake of this tragedy – this terrible terrorist attack – I think one of the most poignant events has been overlooked, and that is what happened after the Libyan people from Benghazi to Tripoli learned that Chris Stevens – someone whom they had gotten to know, whom they trusted and admired – had been murdered. They went out into the streets. They protested themselves – thousands, tens of thousands, far more than the dozens of highly-armed invaders of our compound and our Annex – and they made it clear that that was not the kind of country they’re trying to build. In some ways, Chris’s faith after his death was certainly validated.


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