Overview of Republican lawmakers’ plan to avert sequestration

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.). SOURCE: Ayotte.Senate.gov

Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Rep. Buck McKeon of California yesterday announced they will re-introduce the “Down Payment to Protect National Security Act of 2013” to try to avert the $1.2 trillion sequester cuts scheduled to take effect on March 1st.

The GOP’ plan would offset the $85 billion in sequester cuts for this fiscal year (ending in September) by imposing a pay freeze on members of Congress and reducing the federal workforce by about 10% through attrition.

According to Ayotte, federal agencies will be able to hire only 1 person for every 3 who leave. However, the limitations on hiring could be “waived for national security concern or extraordinary emergency.”

“We’re putting forward a bill that will give us some breathing room on the sequestration – that pays for all the sequestration for the rest of this year – 7 months,” said McKeon, who serves as Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. “It gives us time to think about it – pays for it by having a reduction in the federal workforce over the next 10 years through attrition. So it’s as painless as possible to protect our troops.”


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