Sequestration-induced furlough at the IRS will delay processing of tax returns


Taxpayers could experience delays in getting their tax refunds this year if the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] has to furlough employees because of sequestration.

Unless Congress passes a $1.2 trillion deficit reduction package to replace the sequester by March 1, all government programs funded by the discretionary budget will be cut by about 8% across-the-board.

Like many other government agencies, the sequester cuts will compel the Treasury Department to place their employees on temporary unpaid leaves or furloughs.

“The effects would be particularly painful at the IRS, reducing the agency’s ability to provide quality services to taxpayers,” wrote Acting Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin in a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Some of the immediate effects would include longer wait times for taxpayers seeking help from the IRS call centers and taxpayer assistance centers. Taxpayers also may experience delays in receiving their tax refunds because of the furloughs.

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