FBI faces $550 million shortfall if sequester takes effect


The Federal Bureau of Investigation will see $550 million in across-the-board cuts if sequestration is not averted by March 1st.

FBI Director Robert Mueller warned Congress that the sequester cuts would hinder the agency’s efforts in combatting terrorism, drug trafficking, cyber-crimes, child pornography, human trafficking, financial fraud, and illegal gun purchases.

“Sequestration would undercut the investments made by Congress in previous years to transform and build the FBI’s national security, intelligence, and criminal investigative capabilities and capacities commensurate with the threats facing the nation,” wrote Mueller in a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Unless Congress and the White House reaches an agreement to avert the $1.2 trillion sequestration by March 1, all FBI employees will be furloughed – or placed on temporary unpaid leaves – for 14 days, amounting to 12% pay cut from May through September.

“By the end of the fiscal year, this translates to approximately 7,000 FBI employees not working each day,” Mueller stated.

In addition, the agency will impose a hiring freeze of 2,275 employees, including 350 agents, 275 intelligence analysts, and 1,6560 support staff such as forensic scientists, electronic engineers and technicians, police officers, and victim specialists.

“To put these numbers in perspective, the loss of work years from the furlough and hiring freeze required by sequestration is the equivalent of shutting down three of the FBI’s largest Field Offices – Chicago, Miami, and Baltimore,” Mueller explained.


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