Overview of Department of Labor sequester cuts

SOURCE: Department of Labor via Flickr
  • Employment and Training Administration (ETA) would cut funding for state and local job training that help disadvantaged youths, dislocated or low-skilled workers find jobs. About several hundred thousand job seekers would be affected.
  • Office of Job Corps (OJC), which provides low-income youths with academic and vocational training, may be forced to “close all centers for a significant portion of program year 2013”.
  • Cuts to the Veterans Employment and Training Service would hinder job training and placement assistance to “tens of thousands” of veterans.
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would have to scale back inspections at 1,200 dangerous workplaces. “This reduction could lead to an increase in worker fatalities and injuries,” according to the Department of Labor.
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) would not be able to complete its “mandatory Metal Nonmetal mine inspections…potentially leading to an increase in the fatality and injury rate among miners.”
  • Wage and Hour Division (WHD) would scale back investigations and enforcement of federal labor laws, such as minimum wage and overtime pay, to protect workers.
  • Unemployment Insurance Program would cut emergency compensation to 3.8 million jobless Americans by as much as 9.4%.

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